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    第一篇  I’m a dog lover, because dogs are tame, friendly and easy to communicate with. I have kept one in my house, whose name is Chocolate. She is covered with brown curly hair and looks like a Te

    2022-11-27My dog英語作文150字實用3篇

    【一】  I have a litte dog“Xiao Pang”.Because It is very tittt small.It'yellow and brown.It olways run with me.It is so big.It like eat meat and rice. Sometime I call it“Xiao Pang &


    第一篇  I like the small animals is the only that my cat, Mimi.  Kitten is the color of yellow and white body, its four legs are yellow. It is not fat, also is not high, very likable. It have blue eyes,


    第一篇  I like animals very much, such as horses, monkeys, cats, tigers and so on. But I like dogs best. Why? Because they are very cute and friendly.  我非常喜歡動物,比如馬,猴子,貓,老虎等等。但是我最喜歡小狗。為什么呢?因為他們很可愛很友好?! 


    范文一  Dinosaurs died out because of an unexpected incident. But wildlife today disappears or is in danger just because humans do harm to it. For example, tigers are hunted for fur to make carpets so th

    2022-11-26保護動物的英語作文 Animals【通用2篇】

    范文一  Many animals are in danger of dying out. As is clearly shown in the bar chart, the kinds of wild animals have decreased sharply in the past decades. With 30,000 wild animals reduced on average ea


    范文一  My favorite animal  My favorite animals are rabbits. Rabbit is very cute, chubby, hairy. Its head is small, two long ears, like two big fan inserted in the head, as long as there is a little stat


    范文一  Some people think that human needs for farmland, housing, and industry are more important that saving land for endangered animals. Do you agree or disagree with this point of view? Why or why not

    2022-11-26介紹動物的英語作文My Favorite Animal(熱門兩篇)

    My Favorite Animal  Last year, my father bought a lovely pet for me. She has four white paws and a white and yellow tail. She has two small ears, two green eyes and eight whiskers on her face. Her nam

    2022-11-26有趣的動物英語作文Interesting animal(通用兩篇)

    Interesting animal  My favorite animal is dog.  The dog is very lovely, white hair, ears small, small mouth.  On one occasion, I took an apple and put it on a rope.I took an apple swaying in front of

    2022-11-26關于犀牛的英語作文 Rhinoceroses匯總兩篇

    范文  Rhinoceroses are distributed in asia and africa,they have a lot of kinds.The body of the rhinocero likes a cattle,the head likes a triangle.Their brains are very silly,and their vision is poor,but


    范文一  The dog quickly became ubiquitous across culture across the world, and was extremely valuable to early human settlements. For instance, it is believed that the successful emigration across the Be

    2022-11-26可愛的鸚鵡英語作文 Lovely Parrot推薦四篇

    范文一  I have a parrot. Its name is Nancy. I call it Nancy, because it is my passed grandmother’s name. I love her and hope she can accompany with, so I name my parrot her name. Nancy is very beau

    2022-11-26我的寵物狗英語作文 My Dog【匯編2篇】

    英文  I have a lovely dog. Its name is YoYo. I like it very much. It has two big ears, two big and bright eyes. Its hair is brown. It has come to my home for a year. It has become a part of my family. I

    2022-11-26我的寵物英語作文 My Pet(匯編2篇)

    英語作文  My Pet  Recently, three owls appeared suddenly on our campus. They made me think of my pet from childhood. When I was little, we had an owl at home. It was small, gray, and had two big eyes. We


    【范文】  Pandas have a white coat with black fur around their eyes, on their ears, muzzle, legs and shoulders. The unique physical features of the species include broad, flat molars and an enlarged wrist

    2022-11-26保護珍稀動物英語作文Protect Rare Animals(兩篇)

    【范文】  Animals are natural resources that people have wasted all through our history. Animals have been killed for their fur and feathers, for food, for sport, and simply because they were in the way.

    2022-11-26動物類英語作文:Save the Wild Animals(匯總2篇)

    范文  Many wild animals are facing the danger of extinction, because the environment that they are living in has changed greatly. For example, with the developmet of cities, the using of insecticide and


    【英文】  I have a parrot. Its name is Nancy. I call it Nancy, because it is my passed grandmother’s name. I love her and hope she can accompany with, so I name my parrot her name. Nancy is very bea


    【英語作文】  Animals have a lot of beneficial to people, such as a dragonfly, frogs, and so on.  Let's say a dragonfly, it is a beneficial insects, it can be more benefits to people.It lives in a small



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