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    我的故事作文 篇1


    I have been in the third grade of primary school. My stature is one meter three, my hair is short, my ears are small, my face is black, and my eyes are round, and my mouth is funny.


    I love playing. I remember once, my mother asked me to buy vegetables, and I was feeling bored. Yes! I can play tricks on my mother. I just bought some toys and got beaten.


    Although I love playing, I am still my mother's little helper! Every time I finish eating, I take the towel and start to clean the table to help clean up.


    As a person, I was very careless. After the exam, I never checked. In the end, it was either this or that mistake. But now I want to get rid of this bad habit.


    I am what I am! This is the unique me!

    我的故事作文 篇2

    沒有一艘非凡的戰艦,能像一冊書,把我們帶到浩瀚的天地。 沒有一匹神奇的駿馬。能像一首詩,帶我們領略人 世的真諦。

    No extraordinary warship can take us to the vast world like a book. There is no magic horse. Can be like a poem, take us to appreciate the true meaning of the world.

    即令你一貧如洗,也沒有任何柵欄能阻攔你在書的里遨游的步履。 多么質樸無華的車技 騎??墒撬b載了人類靈魂的全部美麗。 我愛你,書! 從我見到你,我就愛上了你。愛上你的樸素,愛上你的一切。 書,我認為你就像一朵梅花, 愈是寒冷,于是風欺雪壓,花開的愈精神,愈秀氣。 古人云,書中自有黃金屋,書中自有顏如玉??梢?,書對我們是何等重要??!

    Even if you are destitute, there is no fence that can stop you from wandering in the book. What a simple and unadorned riding skill. But it contains all the beauty of the human soul. I love you, book! I've loved you since I saw you. Love your simplicity, love your everything. Book, I think you are like a plum blossom. The colder it is, the more the wind pushes the snow. The more energetic the flowers are, the more delicate they are. As the ancients said, there is a golden house in the book, and there is a beautiful face in the book. We can see how important books are to us!

    從我見到你,我就被你深深的吸引了,封面的動畫人物,插圖,都把我給 吸引住啦,從童話故事到博物,里面的驚險到智慧,小主人公的朝氣蓬勃到聰明機智,我被吸引啦!我愛你,書,是你給了我智慧,是你給了我美麗,是你賜予了我生命的力量。我 愛你 , 書!

    Since I saw you, I have been deeply attracted by you. The animated characters and illustrations on the cover have attracted me. From fairy tales to museums, the thrilling to wisdom, and the young hero's youthful to intelligent, I have been attracted! I love you, book, you gave me wisdom, you gave me beauty, you gave me the power of life. I love you, book!

    我的故事作文 篇3


    I can never forget that sacred moment, that moment when I solemnly promised. That was when I saw the red scarves flying in front of my brothers and sisters when I was not in the first grade. I was so envious.


    On the day I joined the team, I made up my mind to study hard and become a glorious Young Pioneer.


    Up to now, I have never forgotten the promise I made. I always constrain myself to the requirements of a Young Pioneer and never forget that I am a Young Pioneer; Always remember the responsibility of being a Young Pioneer; Never forget to be a glorious and selfless Young Pioneer.


    The red scarf made me a real Young Pioneer, and made me understand what a Young Pioneer should do.

    我的故事作文 篇4


    Breeze blowing, slowly walking, in the sunset of the provincial campus, inexplicably sad. During this period, there is no laughter, and it seems that only the campus and I are left. Remember when I was in primary school


    Those friends - I feel wronged


    Primary school is always noisy, and they are no exception. After class, I always dragged me to the corridor to play with chatter. If I didn't go, I would just drag it away by force.


    One time, we played together beside sports equipment. Somehow, Zhou suddenly said that she wanted to run, and she also said she didn't want me to go with her. Before the words fell, they ran away. I was alone, and I didn't chase them. I walked slowly alone, but tears fell down as I walked. My heart was very sad, and I felt so aggrieved. Why didn't they let me go together? Don't you want to be friends with me? After walking, I came to the stairway (where we often play). It was very quiet and I wanted to go back to work, but I still wanted to wait there. What if they came?


    That waiting -- I am very lost and heartache


    Because other classes were still in class and there was no one at the stairway, I sat there and took a piece of sugar from my pocket. The sugar was sweet, but it could not sweet the bitterness in my heart. Sugar in the mouth, melted; Tears in the eyes, dry


    I waited and waited for half a class, but they still didn't come. So instead of sitting and waiting, I went to the playground early to look for them. It can be said that they don't need to look, they should fight and play nearby! Actually, I didn't see them when I walked all over the playground. I went back to work lost, sat in a seat and read quietly, trying to suppress this trouble.


    That classroom -- I'm very happy


    However, after a minute or two, I felt that someone was moving my hair. When I turned around, I was so scared that I jumped up. Several people covered with leaves were behind me, and I couldn't see their faces clearly. They didn't know it was them until they spoke. I cried again. I cried with joy. I thought they wouldn't treat me as a friend.


    Later, I learned that they were not going to run but had something to do. I was afraid that I was worried about not telling me. And the leaves on their bodies were because they walked too fast when looking for me, and fell into the grass beside them, pulling one by one, and repeatedly falling, and I laughed unkindly! As for later, we are still good friends who have nothing to say!


    In junior high school, although we were in the same school and in the same grade, we still met few times and contacted less and less. Fortunately, a boat accompanied me.


    Provincial attachment! I will also have many wonderful stories here, so get ready to accept!













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