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    窗外的風景作文 篇1


    In the face of scenery, only with the eyes to find beauty and the mood to feel beauty, can we truly understand the beauty.




    It's sunny. Stop by the window, enjoy the scenery, watch the blue sky, the white clouds, the overlapping mountains, the lush grass, listen to the birds singing, and people talking


    The sky in the distance is not blue and blue, but like a layer of fog. The blue is white, and the clouds seem to be torn by a pair of big hands. They are thin and ethereal, floating in the sky without disorder. Several playful clouds still quietly stop at the top of the mountain. The originally rolling mountain is also covered with a gauze, and the trees are all indistinct. Only the scars of years can be seen on the mountain that has gone through the vicissitudes of life, which makes people want to extend their hands, Touch her body gently and listen to her talk about her past life.


    In front of the mountain is the rugged house. The two buildings, like stand out from the crowd, are tall and generous against the backdrop of other buildings. Like a general leading a troop, they are eye-catching. Next to them are the orderly small soldiers - houses. In such a group, there are still some green figures, which block out the whole picture under the sunshine.


    In the noisy community, the children in groups of three and five ran around the yard like vigorous sparrows; Their parents sat beside them, looking at the smiling and joyful children, and talking about their daily life. Several elderly people sat quietly in the sun, closed their eyes, and enjoyed the beauty of time. They radiated a faint halo, harmonious and quiet.


    Sometimes the wind blows gently, causing the leaves to rustle and dance with the wind. The birds on the tree dance when they hear the wind, flapping their wings and flying around the tree, carefully detecting the situation. There was a lazy cat lying on the lawn. It was very naive. A few butterflies came and flew with the fallen leaves


    I raised my head and felt that the sun was gently touching my face. My heart was full of mixed feelings. Occasionally, when my mind was still like water, you would find that there would be many scenes you had missed out of the window. Appreciate with heart, and life is everywhere.

    窗外作文600字 篇2


    One day, there was a misty drizzle in the sky. I looked at the sky, but I had an impulse to take a shower in the rain.


    The drizzling rain attracted me to sit down by the swing. With my eyes closed, I felt the rain falling on my hair. My neck was cold and wet. After a while, the warmth from my hands made me slowly open my closed eyes, and I saw a delicate face. She has long hair, nimble eyes, and slightly raised corners of her mouth. She asked me, "Can you play with the scales?" I didn't speak, just nodded. She sat next to me and began to talk to me. Listening to her, my heart suddenly felt very warm. I felt that she was just like a sister. After a while, she led us to play. When I was on the swing, she pushed me to the place where I could catch the clouds with my hands, and then fell down. Every time I looked at the sky, it seemed that I could touch it with my hands, but it was so far away. I played with her for a long time, sat on the same swing, swung to the same place where we could touch the sky, looked at her rippling smile, listened to her silver bell like laughter, and felt vaguely like a dream.


    For a long time, the bell rang and we walked to the classroom together. When I came to the door of the classroom, I stopped her, blushed and said what I had hesitated for a long time: "Can I be your forever good friend?" She looked at me with a smile and nodded. I suddenly felt that it was not difficult to talk with others. No one would care about every word I said deliberately, and then laugh at me. It was just my own unnecessary worry. Since then, we have eaten together and done homework together every day... But such days are unknowingly far away from us, and more and more far away. We grew up slowly. Time changed her and me, and we became strangers to each other.


    When I woke up from my memory, I found that there were two little girls sitting on the swing of the playground, just like me and her. A girl pointed at me and said, "That sister cried!" The other said, "No, didn't you see it was raining? It was rain, not tears." Hearing what they said, I unconsciously touched my cheek. I couldn't tell whether it was tears or rain.

    窗外作文500字 篇3


    The stars are dotted in front of the window, and the moonlight is bright outside; Raindrops in front of the window, rainbow outside; There is a white cloud in front of the window and a dark cloud outside.


    Do you want to see the world from the window? Or look at the world outside?


    Once upon a time, there lived a frog in a well. It is cold and warm enough for food and clothing. He looked at the well every day and looked at the sky, but he thought the sky was very small. This frog is just like a person standing in front of a window to see the scenery outside the window. No matter how you look, you will not see the beautiful scenery outside the well.


    There is a bird. It lives on land and in the sky. When it is on land, it can see the vast Gobi Desert and the green grassland. When it flies to the sky to take a bird's eye view of the earth, it can see mountains, rivers, strange mountains and rocks. This is just like a person standing outside the window looking at the scenery, with a broad vision and a full view of all kinds of beautiful colors.


    Ancient China has a long history and culture, excellent agricultural commodity economy, and outstanding talents and systems. With the passage of time, the "Heavenly Kingdom" no longer exists, but the rulers are still addicted to it. As a result, China is becoming more and more backward, the economy is declining, and the people are living in poverty. Being humiliated by the Western countries was due to the "closed door" policy, which reduced modern China to a semi colonial and semi feudal society.


    Since the founding of New China, especially after the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, China's rapid economic growth has improved and significantly improved the living standards of the people. It is because an old man proposed the policy of "reform and opening up", which enabled China to rise rapidly and achieve the two centenary goals.


    Different visions have different feelings, and different policies have different results. So we can't just stand in front of the window and look at the world, so our sight will be blocked. So we should go out and look at the world outside the door.


    You can see that the world can be yours.

    窗外的作文500字 篇4


    Everyone has different scenery outside the window, but in Grandma's eyes, the most beautiful scenery outside the window is me.


    When I was learning to walk, my mother would take me downstairs to practice on the flat ground. Grandma always looked at me with a smile at the window. Seeing that I walked steadily, she would clap her hands and praise me. Once I fell down, Grandma immediately cried nervously, "Be careful, Tongtong, come on! Try again, you are great!" Hearing Grandma's encouragement, I wiped my tears, patted the ashes on my hands, and stood up carefully.


    Gradually grew up, I began to become a little girl who loved stink and beauty. The lawn downstairs has become my micro stage. I like playing games with flowers and grasses. When I am a teacher, flowers and grasses are lovely students. I will sing Little Star and dance to them. When the breeze blows, they shake their bodies with the wind and make a "rustling" sound, as if they are singing and dancing with me. At this time, I always looked upstairs, because Grandma was watching me out of the window warmly and gave me a thumbs up: "Tongtong is great! It's Grandma's pride!"


    Before I knew it, I became a pupil. Every day is spent in a hurry. Every time I go out of school, Grandma will put down her housework, rush to the window and wait for me to come downstairs, and then tell me, "Tongtong, listen carefully in class, and do your homework carefully! You are the best!" I can always feel a deep love behind me, which is my grandmother who has been watching me leave the window


    Outside the window, I grew up day by day, while the grandmother in the window grew old day by day. In Grandma's eyes, I was full of tears, laughter, growth and memories outside the window. These beautiful memories become the most beautiful scenery outside the window because of me

    窗外作文500字 篇5


    In the morning, I leaned over the windowsill to watch the scenery outside.


    In the sky, several white clouds are playing and fighting. Father Sun showed his red and fat face. A few birds, singing beautiful songs, suddenly fell out of my window. I thought: If only I were a bird, I could travel around the world with my friends, and go to the beautiful seaside to listen to dolphins dancing; Go to the cold Arctic to give a warm hug to the bear


    Outside the window, a few wall climbing tigers surround it. They are like climbing in a competition to see who gets to the top first; There are also a few small ladybugs decorated in the green leaves. The little ones are not as big as their nails. They are all round and fat, but they are still brave. They slowly slide from the leaf vine to the other side. They act very carefully. I smiled and couldn't help shouting to them: "Coward!"!


    Outside the window, several buildings rose up quickly, and each building was the result of workers' efforts. If people live there, they will also look out of the window. In the future, they may become scientists to observe nature and explore its mysteries; Maybe he will become a planner and adjust measures to local conditions to make the city more exciting! They, I thought of Bian Zhilin's poem: The moon decorated your window, you decorated others' dreams!


    What kind of magic thing is a window? It looks small. When you look closer, the world is so big: cars, buildings, trees, flowers... everything. It can not only make me observe the outside world, but also relax my mind and "talk" with birds when I am tired of doing homework.


    I really want to see the outside world through the window!













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