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    全國高考優秀作文 篇1


    Cultivate one's morality, forge a good bow, and focus on doing things well


    It is true that "rice is expensive in Chang'an, and it is not easy to live in a big place", and the realization of the ideal is often "hard to live in a big place", just like Tang Monk learning from scriptures, it is difficult to live in a big place. So, on the way to pursue the ideal, what should we young people do? "To cultivate one's moral character, one should think as a bow, to correct one's thinking as a arrow, and to establish one's righteousness as a symbol, one should drink and then deliver Yang Xiong in the Han Dynasty used archery as a metaphor, which is wonderful! It vividly conveys the true meaning of realizing the ideal - self-cultivation and morality, together with concentration and hard work, you can hit the target of the ideal.


    Leo Tolstoy said: "Ideal is the beacon. Without ideal, there is no firm direction." This is true, but there is one premise - the ideal must be correct first, even ambitious. Yang Xiong pursues "righteousness" as his goal. The implication is that the ideal must conform to "righteousness". Such an ideal is a responsibility for life. For example, Shi Tiesheng decides to live out his own brilliance and aspires to live out the meaning of life when facing the difficulties of life; It is also a social responsibility and mission. For example, Mao Zedong took the world as his own responsibility, "the midstream hits the water, the waves stop the flying boat". Such an ideal is like the sun's infinite light and heat! However, many prisoners in the "anti-corruption and anti mafia" have forgotten their original intentions due to the lack of faith, or lost themselves due to wrong guidance. The ancients said, "Wise men have long ambitions, and fools have long ambitions."!


    With great ambition, everything is not perfect. We should also cultivate our moral integrity. Filial piety comes first, and all things are based on virtue. A person's virtue and character are like the root of a tree and the source of water. Only by constantly cultivating oneself can he grow into a towering tree and realize the integration of all rivers. Whether you want to realize the family and state principle of "everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the world", or you want to achieve the life pursuit of "managing the country and the world with the same family", or you want to be a good example of "do not do to others what you do not want to do to others", the emphasis of self-cultivation and morality is never just "everyone for me", but "I for everyone". From the patriotic youth who "supported the building" in the May 4th Movement, to the youth who "went to the place where the motherland needs most" during the construction period, to the aerospace research team who "all for the motherland" today, it can be said that what kind of morality to establish in the pursuit of ideals is not only a matter of personal choice, but also determines the development of a country and a nation.


    Cultivating one's moral character is like a strong bow. One should practice it with concentration and hard work. Yang Xiong said that "correct thinking is the arrow". "correct thinking" refers to correct thinking on the surface, but it actually means to concentrate on nothing. Focus often leads to hard work. Lu Xun focused on "breaking the iron house", used the pen as a gun, pointed out the current problems, and was respected as the "national soul" by the world; Wei Dongyi, an assistant professor of Peking University, devoted himself to mathematical research for ten days, and was called "Wei Shen" by others. Numerous examples have told us that we should not only have a dedicated attitude of "going up high buildings alone and looking across the horizon", but also have a practical spirit of "emaciating people for Iraq". Only in this way can the brilliant lights of the realization of the ideal appear at the place where the lights are fading.


    "When you draw a bow, you should be strong; when you draw an arrow, you should be long." We, standing in the new era, should aim high, use the power of youth to draw the bow of self-cultivation, take the arrow of concentration and practice, breathe with the times, share the destiny with the society and the country, look up at the stars, and shoot Sirius bravely.

    高考滿分作文 篇2


    Every morning, calmly spread out a piece of white paper and so on, and sprinkle sunshine into my soul; Every night, I empty myself, and then add wind, stars, fireflies... In short, try to add all poetic things. I just want to remind myself, understand myself, and be myself in my time.


    I know what I'm looking for and what kind of life I want. Some people say that people who look at skyscrapers are actually looking at their own happiness. I'm not. My happiness is not that high.


    My happiness is like dust.


    There are countless successful people in the world. The aura on their heads is enviable, and countless admirers and imitators have followed suit. However, is this what you want? Life is not about copying others' success, but about being yourself.


    Some people are as happy as waterfalls and mountain torrents, while others are as happy as a trickle.


    There are groups of pigeons on the eaves and flowers in the yard. Your favorite puppy, even if you bump into its small face when it barks, it still likes to snuggle up to you and sleep quietly. There is also the bright moon that does not disturb, and the dew that can be drunk... All these are what I am eager to express to you, my quiet happiness, and my true self.


    What have we lost and picked up in such a high-speed reincarnation? Look at the suffocating people in the suffocating reinforced concrete structure. Stargazers who look at celebrities and follow the path of successful people... They have eyes full of fame and wealth but lose the blue sky, ears full of flattery but lose the birdsong. They lost themselves, lost in the way and time of others.


    In my time, I will be myself, chasing my little happiness in the dust.


    I often go hiking in the nearby mountains with my backpack on my back. In nature, I found myself. When the dense leaves block the afternoon sun, one or two leaves are deliberately missed and hit the wet ground; When the first tree in late autumn or yellow or red leaves swayed down in front of me and stopped with a whisper. My sorrow, when the south wind blows my hair, with a fresh soil smell... At this moment, time is passing in the outside world, but it seems to have nothing to do with me, because I found my own time. I found my own happiness. I can talk to myself calmly


    In my time, I just want to be myself. I just want to express my simple ideas happily in front of you like a child. On your own way, in the happiness of being loyal to yourself and being yourself, it is like flying by the water under the sun.


    Sing and dance with the wind.

    可為與有為高考滿分作文 篇3


    Each generation has its own dream, and each generation of young people has its own historical destiny and mission. We are in a great era. In the new era, Chinese youth should keep pace with the times and truly shoulder the historical mission entrusted by the new era.


    However, there are many "passive youth" around us who like to find reasons and excuses for themselves because they can't keep up with the pace of the times; Get used to laziness and escape, and become "Buddhist". The development of youth is closely related to the future development of the country and the nation. Only by actively forging ideals and beliefs, mastering rich knowledge, and consciously refining noble character, can we become promising young people in the new era and become new people in the era who assume the responsibility of national rejuvenation.


    To be a promising youth in the new era, we should consciously plant its roots. "The person who digs a well starts from a three inch ridge to reach a depth of ten thousand feet." Young people are in the period when values are formed and established, just like wearing clothes with buttons. If the first button is wrong, the remaining buttons will be wrong. In this period, it is particularly necessary to take virtue as the first priority. We need to be good at combining knowledge with practice, making steady progress, consolidating the foundation and making long-term contributions. In the face of numerous and varied social phenomena and social trends of thought, if we cannot establish socialist core values, we may be confused, hesitated, lost, and deviate from the healthy growth direction. Just as the saying goes, only those who have deep roots can flourish, study hard, cultivate morality, be discerning and honest, and strive to turn socialist core values into daily codes of conduct and self-conscious beliefs, can contemporary youth make contributions in the tide of the times and achieve their own lives.


    To be a promising youth in the new era, we should take the initiative to strengthen their aspirations. "Persuading others to learn" says, "If you do not accumulate a small step, you cannot reach a thousand miles; if you do not accumulate a small stream, you cannot become a river or a sea.". Facing the information age and multiculturalism, contemporary youth should have the ability to continue learning, the awareness of continuous innovation, and the action to dare to practice. Youth are the most dynamic and creative group, and should be in the forefront of innovation and creation. The contemporary youth must be determined to work hard, based on their own duties, work hard, start from their own, start from every bit, and write a wonderful chapter of continuous innovation and creation with diligent hands and first-class performance. We should not be afraid of difficulties, overcome difficulties, undergo training, increase our talents, and make our own contributions to the prosperity of the country, the rejuvenation of the nation, and the happiness of the people.


    To be a promising youth in the new era, we should consciously flourish. Chinese young people in the new era should build up their family and country feelings and lofty ideals in the process of seeking common ground while reserving differences, converging and resolving differences, and being inclusive and open. We should not only have a "small Tokugawa flow", enrich our inner cultivation, but also work hard on details; It is also necessary to be able to "step up the ladder of virtue", keep the world and the future in mind, set up lofty ideals and aspirations, and contribute youth strength to jointly build a community with a shared future for mankind.

    黨的報告中指出:“青年一代有理想、有本領、有擔當,國家就有前途,民族就有希望?!鼻嗄晔菄业奈磥?,也是世界的未來。新時代的中國青年需要自覺擔負起時代的重任,在祖國的萬里長空放飛青春 夢想,在為人民利益的不懈奮斗中書寫人生華章。

    The report of the Party pointed out: "If the young generation has ideals, skills and responsibilities, the country will have a future and the nation will have hope." Youth is the future of a country and the future of the world. The Chinese youth in the new era need to consciously shoulder the responsibility of the times, fly their youth dreams in the vast sky of the motherland, and write a brilliant chapter in life in the unremitting struggle for the interests of the people.


    Young friends, let us set up lofty ideals, consciously fulfill the responsibility of the times, and work tirelessly to realize the Chinese Dream!

    全國高考滿分作文 篇4









    我心底銘記住海明威老人的這些文字:“But man is not made for defeat。A man can be destroyed but not defeated?!保ㄈ瞬皇且蚴《?。你可以被摧毀,就是不能被打敗。)




    川高考滿分作文 篇5


    The melting moon and the light wind are just like the fragrance of flowers, but the wind is floating thousands of miles away. However, your name has always been engraved in history.


    Nape feather


    Nape feather了。


    Sima Qian


    Look at you sitting at the edge of the desk, writing that masterpiece. People will only admire you, and admire you for forgetting the pain and shame of palace punishment. Only with the belief of studying the world and people, understanding the changes of the past and the present, and becoming a family, write the deeds of others, but forget their own glory. However, your deeds shine through the annals of history, and your name has been handed down for thousands of years. People remember you, just as you said that people are mortal, or lighter than a feather, or heavier than Mount Tai.


    Li Bai


    Seeing you at ease in the palace, the Imperial Concubine holds the inkstone and Lishi takes off his boots. People forget your gloomy and unsuccessful past, recite your masterpieces and remember your merits and virtues. Because, a sentence from heaven will be useful. When the money is gone, it has inspired many people with lofty ideals again. A sentence from Anneng has made me unhappy and ironic. A sense of pride arises spontaneously, and there is no regret in this life. People admire you and remember you.


    Du Fu


    Watching you live a leisurely life in the suburbs of Chengdu, people are surprised at your ease. You forget your failure, but still remember the days of the common people. Therefore, you said that there are thousands of buildings in the city, which can protect the poor people's faces and keep the wind and rain as calm as a mountain. This is so broad. Your concern for the country and the people and your broad mind will be remembered by later generations. Your masterpiece has been handed down from generation to generation. You deserve to be called a poet saint.


    You will fail, fail, and disgrace. You will see nothing, but your name will be engraved in our hearts.


    It is our blessing to forget what should be forgotten and leave what should be left. Let the past go with the wind, watch the clouds roll, smell the fragrance of plum blossoms, and remember the fragrance of flowers.

    川高考滿分作文 篇6


    Let me start with the hot pot, which is famous for Sichuan cuisine. Although Sichuan hot pot is very cool and hot, it is not greasy. When you eat it, the saliva in your mouth has a feeling of flowing down. If we eat it, it must be very hot, and Sichuan people can taste it super cool, delicious and delicious, which will make you feel delicious.


    Let me talk about Sichuan's famous dishes again. Everyone must have thought of the fish flavored shredded pork. The fish flavored shredded pork we made must not be authentic ', because it is not spicy, which is a key. They can't control the temperature, which is also a key. They make sure that the temperature is just right, and the smell of the fish flavored shredded pork can also be refined. Let's talk about the dumplings we are familiar with. The famous one in Sichuan is Zhong Dumplings, which is different from us in Sichuan. When we eat dumplings, we dip in vinegar, and they pour pepper oil, which is a favorite snack of Sichuan people. Let's talk about Chen Mapo Tofu. It is one of the traditional famous dishes of the Han nationality in Sichuan and one of the eight famous cuisines in China. It was also named "China Time honored Brand" by the state in 1862.


    In Chengdu, there are several very famous streets: Chunxi Road, Jinli Ancient Street, Kuanzhai Alley... On the first morning in Chengdu, we visited the most famous street in Chengdu - Chunxi Road.


    Chunxi Road is the most famous commercial pedestrian street in Chengdu. It is full of large and small department stores and clothing stores. The lights in the stores shine, and people are crowded and bustling. Very suitable for women! However, I'm a miserable person. Although I don't like it, I have to go shopping with my mother.


    It's really tiring to go shopping. It's almost 12 o'clock in the twinkling of an eye. At this time, I have a sore back and leg pain, and my stomach is "gurgling". However, where to eat? Several dads discussed for a while, and finally locked their eyes on a more beautiful hotel - Chunxi Road Long Wonton Head Office. Just do what you say, and 18 of us went straight to our goal.


    As soon as we entered the store, we stopped: God, this is too strong! People outside the store poured into the store like a tide. Men and women, old and young, are crowded. I was shocked: no matter how good the business of this hotel is, it can't reach this level! Today, I've seen a lot of people sitting at hundreds of tables. We were so dizzy that we went straight to the second floor... I cried! I finally summed up: the first major feature of this store: a large number of people; The second feature is that there are so many people; The third feature: there are so many people


    Looking at it, I suddenly saw that a table of people had finished eating and were preparing to leave with their bags. My eyes flashed and I rushed to it with a "lightning strike". This is a golden opportunity! However, when we arrived, I wanted to cry without tears -- the waiter stopped us and said, "I'm sorry! This is predetermined by others. You can wait in the waiting room first!"


    "Ah? I'm dizzy! Is it so complicated to have a meal?"


    In order to eat the delicious Chengdu snacks in the legend, we had to bear down and wait for the arrival of the holy moment. After a long time, the waiter finally came to call us, and we took a long breath of relief -- it's our turn!













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