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    以告別為話題的中考作文900字 篇1


    Perhaps every girl's growth has experienced a special era. There is something that once haunted us. My perfume Huanian appeared in my life without saying a word, which made me have an inexplicable fascination with perfume in the summer when I was 14 years old.


    Turning left at the door, the third room is a small shop specializing in perfume. As soon as the door is opened, a refreshing fragrance comes to me. All kinds of glass bottles are filled with colorful essence, which are so crystal clear and beautiful that I am intoxicated. It turns out that in addition to watching TV on the Internet, there is also a kind of joy that comes from the heart, and it is constantly emitting my enthusiasm.


    Only a bottle of blue-green perfume is my favorite. Its fragrance, somehow, reminds me of the secluded orchid in the empty valley, which has survived and become independent. The fragrance is quiet, the rhyme is leisurely, and loneliness has connotation. The shopkeeper was a young girl. She told me that it was called "Fu Rui You You". I made up my mind to buy it anyway.


    Since I didn't dare to ask my parents for money at will, I had to deduct it from the pocket money they gave me. In this way, I don't know how many snacks I ate and how many cartoons I read. But when I think of that dreamy perfume, I am almost full of power. Such a deep and distant fragrance. If I put some on it, will I be able to give off the attractive fragrance of magnolias like those big girls?


    At the age of 14, I am eager to grow up and become mature. And I firmly believe that perfume is a sign of a girl's growth, especially such elegant perfume.


    My pocket began to bulge. Half a month later, I bought the bottle of perfume as I wished. The moment I took it, I suddenly felt that I was no longer a child, but a real adult. At least, I will be as elegant and charming as they are. That day is the happiest day in my life. Even the sunshine is the most brilliant.


    When visiting relatives during the Spring Festival, I can't wait to put on my favorite perfume. God knows how much I hope to be appreciated by the elders. Unfortunately, things have gone against my wishes. Almost all people look at me with strange eyes. The sixth grade cousin teased: "Sister, why do you have a strange smell? It makes your nose itch". Even my mother said, "Well, what kind of perfume do you wear? You are too young to be suitable..." My mood suddenly fell from high to low. I was the only one who was most sad when everyone was smiling and drinking that night. I thought wrongly that although I was only 15 years old, I also had the right to pursue beauty, didn't I? When I got home, I repeatedly played with the bottle of perfume that I once valued as a treasure. I didn't know, but I wanted to see something. However, one of them accidentally knocked it down on her. When the perfume bottle broke, my heart also broke. With tears in my eyes, I buried the fragrant fragments and my budding dreams.


    My perfume years ended in the spring when I was 15 years old.

    以告別為話題的中考作文800字 篇2


    "All the endings are doomed, and all the tears will set off."


    A poem that was picked up casually a few years ago, when I read it today, I suddenly realized the profound meaning, and endless sourness grew in my heart. After three years, we must finally embark on a new journey. Are you ready, old and new friends?


    The first ray of sunshine in the morning caressed my face, and my roommates slowly opened their bleary eyes. In this way, we started a day of ordinary and beautiful life. "Oh, what can I do?" "Come on, let me help you." "Thank you!" This is our most frequent conversation.


    Every day's courses are the same heavy, and when encountering difficult questions, we will inevitably be upset because we can't turn the corner. At this time, Xiao Li would take the initiative to come over and say, "What's the matter? I'm stuck? I'm worried." Then he began to explain patiently. And he, and she, their expressions are very focused, their eyes are like steaming hot coffee, making people feel warm from the bottom of their hearts. Sometimes I just get into a dead end and can't figure it out. Xiao Shen helped me with the answer, and Lao Hu also came to help. They never complain, let alone blame. Accustomed to their saying, "You can think like this" and "You might as well try this", the sunlight outside the window shines into the classroom, their smiling faces are embedded in the sunlight, and the faint halo around them is surrounded by a ring of delicate lace, which is a kind of unspeakable beauty. We jokingly call them "learning bullies", but we can't help but rely on and appreciate them.


    Youth is a tortuous road, and the journey of exploration will be "misguided" from time to time. At this time, Sister Xuemei and Brother Chic and unrestrained will appear at any time. The eyes with gold rimmed glasses showed sternness, but we were more rebellious in our youth. We did not accept their attitude, and we had the idea of rebellion and seized the opportunity to find out their problems... Three years later, we finally broke the cocoon and became butterflies, but we ignored their good intentions of hating iron instead of steel. It is they who are willing to give us mother like care and father like dignity. Living and studying in a boarding school, sometimes no one will see your sad eyes flash when you smile, but they will gently put their hands on your shoulder; No one will point out a small bad habit of you, but they will nag about these trifles. They have their own children, but they are willing to devote more of their efforts to us children.


    Day by day, scenes, countless ordinary scenes now let me feel a thousand emotions. Time ruthlessly wants to take away this period of time, but it is precisely because of the perishable youth that we know how to cherish each day in the future.


    In the past, I will finally say goodbye to you. But I will surely take the good things you have given me and pass on the good things you have given me, and we will not waste these three years together.

    以告別為話題的中考作文800字 篇3


    This year, after the phoenix blossoms, I officially entered the third grade. I know that it is only a few months before graduation, so I moved out of my memory today to recall my childhood again.


    I still remember the day when I first went to primary school, the phoenix flowers were as red as fire and the sky was as blue as water. As I was dancing under the blue sky, it seemed that I had found the happiest place in my life, and I didn't worry about what troubles I would have in the future. Besides, I was easy-going at that time, and I had no idea how many friends I would make!


    When I opened my eyes, I played cola under the hole of Phoenix tree! Grab a bunch of tender grass, throw it into the sticky mud slurry, and stir it with branches to make "magic medicine", which is the most interesting activity of the day. The elder brother and elder sister on the side stared at us with strange eyes, but we didn't know anything, just happily added the recipe to the "decoction". Ah! That phoenix tree has also become a "big tree kitchen" to contact everyone's friendship!


    Life is like a stage play with a tight plot. When I was young, I just turned around and left. When I was several years old, I immediately appeared on the stage. In the middle grade, I almost spent my time in writing. After class, I often played a game of words with the small book in my hand. The words and expressions of the head teacher are very special. They often publish my articles to other students, praise me vigorously, and help me sign up for many composition competitions. I also live up to the teacher's expectations. I always return triumphantly with good results, but I feel deeply that I seem to have lost everything, deep doubts, and deep thoughts.


    Now that I am finally in the senior grade, I can understand what it means in the book: "Before the window of puberty is opened, the door of childhood is closed quietly, and we can only wander between them...". I worry about my homework every day, and regard my childhood memories as contraband, so as not to let them occupy my heart again, so that I can run this long-distance marathon wholeheartedly.


    I closed my eyes again. It seemed that the story of primary school was stopped by me in the middle of the performance, but I knew I had to rewrite the script. That's right. I should rewrite it. I should spend more time to go back to the Phoenix Tree to find the things I lost in the middle grade. Maybe in the flowers, maybe in the tree holes, maybe in the shade


    It turns out that one of the best gifts I have given myself in the future is a pass to my childhood and youth! In the two years when I was about to say goodbye to my childhood, I was finally willing to generously shake my hands at different ages; Before I say goodbye to my childhood, I will continue to take the feeling of just studying as my spiritual food













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