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    我的初二生活作文 篇1


    The first day of the new year passed in a hurry. We stepped into the second day of the new year and unconsciously got closer to the senior high school entrance examination. We should study harder in the second day of the new year than in the first day of the new year. We should also have higher requirements for ourselves.


    On the first day of school, Mr. Du put forward three words: persistence, persistence and professionalism. And I just did not do well in these aspects.


    Persistence means having a goal and direction in mind, and working hard towards the goal without stopping. But I set my goal in the first day of the junior high school, but I always failed to reach it, which caused my goal to drop again and again, and my requirements became lower and lower. I still have a long way to go before I can be persistent. I hope I can get closer to it in my study and life in the second day of junior high.


    Persistence means never giving up in order to accomplish something or achieve a goal, not giving up halfway. The good habits formed in the first day of the New Year should be persisted in the future, and those who do not do well or give up should also be reconsidered. It takes only a few steps to reach a thousand miles; There is no river or sea without small streams. I believe that as long as I gather these good habits bit by bit, one day I can achieve the word "persistence".


    Professionalism is to face the most important thing in front of you with the most sincere and dedicated heart. At present, the most important thing for us is to learn. In the face of learning, we should not only be diligent and hard working, but also have a sense of responsibility. When learning, we should devote ourselves wholeheartedly and be 100% dedicated, so that we can be considered as a "professional" student. In some cases, I can't be 100% focused. In the future, I will always remind myself to strive to be "professional".


    This English and Chinese entrance examination was very bad, and part of the reason was that I didn't do the three words that Mr. Du said. In my study and life in the second day of junior high school, I will definitely remember the six words "persistence, persistence and professionalism".


    In the new semester, I will calm my mind, constantly introspect, stick to that commitment and live up to it.

    我的初二生活作文 篇2


    My name is May. I'm a witch in the Demon World.


    I like freedom and hate restraint. When I am happy, I like to lie a little to deceive others. When I am unhappy, I will find unlucky angels to vent my anger. Ha ha~~My favorite thing is to lie on the grass next to the "Heart Lake" and be dazed. Occasionally, one or two lovely little angels will fly in the air and kiss them. The only good place in the heaven is that there are a group of lovely and interesting little angels.


    I live happily every day. I only occasionally perform some tasks assigned to me by my aunt. But those tasks are very simple. They are usually easy to solve by my magic. In fact, my aunt and I are not related by blood. She is just my teacher and boss. Her name is "aunt". The aunt said that she picked me up by the lake. It was May on earth, so she named me May.


    By the way, I also have a close friend named Xiaoyi. Her level is a little lower than mine, so sometimes I have to help her solve some problems. We often play together to play tricks on some low-level angels. Because those angels look down on our Demon World people, they occasionally teach them a lesson.


    Xiaoyi also often snatched the magic bracelet I had brought since childhood. She thought it was very beautiful. I'm joking. Sometimes the magic bracelet can let me use the magic I haven't learned yet. How can I give such a good thing to her. Moreover, my aunt said that I had taken this magic bracelet since I found it. It may have been passed on to me by my parents. When she saw this magic bracelet at first sight, she thought that I would be a very simple witch. But now, I'm just a witch who often makes trouble for my aunt.


    "In May, my aunt asked us to gather and have a new task." Xiaoyi was calling me.


    "OK, I'll come."


    Stop talking. I have to accept a new task first and hide from Sinan. This boy even overtly pursued me because he was the son of the Demon King, which made me have to avoid him all the time.


    Alas, it seems that no matter how beautiful the life is, there are some problems!


    It's incredible!

    我的初二生活作文 篇3


    A seed of Lin Xinyi needs to go through a series of processes, such as growth, flowering, fruit bearing and withering, and finally enters a new life cycle.


    For a person, the third year of junior high school is like a beautiful season when the tender buds gradually roll up the weak but powerful petals, and then publicize the beauty in the sun. Now I am a student in the second day of the junior high school. During the year's study and life, I have already integrated into the new class. The eighth grade is more like a feast of taste for me. Different emotions such as sour, sweet, bitter and hot are intertwined, making my second day of the junior high school life colorful and colorful. Second day life is a little sour. Since the eighth grade, my mother gave me a wise decision to take the bus home.


    After several attempts, I found that it was not bad. I could also walk with my friends in the east and west along the way by organizing things leisurely. Enjoy the flourishing foliage on the roadside and have some sweet snacks on the way. It's very comfortable! Of course, we should ignore the heavy things on our shoulders and hands. If it is cloudy and rainy, the quilt will be taken apart once a month. Walking this part of the road is very difficult. It's like walking through water. After a while, I was sweating heavily. I felt sad and sighed: The road is long, and when will it end! Life in the second day of junior high is a little hard.


    As time goes by, the game like life of the first day of junior high school is gone forever. The eighth grade study is the top priority in the three years. It not only adds new subjects, but also faces the secondary school entrance examination. The pressure increases sharply day by day, and I look at the dazzling and dazzling homework after class. There was a sense of frustration that it was impossible to write. Return to dormitory and classroom day by day. The canteen is simple but very boring. It's true, but it's hard work for a while and a happy life, isn't it? The second day life is a bit hot. When homework and textbooks are constantly superimposed on the desks, the competition among students becomes more and more fierce. In this battlefield without gunpowder smoke, a moment of laxity may be trampled underfoot. After innumerable examinations, I deeply felt my own shortcomings. Watching the mistakes again and again, I felt depressed and regret, but more importantly, I did not lose. Believe in yourself, you can do it!


    The second day life is a little sweet. After nearly a year of honing and trying, in life, a person can face many things independently, and communication has also made great progress. My parents often praise me; In learning, my mind has been greatly improved: after failing in the exam, I learned not to be discouraged; In the entertainment competition, I have confidence; When exploring and exchanging, I learned that only constant efforts can make progress at all times. In the past year, I have paid a lot and gained a lot. Sour, sweet, bitter, hot, all kinds of different tastes outline my colorful second day life.


    Because of hard work, we will reap; Because of perseverance, we will realize; Because believe, will have. Second day life, because of my choice, will be so different.

    我的初二生活作文 篇4


    After a long journey in junior high school, I finally bid farewell to the most beautiful time in junior high school. What is about to start is a vague and unknown journey in junior high school. I am a freshman there, and I want to start learning those difficult topics. I hope I can become a really excellent junior high student!


    In the face of this new start, I can't help wondering whether I am really qualified to be a freshman in the second day of junior high school? Do you really have the courage to face the new future? Can I graduate from the second stage of junior high school smoothly? These problems, these fears, make me gradually retreat, because these questions are things that I can not overcome in the first day of the year. Now I am very afraid that I will not repeat the same path and face the difficult test again. What should I do to adjust myself at the new beginning of the second day of the year, so that I have enough courage and perseverance to cross the wall that has been hidden in my heart for a year? I thought for a long time alone, but there was no answer. This made me very depressed and discouraged. I almost wanted to give up looking for a solution. Just at the critical moment, I saw a moving picture. Without the inspiration of this event, I would have been unable to support it: it was my neighbor's child. Because of a recent car accident, he had to use a wheelchair for a year, At first, the child made a terrible noise, which must be because he didn't want to accept the result. But when I saw him again, he was always doing rehabilitation seriously, and I never saw him cry again. When I saw this scene, I felt ashamed. Even such a small child knew the truth that he could not give up when encountering any difficulties. On the contrary, I was unwilling to go on just because of this setback. I sighed that I was inferior to that child! Therefore, my heart has rekindled a fire. I am always vigilant that I cannot give up. I must find a solution to the problem. I must be a new student who is not afraid of difficulties. Therefore, I decided that in the year of the second day of the junior year, I would do my best to prove to everyone that I am such a strong person, and at the same time, I would also prove to myself that I am not as weak as I thought. I am a brave, energetic and energetic freshman in the second day of the junior year!


    Although I was once afraid of becoming a freshman in the second year of junior high school, now I finally understand that the freshman represents a new beginning. It doesn't matter what happened in the past. The important thing is how to quickly adapt to the new stage of life, from a novice freshman to an old one. At that time, I believe that I won't feel hesitant or hesitant about anything for the term "freshman", Instead, you can greet the beautiful future with a smile, so that you can become a new student who will not be afraid of difficulties. I also hope that I can face all challenges bravely in this short journey as a new student. Don't shrink back because of the term "new student", just be a strong new student!

    我的初二生活作文 篇5


    "The second year of hard work" is often talked about by Xueba, and I, who are born with "the second year of middle school" cells, would like to tell you about the "interesting second year of middle school" life.


    Every morning, when the "housekeeper aunt" turns on the light to bring the first ray of light to the dormitory, the whole dormitory complains constantly. With her sharp soprano voice, we reluctantly climb up and start to step away from our "gentle dream". Interestingly, what happens when the "old fogies" in a dormitory get together—— "The chamberlain goes and the roommate is happy". Usually, this kind of wake up cry will not exceed 3 seconds. When she leaves, the whole dormitory will fall down orderly. Of course, about a minute later, the chamberlain will come again, ha! As you expected, we would climb up again in a neat and orderly way. After going back and forth for several times like this, we would get out of bed with a faint breath, stretch our arms, and drowsy eyes like salted fish under the glare of the housekeeper's aunt. "Ouch" sounded one after another, looked at the bright sky, thought about the homework that was not finished yesterday, talked about the game that was not finished last night, and sighed, Then walk downstairs and start a new life.


    At noon, everyone poured out of the classroom. "Gentlemen", like hungry wolves, have completely disregarded their gentle image, while my fellow students and I who are on the fifth floor are still sitting in the classroom listening to the teacher's wonderful "townhouse speech". At this moment, the only thing that can be mobilized by the brain seems to be the eyes - nervously shaking his legs, he has already flown to the canteen, thinking of "fighting wits" with the kitchen master and dancing with the "hungry wolf". Finally, the teacher said "class is over"! All the students are happy when they are noisy. After crowding all the way to the cafeteria, I found that people were already full, so I had to go around like an eagle to find out if there were any vacant seats. When I got to the queue for dinner again, I saw that we were almost there, but it was just a flick of my fingers that a man in front called his classmates who were wandering around again. Seeing the queue again crowded into a long dragon, I had no choice but to eat coptis and stand aside patiently. Think about the food to take and talk about the homework at noon. After the strength of nine cows and two tigers, I finally got to the dining table.


    He returned from cooking with great expectation and frustration. Even when he swiped his card, he stared at the chef with hatred in his eyes and wished he could divide the spoon in his hand into several pieces - however, his skill was so skilled! Pieces of big meat were "secretly" abandoned from the embrace of green pepper, and my heart was like a knife - it would "entrap" many students! I can only look at the fragrant braised pork and think about the only "inventory" on my meal card. I still sigh and walk carefully to my seat. I look at the bowl of rice as if it were a treasure, for fear of being knocked down by a classmate.


    Every bit of school life has always been the object that students are happy to roast about. But in the heavy academic period, only these interesting things can make us stand out. In my mind, the teacher is the most noble profession, and the school is the most beautiful place. Here, we will have lofty aspirations and build dreams!

    我的初二生活作文600字 篇6


    Life is like a boat. If you ride it well, you will be at ease and have a smooth sailing. If you don't ride well, the boat will turn over and get wet.


    That is to say, a drowning person will throw a life saving straw as a "life saving straw." If destiny plays a joke with you, it's OK to fall into the water accidentally. Just keep calm and go ashore carefully, and you can still take the boat again. When you get on the boat, you will be more careful. If it is just plain sailing, calm and smooth, without suffering, it is all good. Otherwise, it is good. A single life will be boring, boring and uninteresting. The undulating water will be more interesting than a piece of water.


    But if it's just a blind setback, it's even worse. Successive blows will make people depressed, desperate and suspicious of life. Let's put it this way. A good student may be motivated to be competitive and study harder after failing the exam once. But if he fails all the time, he will lose confidence in himself, gradually doubt his ability, and give up himself. Degeneration is just a thought. Therefore, even if you are hit repeatedly, don't give up on yourself, and still be kind to yourself and life. After that, you can get real growth.


    Life is like a child. Smile at you when you are happy, and lose your temper when you are unhappy. As long as we calm down, treat him as a child and be patient, we will find that life is not as bad as we imagined, and sometimes it will be very lovely.


    Just like many people in life, they are not plain sailing, they are poor but simple and optimistic. They may be very bad in our eyes, but they corrected their mentality and still led a wonderful life. Life is not friendly to them, but they are still kind to life.


    Gaze at life, not complicated, very simple. Life is fair, no one is biased, as long as the mind is calm, everyone can be the best themselves.

    我的初二生活作文 篇7


    The old man of time walked very fast. In the twinkling of an eye, we had gone through three years with each other. When we recalled the three years, our laughter and laughter, our ups and downs, all appeared in front of us... Maybe that short exam will be the prelude to our departure


    Memories of those tunes in the past three years, cheerful, low, ups and downs. I still remember the little episodes we played together.


    Episode 1: Cheerfulness


    Do you still remember the moment when you just stepped into the school gate? Like headless flies, we are at a loss. At that time, we were like children who didn't know the world. We were shy, even when we said hello. However, in this vast world, we know each other. In the face of strange smiling faces, we slowly put down the shyness, become familiar with each other, and play a happy tune. Those notes are the beauty created by friendship.


    Episode 2: Warmth


    We have already left that shy face. We are here to absorb this inexhaustible knowledge. Those people and things will make me feel warm. It was her mother like words that moved me. She was afraid that I would not go home when she was late. Give up talking with other teachers and walk home with me on the dark path. We talked for a long time. The dark night, however, filled me with a variety of feelings, which I think is more intimate than mother and daughter, perhaps because my mother is not at home all the year round. Let me be moved by this kind of love. With the warmth in my heart, I can play an elegant but refreshing tune.


    Episode 3: Sentimental


    Time quietly left, we became nervous and busy. The nervous review and preparation made us not waste time like before. Time will dry our handwriting, but it can not erase our memory. Behind the war without gunsmoke, it may be the prelude to our parting. At that time, maybe we will embrace and say treasure. Maybe we will all burst into tears.


    The time is fast, but the three years of junior high school life left me with too many beautiful tunes that still touch my heart.

    我的初二生活作文 篇8


    My life is like magic, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes proud, sometimes lost, sometimes extremely nervous, sometimes relaxed. I live in a "changeable" world.

    我是一名班長。一天中午放學的時候,老師在黑板上寫了“下午來到做《配套練習冊》”。一轉眼就到了下午,我坐在講臺上當起了“小老師”。我在寫作業的同時,眼睛還要不時地“巡邏”教室,一會兒做做《配套練習冊》,一會兒看看同學們。我看見一個同學舉 www.bai www..cn huawen.cn 起手,他那焦急的神情,使得我不由自主的快步走過去,幫他解答問題,我仔細的幫他分析思路,講解難點,一會,他那緊皺的眉頭舒展開了,笑著對我說:“我終于明白了,謝謝你!”聽到這句話,我長長的出了一口氣,如釋重負??墒钱斘艺呱现v臺時,又有幾個同學不約而同地舉起手來,我趕忙走向就近的一個同學,幫他解答,講解完這個之后,趕緊奔向另一個同學。.。.。.。我整個人就像一只小燕子,在教室的過道上穿梭著,忙碌著,不時的還要維持一下班級的紀律,當我看到那些沒有先得到解答問題的同學失望的眼神時,心里就著急,想著如果我會分身術就好了,那樣,我會幫他們一起解答問題。正在這時,“緩兵”——老師,趕來了,教室立刻鴉雀無聲。滿頭大汗的我又回到了講臺前,終于可以安下心來寫我的作業了。.。.。.

    I'm a monitor. One day, when school was over at noon, the teacher wrote on the blackboard, "Come to do the Supporting Workbook in the afternoon". In a twinkling of an eye, in the afternoon, I sat on the platform and became a "little teacher". While I was doing my homework, my eyes would also "patrol" the classroom from time to time, while doing the "Supporting Workbook" and looking at the students. I saw a classmate holding WWW.BAI WWW.. CN HUAWEN.CN up. His anxious look made me walk over to help him answer his questions. I carefully helped him analyze his ideas and explain the difficulties. After a while, his frown spread and he said to me with a smile, "I finally understand, thank you!" When I heard this sentence, I gave a long sigh of relief. But just as I was about to step onto the platform, several other students raised their hands. I hurried to a nearby student to help him answer the question. After explaining this, I hurried to another student. My whole person is like a little swallow. I am busy walking along the aisle of the classroom. I have to maintain the discipline of the class from time to time. When I see the disappointed eyes of those students who have not been answered first, I am worried. I think that if I can split up, I will help them to answer questions together. At this moment, the "slow soldier", the teacher, came and the classroom was immediately silent. Sweating, I returned to the front of the platform and finally got down to my homework


    Although I do the same thing with others every day, I get different results. I am very sad that I screwed up one thing, but at the same time, there is another happy thing that makes me happy immediately. For example, although I was in a hurry today, I was trusted by my classmates. My life is like a magic show time after time. Every day, I live a colorful life. I am very happy!

    我的初二生活作文 篇9


    This summer vacation, I came to Hangzhou again, where my father worked. The scenery here is still pleasant and beautiful. It is really "paradise on earth, Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth"!


    In addition to completing the summer homework assigned by my teacher, I learned a lot here. First of all, I learned Mathematical Olympiad during the holiday, which helped me learn some ideas and methods to solve problems, which is very helpful for my future math study. Secondly, I also learned to play table tennis, billiards, basketball and ride a tricycle. Although the learning process was very hard, I really felt a bit of achievement after learning it!


    I finished reading two books of great educational significance to me during the summer vacation: Robinson Crusoe and If You Give Me Three Days of Light. From these two books, I learned that in the face of difficulties and setbacks, we should be optimistic, resourceful and brave to face them, and rely on our wisdom and unremitting efforts to achieve success.


    Another thing that I will never forget. When I was riding a tricycle around the corner, I fell down, cut a 5cm cut on my leg, shed a lot of blood, and went to the hospital for stitches. At that time, I clenched my teeth, held back the pain, and bravely survived this challenge. From this incident, I learned what to do should be brave and careful. It is the so-called "bold and careful". This event also tempered my strength and bravery. By the way, I also participated in the National Youth Talent Competition and won a silver medal in the Zhengzhou Piano Trials! I was originally going to Beijing to participate in the national competition, but because I "hung up the lottery", I was stranded. However, I am confident that I will have the opportunity to play again in the future.


    I also went to see the West Lake Music Fountain in Hangzhou, which is said to be the largest fountain in China. The fountain, accompanied by beautiful music, transforms into various shapes and shapes. The colorful lights illuminate the fountain in a colorful, dreamy and beautiful way.


    The new semester is about to begin. I decided to face learning and life with a new attitude, study hard, cherish the good life now, try to get rid of bad learning and living habits, and become a sensible, strong and progressive young man.


    This is my summer vacation life, isn't it very colorful? I feel very full, very happy, very happy!

    我的初二生活作文 篇10


    My extracurricular life is colorful, such as playing the piano, dancing, playing table tennis, etc. However, my favorite after-school life is playing the piano.


    I remember that when I first stepped into the piano class, I was attracted by those "black brothers" and "white brothers". My little fingers couldn't help touching them. They seemed to show me the "jump bed", so I giggled. After that day, my interest was all in the piano. In this way, I go to play with the piano almost every day. A few months later, I became inseparable friends with the piano. I thought about it and it called me. One day, two days, three days... I walked forward step by step, and finally reached the ninth step after step through difficulties and setbacks, I said to myself: "Persistence, persistence is victory!" Now, slowly, my level is getting higher and higher, and I am getting closer to the requirements of Level 10. My mother bought a piano for me in order to ask me to successfully complete the tenth grade. In the days to come, I want to say to my mother, "Mom, trust me! I will succeed in the CET 10 exam and I will bring back the CET 10 certificate to you." My mother really believes in me and I am very happy. I began to learn to play the piano at the age of 4, after 6 years of hard work. It's about to take the tenth grade exam. My father, who works in other places, was very happy to hear that. At that time, when I heard my father praise me on the phone, I was very happy. Now, I have surpassed my aunt's realm. Almost every relative looked at me with great admiration. Even my nieces and nephews praised me and said, "Auntie, you are great! I am proud to be your niece and nephew." I often praise them and say, "Don't praise me, you will grow up to be as good as your aunt."


    Look, as long as everyone's after-school life is good, life will be as good as mine; If everyone's after-school life is good, everyone will be as good as me.













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