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      Gulangyu---- a fairyland in the world As May Day is coming, many people plan a visit to Gulangyu, a beautiful island in Xiamen. Gulangyu is an island of Xiamen, which is surrounded by the blue sea. It’s like a garden on the water. You can go there by ship/sea. On the island, cars, buses and bikes are not permitted there. It is so quiet that wherever you go, you can hear the sound of playing the piano. As a result of this, it is called “ the island of music”.

      (Thus/ Therefore) The Sunshine Rock is/lies on the highest place of the island. Standing on the top of it, you can enjoy/catch sight of the beautiful scenery of the whole Xiamen and other islands. If you want to know more about Xiamen’s history and changes, you can visit Xiamen Museum, which will make you understand Xiamen better. Such is Gulangyu, a fairyland in the world.


      Gulangyu is an island separated from Xiamen city proper. It's like a garden on the water. The shade of the trees covers nearly the whole island. Cars, buses, bikes are not allowed to drive there. Everyone should walk. This makes the place very quiet so that music played by the violin or the piano can be heard here and there. It is the famous "Home of Music".

      The Sunshine Rock is the highest place on the island, so it has become the symbol of Gulangyu. Standing at the top of the Sunshine Rock, one can see the landscape of the whole Xiamen ands other small islands. The sky and the sea meet on the horizon. It's said that people can see clearly the Jinmen Island through telescope when the sun is shining. There are gentle waves on the sea and lots of people are swimming.At the foot of the Sunshine Rock is Shuzhang Garden with its picturesque scenery. The Forty-four Bridge spans over the water like a white dragon. What a beautiful picture!


      Gulangyu, separated from Xiamen by the 500-metre-wide Egret River, with an area of 1.77 square kilometres, enjoys a lauditory title Garden on the Sea. The original name of the islet was Yuan Zhou Zi. In the Ming Dynasty it was renamed Gulang, meaning ''drum waves, because the holes in the southwestern reefs hit by the waves make sounds like the drum beating.

      Overlapping peaks foil the blue water, white clouds, green trees and bright flowers. The air in the islet is fresh. The entire place is free from any sorts of vehicles and is particularly quiet. All these render an atmosphere of a fairyland.

      The roar of the waves breaks on the rocks. Impressive melodies surrounding and lingering on this island make famous for its piano-laden past. As a place of residence for Westerners during Xiamen's colonial past, Gulangyu is famous for its architecture and for being home to China's largest piano museum. It is known as the piano island because people here love the piano. As early as 1913, students in schools run by foreigners started learning the piano. The enthusiasm for music later spread to more ordinary people on the island. Many piano families have since then come into being and produced accomplished musicians. And the number of the pianos possessed is in the leading place in the nation, though there is only a population of 20,000 people.

      No tourist can afford to miss one attraction located on the island —— the nation's largest piano museum. Divided into two exhibition halls, the museum guides visitors through a vivid history of the instrument with displays and illustrations. All different types of pianos such as miniature pianos, automatic pianos, accordion pianos and round-shaped pianos, are on display.

      The architecture in the islet varies greatly in style, Chinese and foreign. Thus the islet has a laudatory title the World Architecture Museum Covered in green all the year round, it's charming, elegant, secluded and serene. A great variety of villas stand shrouded by lush wood resembling numerous jadeites embellished upon a piece of verdant silk brocade. Hundreds of flowers grown on the Riguang Rock (Sunlight Rock) vie with one another for beauty. With the caressing sea breeze, it's a quite cool place in hot summer. At the foot of the rock, there's the Memorial Hall to honor the national Hero Zheng Chenggong.

      Today, Gulangyu is listed as one of the nation's major scenic spots. The main sites of interest here include the Sunlit Rock, Shuzhuang Park, Gangzihou Bathing Beach and Memorial Hall to Zheng Chenggong, which are visited annually by millions of people from all parts of the country and the world. For people living in the hustle and bustle of today's metropolis, citizens on this island seem to live in a paradise with a relaxing, healthy and placid lifestyle. Find more in our detailed introduction of the major attractions in Gulangyu Tourist Area.













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