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    過春節作文500字 篇1


    In bursts of firecrackers, bursts of laughter, we finally ushered in the Spring Festival! The Spring Festival is the most grand festival in China and also the happiest day for us. Every family is decorated with lanterns and decorations, and the street is decorated with new decorations. It is a jubilant scene. My parents also decorated the house early and bought New Year's goods. I blinked happy eyes and looked in front of the big wardrobe mirror in my new clothes. It was really beautiful!


    On the New Year's Eve, my father led me to paste the bright red couplets on the gate of the courtyard, and my house was full of brilliance with the happy golden characters. What warmed me most was that on New Year's Eve, the whole family sat around and ate the fragrant dumplings. I felt so warm in my heart. I watched the colorful Spring Festival Gala and waited for the New Year bell to ring


    On the morning of New Year's Day, relatives and friends came to pay their respects. Everyone greeted each other with great excitement. My parents, grandparents and aunts gave me the lucky money! At noon, relatives and friends gathered together. It was rare for us to see each other at ordinary times. It was a great pleasure to have dinner with them! The table is full of various delicacies, including chicken, duck, fish, meat, and my favorite fish flavored shredded pork! Everyone toasted, and joy hung on everyone's face. Everyone suggested taking a group photo as a souvenir. Father picked up the camera to take a photo, and everyone immediately laughed and shouted: "Eggplant!" The camera shows smiling faces


    In the evening, under the beautiful moonlight, my sisters and I lit the fireworks in our hands, and immediately a beautiful spark came out. It was very beautiful! Look at the beautiful scenery and listen to the sound of sparks. Don't mention how happy you are!


    A new year is a new beginning. Let's cherish every minute and every second from now on, increase our motivation and gain a lot!

    描述春節的作文600字 篇2


    A new day has begun! The noise outside made me slowly open my sleepy eyes. It was my brother who shouted loudly in the living room: "It's New Year, it's New Year -". "Ah!" Today is the Spring Festival. I quickly got up, put on new clothes, and opened the window. Ah! Today's sunshine is so good, and the air is so fresh.


    Walking into the street, people were full of joy, and the songs and blessings of the New Year kept pouring into their ears, full of the festive flavor of the New Year. The busiest people at home are my grandparents, who are busy hanging lanterns and pasting couplets. Grandma is busy making the New Year's Eve dinner. Today's meal is very rich, including chicken, beef and fish, which means that there is more than every year. The staple food is rice cake, which means that the food is getting higher every year. There are too many delicious food and moral. The happiest thing was the New Year's Eve dinner. Grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunt, brother and sister all came to my home today to celebrate the New Year. The house is bustling with excitement. My brother is busy making trouble, my father is busy entertaining relatives, and my mother is certainly busy dressing up. I am busy enjoying the happiness and happiness brought by the New Year!

    最令人開心的時刻到了,那當然是分壓歲錢啊,一個一個紅包,一千二千,哇!好多錢啊,每個人都給了我們厚厚的紅包,就這么一會兒時間,我就收到好多好多錢。舅舅說只要我在十分鐘之內能算出我一共收了多少紅包,他就獎勵我一個大紅包,哈哈哈,這可是賺錢的好機會,我連忙數紅包,其實這難不到我,因為爸爸媽媽,舅舅阿姨他們每年都是給我們每個人包五千一個的,外公外婆爺爺奶奶都是一千一個,我只要數出五千的幾個,一千幾個,先乘后加就可以了,我現在可是三年級的學生了,這怎么難得到我啊。這下我又輕松賺到了一個大紅包!這 是我最開心的事情,今天的我實在太棒了!然后我們一家人打牌的打牌,喝茶聊天的,當然還有看春節晚會。

    The most happy moment has arrived. Of course, it's the lucky money, one red envelope for each, twelve thousand, wow! A lot of money. Everyone gave us a thick red envelope. In such a short time, I received a lot of money. My uncle said that as long as I can figure out how many red envelopes I have received in ten minutes, he will reward me with a big red envelope. Hahaha, this is a good opportunity to make money. I quickly count the red envelopes. In fact, it is not difficult for me, because my parents, uncles and aunts give us five thousand one each year. My grandparents and grandparents are one thousand. I only need to count five thousand, one thousand, It's OK to take the bus first and then add it. I'm now a third grader. How can I be so hard to get here. Now I have easily earned a big red envelope! This is the happiest thing for me. Today I am really great! Then our family played cards, drank tea and talked, and of course, watched the Spring Festival party.


    How time flies! The clock strikes zero! We count down to 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 with the clock on the TV. It's New Year! It's New Year! What a happy day!

    描述春節的作文600字 篇3


    "The firecracker sounds like a year old, and the spring breeze warms Tusu. Millions of people have a long life and always exchange new peaches for old runes." This poem is Wang Anshi's "Yuanri", a poem describing the thriving Spring Festival.


    Spring Festival is one of the ancient traditional festivals in China, on which we should sweep away the dust; Paste Spring Festival couplets, window decorations, and the word "Fu" upside down to pay New Year's greetings; Take red envelope; Set off firecrackers


    There is also a legend about the Spring Festival: Before, there was a monster called "Nian", but people hung lanterns, pasted Spring Festival couplets and set off firecrackers. "Nian" was most afraid of red and noise, so "Nian" escaped.


    The Spring Festival is coming, of course, it's going to be a new day. My father and I cleaned the "warm nest" at home the day before yesterday. The ground and all corners are spotless, and we put up window decorations... It took us a lot of effort!


    ha-ha! The Spring Festival is coming. Every family is lighting up and putting on firecrackers in the streets to celebrate the arrival of New Year's Day. I got up early in the morning to pay New Year's greetings to my parents. On the way, I said hello to my brothers, uncles and aunts. Of course, I will not forget to say "Happy New Year". When I go to pay New Year's greetings, every child should be very happy! Because you have all received red envelopes, there is a big surprise hidden in them! Of course, I am no exception.


    It's time for dinner. The kitchen is filled with fragrance. There are many delicious dishes on the table, which makes people salivate. They can't wait to taste them. All the family members are here. They are enjoying the delicious New Year's Eve dinner with happy smiles on their faces


    After dinner, Grandpa comes to share the bonus! My brother and I were ecstatic and elated. How much "red money" was hidden in the red envelope? It's really worrying. Grandpa suddenly said: "This year's price has risen! It's 600 yuan more than last year's, 1000+600=1600 yuan! '6' is a lucky number!


    At 8:00 p.m., our family watched the "Spring Festival Gala" on time, listened to the melodious singing, intoxicated people, appreciated the beautiful dance, praised people endlessly, and watched the funny crosstalk skits, which made people laugh. At this time, the atmosphere of joy rippled around us


    This year's Spring Festival is really meaningful. I hope this year will be better than next year! More substantial!

    描述春節的作文600字 篇4


    The annual Spring Festival is coming again. This year is the Year of the Goat. This Spring Festival is different from the previous Spring Festival, with only five people. Mother went to the hospital because of her health; My aunt is married and can't celebrate the New Year with us.


    In the morning, we stuck a big, red "Fu" on the front door of my aunt's house. Next to the "Fu", there was a pair of spring couplets. The couplets read as follows: "All kinds of treasures enter the house, and good luck will be enjoyed throughout the year.". The horizontal couplet above the word "fu" is "home and everything"


    After pasting the Spring Festival couplets, we returned home, changed a pair of slippers, and began to work. The younger brother sweeps the floor; I mop the floor; My father and uncle made dumplings and so on. I also said to them: "If anyone finishes first, he will watch TV first, but if he wants to watch TV, he must do his job well.". I just want to see how well they do. I saw all the people and they were all sweating. My favorite is my uncle and father. Although their skills in making dumplings are not good, their enterprising spirit is worth learning from my brother and me. Uncle first prepared the water and flour, then poured the water on the flour, kneaded it into a dough, and then made the big dough into a dough the size of a steamed bread. Dad was chopping meat, so strong that the steam board almost broke. After all the preparations were done, they began to make dumplings. Dad flattened the small round dough and made dumpling skin with a rolling pin. He gave it to his uncle, who put the chopped meat on the dumpling skin and then wrapped it. A lot of dumplings were made in a short time. They were in different shapes, some were crooked, some were upright, some were fat, some were thin, and many strange things happened.


    At noon, we ate delicious dumplings, talking and laughing.


    Time went by in a hurry. In a twinkling of an eye, it was time to have dinner again.


    Aunt's cooking is very good. Her cooking is very delicious, such as sweet and sour pork chops, potato shreds and so on.


    We had a happy and happy New Year with colorful, fragrant and delicious dishes.













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