Morocco desert tours is actually one of the most strategically and geographically well positioned travel hubs and a very attractive spot in the world of travelling. Actually, among the reasons that make this beautiful destination poised to gain efficiency and to guaranty a respectable market share in the coming ten years for both inbound and outbound travel is that its leaders who realized the significance of adaptability to assure a certain amount of competitiveness that certainly allows sharing with them the love and admiration of this splendid country.

Marrakech desert tours

We propose private and shared sahara desert tours from Marrakech planned upon request from you. A great number of offers from cheap high quality sensationalism are offered by our agency for competitive prices that reflect not only negotiated rates for the services provided, but the added value of  the exclusivity of the nature of our projects and creations as well. Transparency is the major quality feature our offers. Our packages are customized carefully for different types of clients (newly married, children, families, students…) We also cater to those interested in history and architecture. if you are a desert lover and you would like to explore the Sahara,  desert Morocco tours can organize tailor made itineraries to satisfy your needs on request.

Morocco is a real Eldorado as far as Spas and health care are concerned, what about trying the experience of a therapeutic week-end! You’ll have the best experience ever with our Marrakech desert tours.

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Marrakech desert tours from Marrakech to ait benhaddou

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marrakech walking tour

Marrakech walking tour

Among the most impressive views of Marrakech, Koutoubia is one of the largest and most beautiful mosques in the Western Muslim world. Its 68m high minaret is a Hispano-Moresque masterpiece that is very similar to the Giralda of Seville, Spain.Read more >>
ourika valley

Morocco travel advice part 4

Desert excursions from Marrakech, Marrakech is nice the first two days after you want to escape in the Moroccan landscape. Here are all the advices to visit Marrakech and its surroundings.Read more >>
Marrakech camel trek

Morocco travel advice part 3

I strongly recommend the restaurants around the Jemaa El Fna, you will be disappointed. To get a panorama photo of the place, it is often in these restaurants that you have to go, if you really want to make a beautiful photo, I recommend the restaurant "Grand Balcony Glacier Cafe" is the best view for having tested several.Read more >>
visit marrakech medina

Morocco travel advice part 2

Here is the list of places and Morocco travel advice to visit Marrakech medina and its surroundings with a plan to help you locate all these places. Know that there are organized tours with French guide, it takes you to your hotel according to its location and makes you visit the main places. For the visit Palaces and Monuments (Koutoukia, Bahia Palace, Menara Gardens and Saadian Tombs) For the visit Souks & Medina (the medina, the Souks and the Jemaa El Fna square) For marrakech full day excursions walking tour with included in all that there quoted above.Read more >>
morocco travel advice

Morocco travel advice

Discover the Morocco travel advice for visiting Marrakech and its surroundings! A list of advice to visit Marrakech and its surroundings. All you need to know to organize your stay. I hope this article on advice for visiting Marrakech and its surroundings allows you to get a first idea of what you are doing.Read more >>
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Marrakech desert day trip

Marrakech is a captivating city that offers innumerable opportunities to explore Morocco's countryside, beach resorts, mountain ranges and desert areas. From Marrakech, an extraordinarily well connected city, it is easy to travel to some of the most marvellous places in the country, including the stunning fishing port of Essaouira, the lovely small village of Imlil at the edge the Toubkal National Park, or the sensational Ait Benhaddou Kasbah near Ouarzazate. Essaouira was previously known as Mogador, this is a name that was coined by the Portuguese. Essaouira offers a beach and a famous port. There are guided tours that take you through the port and you are going to be offered the chance at discovering the Argan oil at the Women's Co operative that manufactures this infamous export...Read more >>
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Tips for touring the Atlas Mountains Morocco

The Atlas Mountains contains some of the most beautiful and intriguing regions in Morocco. It is physical and historical landmark between the Pre Sahara and Northern plains. Its Berber populated valleys feel very remote from the country’s urban life. The region is the premier trekking destination in North Africa. Guided treks that are tailored to meet individual requirements are available. Whatever your goals are, here are essential tips to help you get over the peaks and troughs of touring the Atlas Mountains Morocco...Read more >>
Marrakech desert tours

Excursions In Marrakech.

Excursions in Marrakech desert need to be on the bucket list of every discerning traveler. The vast expanse of rolling sand dunes, the play of light amidst the brown desert landscape, and the infinite stillness in the air lends an aura of mystery and beauty to the desert tours.
Here are five tips for travelers who want to go for stunning Marrakech excursions while they are in Morocco...Read more >>
tours from marrakech,


If you are looking to travel and explore the world, you should consider going to Atlas Mountains morocco. The Atlas Mountains are one of the top tourist destinations, when planning a trip to Africa. Anyone who has been able to go for the Atlas Mountains trekking can tell you that it was an adventure of a lifetime. The beautiful scenery that is viewed on your way to the top is none like you have ever seen before. It will take your breath away and even if you get tired along the way, you will not give up because you will want to see what the top looks like. This already shows that the places you go through on your way up are spectacular.Read more >>
ourika valley day trip from Marrakech

Morocco Desert Tours

Perhaps you are looking for to experience a taste of the large desert planes of the Sahara desert, have no clue as to where to start or who to contact. The Sahara desert tours from Marrakech offers private tours that specifically designed to meet your preferences and interests. The Marrakech Sahara desert tours prides itself with its vast options of authentic and specified itineraries, which ensures that users' interests are met. The Sahara desert tours from Marrakech offer customizable packages for individuals, suitable for various requirements such as honeymoons, friends, families, and children. The Marrakech Sahara desert tours also offer various services including adventure buffs, golf aficionados, abundant Moroccan spas, as well as satisfying the need for individuals who are keen on learning about Morocco's history and architecture . […] Read more >>
marrakech to ait benhaddou

Marrakech desert tours give exceptional exhilaration

The Marrakech Sahara desert tours prides itself with its vast options of authentic and specified itineraries, which ensures that users' interests are met. The Sahara desert tours from Marrakech offer customizable packages for individuals, suitable for various requirements such as honeymoons, friends, families, and children. The Marrakech Sahara desert tours also offer various services including adventure buffs, golf aficionados, abundant Moroccan spas, as well as satisfying the need for individuals who are keen on learning about Morocco's history and architecture . [...]Read more >>
marrakech desert tours

Explore The Best Adventure In Morocco Desert Tours

Spending your holiday in Morocco will provide you with the kind of experience only not available closer to home. With its unique architecture, lively towns and beautiful surroundings, Morocco offer an opportunity for exploration and discovery which should not be missed. From Casablanca to the Sahara and from Marrakech to Tangier, Morocco is a country strewn with unique and inspirational towns, cities and natural wonders. Those visiting Morocco will find that this country is not only delicious thanks to its long history and its great civilization, but also because of the natural spaces it offers. Southern Morocco is a particularly attractive region to discover the beauty of the Morocco desert camp AND morocco desert tours, with its several faces. [...]Read more >>
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One day trip to Ourika

Heading south from Marrakech, you enter a colourful landscape full of valleys and waterfalls and advance through the green orchards of the Haouz plain with the grandiose Atlas Mountains permanently in the background. At last, you will reach Tnine-de-l'Ourika, from which you penetrate into the lovely Ourika Valley.
Along the way and on the route to Setti Fatma, you will get a chance to admire the strange beauty of the Berber villages built in clay in the 16th and 17th centuries, and hanging to the hills. There, you can't miss the opportunity to visit a traditional Moroccan house, to experience first hand the Berber traditional way of life.
For those seeking action and adventure, it is possible to enjoy a one-day rafting expedition in the Ourika Valley. The rapids on the Ourika Assiff stretch for over 6 miles in several class 3 and 4+ rapids and are surrounded by stunning red, emerald and ochre landscapes and crowned by the impressive outline of the Atlas Mountains.
For more informations: Day trip to Ourika Valley, Morocco desert tours.Read more >>
Morocco desert tours

A magic night under the stars

I would first like to apologize for the delay on this return trip, but small connection problem and I was waiting to retrieve all the photos to send you a few.
We had an excellent experience!!! In this Morocco Desert Sahara trip, we were all delighted with the organization and the 4 days as a whole. In the bivouac the welcome was adorable, and the night in the desert with our camels (and dromedaries) completely magic!! Our driver supported us with humor and good humor! In short, everything was perfect!!!! In This Morocco private tours we do not fail to talk about "bivouac under the stars" every time we tell our trip, thank you for everything.Read more >>
desert morocco tours

The Top of the Chegaga Dunes

We have booked a Sahara Camel Tour from Marrakech we spent A wonderful night at the desert of Merzouga . A tent with all the comfort worthy of a 4 star hotel. A meal abundant and refined served under the stars followed by a serenade of kamal, the cook and Aziz our guide. Guide who spent the 2 days in the desert with all his kindness, ,this Morocco Desert trip from Marrakech, has skill and discoveries. Congratulations to Abdou for his installations.Read more >>


Our travel agency suggests the possibility to travel to various destinations through different quality deals : desert tour from marrakech to fes, Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, Chefchaouen or any other destination in Morocco. We suggest you start your Marrakech desert tours to Zagoura & Merzouga dunes to discover the desert of Morocco with its fabulous landscapes such as Draa valley, Todra Gorges, Ait Benhaddou Kasbah. There is also the possibility of organizing tours from Marrakech to Fez including 2 to 3 days tours with camel trekking and nights in tents or in the open air, our travel agency also proposes last minute deals and good promo shots to different spots of the country departing from Marrakesh to the desert.

Moreover, you can organize one-day excursions to the Ouzoud waterfalls, the Ourika Valley and the Atlas Mountains or to the seaside mysterious coastal / seaside city the source of inspiration of so many artists. Get Best Experience With Marrakech Desert Tours.


Thousands of people choose to visit Morocco each year. With a blend of inspiration about the history, the climate, culture and natural wonders are easy to see why there is such a draw. This article takes a look at just some of the best reasons to visit this magical country.

First, we have the beautiful city of Marrakech, known as the Imperial City of Morocco, and draw the Jamaa el Fna square. The town is based at the foot of the Atlas mountains Marrakech and although there are plenty of sights and sounds to see and hear in the city are the Jamaa el Fna square is a must. the market square was fantastic in the heart of the old town. The entire range of merchants and entertainers ply their trade here including orange juice stalls, snake, storytellers, magicians, dancers and a mixture of a variety of other vendors. All of this combines to create a dazzling display of color and sound, and when night falls and the lights come up, the square has changed. On a cold night from Morocco, the square offers a variety of food stalls and some of the most amazing cuisines of Morocco can be found here.

Here we have one of the natural wonders of the area, watch the sunrise over the dunes of Merzouga. the sun rises in the morning apparently fast days in the desert of Morocco. Start with a small green flash before dawn, highlighting the back dunes, followed by lightning from the sky as the Sun rose above the horizon. As it rises, then wash the sand in the light of the morning sun life causes a fiery red glow. This really makes an unforgettable experience and the best place to do this is in the dunes of Merzouga.

Finally, for something with a little more than a change of history, we have a trip to one of the oldest cities in the country. The city of Fez is now recognized as a world heritage site, full of vitality and culture. The Fes el-Bali, in particular, is worth a visit in this amazing city. FES el Bali is the area of the city which shows the best of the city’s famous maze-like warren of streets. Decent pay guides to show You around and give you a little history of the region, not to mention to avoid getting lost!

These are just some magical place and sound you can enjoy a trip to the city is brilliant, so why not take a look at the magical Morocco next time you’re looking to go abroad?


Marrakech  is an exciting tourist destination of Morocco. For many reasons, Marrakech is a dream destination for tourists worldwide. Take a break from your non-stop hectic life and try quad biking excursions marrakech.
1-2 days sahara excursions from marrakech are very popular in this part of the world with day trips to Ourika Valley, Essaouira, Ouzoud waterfalls, Ait Benhaddou-Ouarzazate (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Oukaimeden, Asni and Imlil from Tours from Marrakech. These short day tours are very good and quick way of exploring Marrakech’s vastly unexplored natural beauty. The desert tours are sure to capture your imagination and leave you craving for more.
Tours from Marrakech also has a unique way of exploring Marrakech-4×4, for the adventure lovers. Whether it’s traveling in the sand dunes or trekking, Marrakech will always keep your curios. Fantasia- a diner show under tents, is one overwhelming experience that tells you a new way of celebrating life.