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    愛的故事優秀作文 篇1


    In the text "Mother's Bill", we learned that mother's love is selfless, which reminds me of my mother's love for me.


    My mother is neither beautiful nor capable. Although she is just an ordinary woman, her mother's care for me is meticulous.


    I remember once, when I suddenly had a fever, my mother rushed me to the hospital. She touched my hot forehead and said, "Son, you must hold on! The hospital will be here soon." As soon as the words fell, my mother was worried and was about to cry. At that time, I didn't know anything. I just thought about my mother not crying, but I couldn't say anything.


    I still remember one time, I only got 80 points in math. After school, I walked home with my head drooped and my heavy schoolbag on my back. I felt that the way home was endless. Finally, when I got home, my mother saw at a glance that I was in a bad mood and asked me what happened? I replied hesitantly, "This time I only got over eighty points in math." I thought my mother would be angry, but unexpectedly, my mother was not angry at all. She said to me gently, "Don't lose heart, son. Although you failed this exam, you will have a chance next time." After listening to my mother, I decided to study hard from now on to live up to my mother's expectations.


    Mom, thank you for your love for me over the past ten years. You have given me life, hope and opportunity to show myself. Mom, I love you!

    愛的故事作文 篇2


    When we were born, my mother tried her best to take care of us, and her tears were always buried in my mind. Yueniang is far from the top of the sky. We are the apple of my mother's eye. My mother holds me in her arms and watches our growth all the way. My mother patted our happy childhood, which is the greatest mother in the world.


    Mother put all his thoughts and hopes on us. She hoped that we would be smart, lovely, healthy, lively, not afraid of wind and rain, and strive to make progress. This is my mother's greatest wish. In our mind, the wishes of our mother are imprinted in our minds, and can not be erased. In our small hearts, we just want to fulfill our mother's long coming wishes.

    在我們長大想法里總想著,鳥、風都會飛到這島底是為什么?日出日落,太陽到底去哪了?春天的花、愛吃的蜜蜂它們在哪里? 我們心中充滿各是各樣的疑問。

    When we grow up, we always think about why birds and wind will fly to the bottom of the island? Where did the sun go at sunrise and sunset? Where are the flowers of spring and the bees that love to eat? Our hearts are full of all kinds of questions.


    Mother gently told us: "You little fool, birds have wings, so they can fly freely on the blue sky zenith; fish have tails, just like a boat, and hope will be found; the sun rises and the sun sets, and the day goes by like this; flowers wither and flowers bloom, and the sky is dark and the sky is bright. Do you know that? My darling."


    Mother's greatness is far higher than the sky and deeper than the sea. Who can replace mother's love? Mother, I love you!

    愛的故事作文 篇3


    Do you know what love is? Love is a light and a landscape, but I think love is a story, why do you say so? Let me tell you something!


    In the past, when eating at school, the teacher asked if there was anything to eat at school, but no one ate at school, except me, because they wanted to go out to play at noon, which is why they didn't eat at school.

    今天,我在學校門口等看我二姨給我送飯,我拿到飯后,發現袋子里涼涼的,我心想一定是飯又灑了,我打開 .cn 一看果然,我非常生氣,想把飯盒飯扔了,就在這時老師開口說兒子別生氣,飯盒是死的,你自己氣自己干嘛呀!

    Today, I was waiting at the school gate to see my second aunt deliver food to me. After I got the food, I found it cold in the bag. I thought it must be the food spilled again. When I opened the. CN, I was really angry and wanted to throw away the lunch box. At that moment, the teacher said that my son should not be angry. The lunch box is dead. Why are you angry!


    Then I sat down and became calm. I just ate a little. The teacher asked my son if he was full? You come here and I'll give you some meat. The teacher gave me some intestines and some meat. I watched the teacher give me all the meat, leaving me only some bones,


    The teacher said, "Son, you can eat. Anyway, I have your share here. You can eat!" I felt bad when I walked outside the door. My nose was sore, and my eyes shed tears from nowhere.


    This is the story of love.













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