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    Winter break a diary 1  Winter vacation to this day has passed by half, remove the first few days, abnormal late almost every day up also unusually early, eat only two meals a day, don't have the

    2022-11-27初中英語日記:我媽媽的生日My Mother’s Birthday(合集2篇)

    March 19th Saturday  Today is mother's birthday, but I didn't know what to buy for her. A watch was a good present, but it was too expensive for me to buy. Flowers were not so expensive, but t


    第一節:原因——why型  第二節:比較——A or B 型  第三節:評論——Advantage and Disadvantages 型  第四節:分析——My View型  第五節:解決問題型——How to Solve  第六節:圖表作文  第七節:說明—&md


    英語日記范文  March 11th Monday  My name is Wang Wei. I 'm a ten-year-old girl. I'm tall and thin. I have long and straight hair, black eyes. I'm a good student. I work hard at my lessons. I lik


    I'll Be Fourteen Years Old  Sunday, December 31, snowy  Dear diary, Happy New Year!  Tomorrow I'll be fourteen years old.  I will go middle school next year.  I'll wear uniforms in middle


    月份:  January(1月)   February(2月)  March(3月)    April(4月)  May(5月)    June(6月)  July(7月)    August(8月)  September(9月)  October(10月)  November(11月)  December(12月)  天氣  Cloudy 陰  Sunny 晴  Windy 風  Fine晴  


    第一篇  August 24,2010 Tuesday  I went to visit the Great Wall with my friends during the summer vacation. We went there by bus. It took us about two hours to get there. It was hot and windy that day. Th


    第一篇:  今天,我幫助了奶奶做家務。奶奶的身體不好。我以后要常幫她做事。這樣她就會高興身體也會好一些。突然覺得,人老了真不好。不但身體不會好,而且一不小心就會惹得大家討厭。我又做了一個決定,以后一定要做個乖孩子?! oday, I did housework for grandmother. She is not very healthy and I decide to do housewor


    范文一  This year is New Year's day the day before.My mother and I go to aunt's house pack dumpling.We sat down, he can't wait to take out the dumplings skin and stuffing, happy bag up.  I wa


    范文一  The end of the year, on New Year's eve is the reunion night, every household is decorated, celebrate the end of a year of peace, a good start in the New Year.  On New Year's eve, every fa


    范文一  The spring festival is the tradition festival in China.It is the same as the christmas day in the west country,it is welcome the new year.  It is the day that the families get together.  The spri


    日記一  Do you mind being called a bad student? Of course not. So far as I know, everybody intends to be (become) a model student.  However,  to be a model student is by no means an easy thing. First, he


    日記一  Today I had a good time. It was my grandpa's birthday. Our family went back to his home to celebrate his birthday. My mother cooked many delicious food and we brought a big birthday cake. We


    日記1:  An Essay Contest  Date:Mon.,April 3 Weather:Sunny  The New Concept Essay will be held in 10 days.  After the literary class, Mr.Lin called me.  He said,"You Will enter the New Concept Essay


    范文一  Do you mind being called a bad student? Of course not. So far as I know, everybody intends to be (benete) a model student.  However, to be a model student is by no means an easy thing. First, he


    日記  一、  This holiday is my best busy holiday for I am learning English, computer and word and I fall in the weekend exam. Many times I want to take today off, but my mother said to me:“go on, yo


    英語日記一  Mar.4th Sunday  Mary is my new friend. I got to know her only yesterday, but we like each other at first sight. She is a tall, outspoken, 13-year-old girl. She is good at English, and I do well


    【英文】  September 11th Saturday  Today is my birthday. My mother bought me seven small candles and they are colorful and beautiful.  In the evening, I set them in my birthday cake one by one. Many frien


    【范文】  My aim is to become a good citizen so as to be able to render service to the (my) country. However, to become a good citizen is not an easy thing. He has many duties to fulfill.The first duty of


    【范文】  I had a good time last weekend. On Sunday morning, I stayed at home and did my homework. The homework wasn’t difficult. After that, I played volleyball with my friends. It was tired, but v



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