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    餐桌前的談話作文 篇1


    "Eat! Eat!" With my mother's call, my father and I sat down at the table. While tasting delicious food, I suggested: Mom and Dad! How about eating and talking about things that make us feel happy? My parents smiled at each other and nodded to me.


    "I said it first!" I made a face. My happiest thing was to visit the West Lake last year. I remember that on the island in the middle of the lake, there are jagged rocks, some like galloping steeds, some like honest camels, and some like kind goats. There is also an octagonal pavilion on the island, with yellow glazed tiles shining. In addition, green trees and red flowers make visitors like a weaver, which is really poetic. "Excuse me!" Dad said. At that time, you were fascinated, so I snapped that picture. He pointed to the picture frame on the wall, "Hmm!" I responded happily.


    At this time, my mother brought a plate of braised carp, Urged: "Come and taste this! I stood up and gave my mother a piece of it. My mother chewed and said," On the first day of last year, I saw some parents riding bicycles to pick up and send off their children, and I was very envious. So I nagged in front of your grandfather, but after a short time, he gritted his teeth and bought a new bike. He picked me up and sent me to and from school every day, and took me to play outdoors on weekends! This is very happy and very happy.


    "Ha ha ha ha!" My father gave me a chopstick of shredded potatoes and slowly said that the tug of war in my sophomore year made me feel the happiest. Remember when the sun was shining, the process was omitted, you know. In a word, the contestants of our class won the first place in the whole grade by overwhelming advantage over the brother class. Mmm! This tomato scrambled egg tastes really good. I'll have some more


    "Ha ha! How interesting!" Let's eat quickly. Then, how about taking a family photo together? I said happily. Good! Mom and Dad answered with one voice, and the meal was more exciting!

    餐桌前的談話作文 篇2


    The moon rose slowly into the sky, and it was quiet all around.


    At home, my father showed his skills and became a chef. Wow! How delicious the big chicken legs, braised pork, small fat fish... Seeing these, my mouth watered for 3000 feet!


    I looked at these good dishes. However, my father stopped me and said, "Wait a minute, my family will have a prize contest today. You can eat any dish you want. This is a brain turn." "Good! Who is afraid of whom?" "Your father and son have a brainstorming match. I'm the host. The countdown starts right now. Ten, nine, eight... three, two, one. Now the competition officially starts -- the first man (dad)." He said, "What did Liu Bei of China say before he died?" "Hum! What words? Think again, Chinese... slow, what did Chinese Liu Bei say before he died? Isn't it simply Chinese?" "The correct answer is Chinese." Mom said that Xuansheng would eat a dish in the first game. Choose it. I ate the chicken leg proudly. Look at Dad, he owes me a lot of saliva.


    The second round started.


    I asked, "Why do rockets run fastest in the world?"


    Dad said: "Because it is man-made, there are many......"


    Before he finished, I said, "Wrong, don't think again."


    "Hum! What? Oh, I can't think of it. My son should be kind and tell me the answer!" The father begged.


    "Well, for the sake of father and son, we must run fast because the rocket's butt caught fire. Ha ha!"


    "Oh, why didn't I think? I'm so stupid. My question is..."


    By the end of the day, I had answered 6 questions correctly, and my father was not right at all. My father had to watch me eat pitifully. I felt sorry for my father, so I hit the chair twice with my hand and said, "Dad, someone is knocking at the door, go quickly, go quickly." Dad ran to the door. I took the opportunity to put some good dishes in Dad's bowl. Dad came to me and said that nobody was there! As soon as he eats


    This event made me realize the happiness and kinship between father and son.

    餐桌前的談話 篇3


    At seven o'clock in the evening, it's time for dinner. The four of us were sitting around the table, accompanied by the bright moon, when I suddenly had an idea to ask my mother to tell me something interesting about my childhood. My mother didn't refuse, so she thought about it and talked about it.


    It was a summer when I was six years old. It was summer vacation. My mother took me to my grandma's house in the countryside. The countryside is beautiful, so we children go to the embrace of nature all day long and have fun. There is a stream at the back of Grandma's house, where is our paradise.


    One day, I came to the brook. The water rises in summer, the water in the brook is swift and cool, and the hot light of the sun is separated into rainbows by water mist. I sat by the brook and put my feet into the water. It was cool and I felt very comfortable. Suddenly, a small stone reflecting colorful light attracted my attention. The dazzling pebble looks like the magic stone in the fairy tale. Without hesitation, I waded into the stream. I picked up one and found another. The brook was like a treasure, full of "magic stones" in my eyes. I picked it up with all my heart. If I couldn't take it out of my hand, I put it in my pocket. It was not until the sun went down that a voice came back to me. "What are you doing?" Mom asked. I looked up and saw my grandmother's house in the distance. Then I realized that I had walked so far along the stream. Mom said anxiously, "Why did you walk so far alone? I told you not to come out alone, but you wouldn't listen to me..." Seeing this, my mother had to lecture again. Suddenly, I remembered my "magic stone", so I picked up the "magic stone" and shouted to my mother, "Oh, hoola! Hurry up and change my mother!"


    At this point, my mother laughed and couldn't breathe. But I was a little embarrassed and felt so stupid when I was young. "How lovely you were when you were young. Now that you have grown up, you are almost becoming a bookworm!" My mother didn't forget to tease me when she finished.


    In front of the table, there was a happy scene, which was unique warmth among relatives. In fact, it's good to listen to the interesting stories of my childhood. A wise man said that one should not forget the past, nor sink into the past. Although my mother told me about a silly thing I did when I was a child, it was not important. What was important was that my mother's face showed a warm smile like sunshine, which was the most beautiful scenery in the world.


    The wind rose outside the window, and the weeping willows were dancing wildly. The moon seemed to be eaten by the dog, and disappeared. But in the house, there is a happy family. They are laughing and making noises. There is a special warm current flowing between them, which warms everyone. This warm current is family love.

    餐桌前的談話初一作文 篇4


    People say that a child's heart is the most innocent. I once believed it, but the fact always makes people frown. "He is still a child" Is it true that minors are the shield of crime?


    The dim light and the afterglow of the setting sun reflected on the warm food. She carried her schoolbag and opened the half closed door with a heavy step, "I'm back." His voice was shaking, as if he had just cried. Grandfather held the shovel still stained with oil and looked out quickly. "Come back, sit down to eat quickly." He took off his apron, looked at the girl's dirty clothes, and said, "Alas, did you play with your classmates again?" She didn't say a word, but sat weakly in front of the table. Her eyes were red and swollen. She lowered her head and stuck food into her mouth like a machine. Big tears were dripping in the food, and she choked.


    "What's wrong? What have you been wronged about?" Grandfather's face was full of worries. Before he knew it, the girl grew up, and the wrinkles on his face were added one after another. This was the mark left by years.


    "I'm fine. Please have dinner. I'm in a hurry to do my homework." She hooked her lips, smiled, reluctantly and helplessly, and picked up several bowls of rice. "How come I always see your eyes red and swollen these days?" Grandpa finally opened his mouth and asked about her doubts these days. Her hands paused, and then said quietly, "There was sand in my eyes a few days ago, and it hasn't improved." "But I saw you that day." The girl cut him off anxiously, "No! They never put a piece of paper in my eyes!"


    The girl was paralyzed and sobbing. Grandfather was distressed to comment on all this. His eyes were covered with mist. He took the girl's hand and said, "I'll take you to the teacher." Those hands, vicissitudes of life and warmth.


    Later, the parents of the two boys refused to show up, but under the pressure of the teacher, they had no choice but to stand out. However, they had a funny tacit understanding and covered up the same words, which made people angry: "He is still a child"


    Are they still children? What's wrong with girls?


    It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul and one of the most important places of the human body. However, the eyes of girls have suffered such abuse and inhuman harm! A weak child, who runs around the hospital every day to take out different pieces of paper, may be the culprit behind this is "he is still a child"


    He is still a child. Don't let him go.

    餐桌前的談話 篇5


    Wen/Lv Haoyang


    After finishing my homework, I yawned and went to the restaurant opposite to have the second meal of the day.


    I chose a window seat to sit down. After ordering, I began to sit on the chair and wait quietly. After the minute hand on the clock had gone a square, another family came and sat opposite me.


    As soon as they sat down, they began to talk and laugh as if nobody was around. I couldn't stand it, so I had to take a book to look at it. But they seemed to be deliberately making trouble, and raised their voice to an octave. People on Friday also cast discontented eyes on them. They didn't seem to see it at all, or pretended not to.


    When the meal arrived, their conversation seemed to reach a climax. They also patted the table from time to time, and did not care about my murderous eyes. They even spit on my face. I can't stand it anymore, so I have to suppress my anger and try to say to them in a calm tone: "Please keep your voice down, can you?" Who knows what answered me was a totally unexpected sentence: "Who are you? Who cares about me? Is your hotel?"


    As soon as I said this, it was like a stone to stir up a thousand waves, which immediately aroused everyone's public anger. I haven't responded yet, and everyone started to speak for me.


    "How can you talk like that? You've done something wrong and still don't admit it!"


    "This is not someone else's restaurant, is it yours?"


    "The hotel is a public place and belongs to everyone. You have influenced everyone, but you are still unreasonable!"


    "If you want to be unreasonable again, we will call 110 and let the police judge!"




    They were scolded by everyone, and they immediately settled down a lot, and did not dare to make a noise any more.


    In fact, public places are everyone's, everyone can have their own freedom, but the premise must be that they cannot affect others, and everything should be the same.

    餐桌前的談話作文500字優秀范文 篇6


    Zhao Chenjia


    The sky gradually began to rain, rhythmically dropping on the earth, beating the green leaves aside, and my heart also left a layer of haze in the rain.


    Looking at the delicious food in front of the table, I was insipid. I silently picked up a piece of food and tasted it without any feeling.


    My mother saw that I was out of my wits and said, "Are you uncomfortable? It used to be like this." "No, I'm fine," I said. Dad said, "Did you fail this exam?" Hearing what my father said, I angrily put some pieces of vegetables in my mouth. Weakly said: "This math test, very bad." I took a peek at my father for fear that he would blame me for my poor test and criticize me. My eyes were also slightly moist, and tears were flowing in the corners of my eyes.


    Outside the window, the sky is more gloomy, and the earth is shrouded in darkness. It was still a light rain, which suddenly became violent. There were thunders. The leaves are knocked down in the storm, floating in the air and falling on the earth.


    I am very sad and hateful. I can't let it out, but I have nowhere to release it. My father said to me sincerely, "Are you going to give up because of this small failure? It's just a small failure. There is no need to be depressed by a temporary failure. There is no need to be complacent about a temporary success.".


    After listening to this, I suddenly felt that I could see the sun through the clouds. There is no need to be depressed by a temporary failure. There is no need to get carried away with temporary success. Dad's words immediately let me regain my confidence. It made me work harder without being impatient and complacent in the process of failure and success.


    Outside the window, the new shoots on the branches are more brand-new and full of vitality after being washed by the rain.

    餐桌前的談話初一作文 篇7


    "Ding Lingling, Ding Lingling..." I was awakened by a sudden ringing. I quickly got up and went to the bathroom to prepare for washing.

    每次走進衛生間我都會先照照鏡子,今天也不例外 www.niubb.net 。當我站在鏡子面前打理自己時,鏡子里的我竟然自己會動。我呆呆地看著鏡子里的我結結巴巴地問:“你……你是我么?”“廢話,我不是你是誰呀!今天我來找你算帳哩!”一個和我聲音一樣的聲音傳入我的耳朵。天哪,我差點沒暈過去?!斑@不可能是真的?!蔽易晕野参科饋?。

    Every time I walk into the bathroom, I look in the mirror first, and today is no exception WWW. NIUBB NET 。 When I stood in front of the mirror to take care of myself, I actually moved in the mirror. I stared at me in the mirror and stammered, "Are you... are you me?" "Bullshit, I'm not who you are! Today I come to settle accounts with you!" A voice like my voice came into my ears. God, I almost fainted. "It can't be true." I comforted myself.


    "It's true!" I said again in the mirror, "I will pay you today." "What's the matter? Do I owe you money?" I asked the monk without thinking. "Pa", I slapped me in the mirror, and a red mark immediately appeared on my face. "Look for yourself. You get up at 6:50 in the morning, and don't even carry books. Besides, your mother still carries your meals for you. How old are you? Your mother arranges your school bags at night; your mother plays with your feet washing water in winter; you ask your mother to buy food for you when you see it outside. Do you know how to save money? When the teacher tells you to go in one ear and out the other, what do you calculate to learn? When you play with others, what happens You get angry. Can you be generous? " "Pa" slapped, I covered my face with my hands, and said with Venus in my eyes: "You...... Stop talking, I...... I...... Can't change it?" "No!" A loud roar came again. "I still have thousands of things to say. Today I will let you have a long memory."


    "Pa, pa!" Another crisp slap. My face is red and swollen like a pig's face. "You, I think you have no love, no filial piety, no sense of responsibility and no sense of self-esteem In the mirror, I said angrily again.


    "I changed, I really changed! Sobbing!" I begged for mercy with a crying voice. "Well, come here today. I don't think you can turn from evil to good in the future." Then I disappeared in the mirror. I woke up at once. It was just my illusion.


    I immediately took care of myself. After finishing the work, I hurried to finish my meal. I put my schoolbag on my back and walked out of the door. After I left home, I thought to myself: we must correct all the bad problems. "Pa" I slapped myself again, "Don't brag".

    餐桌前的談話作文 篇8


    Every day when we eat dinner, it is the most lively and active time in our family.


    With the cry of my grandpa or grandma, it's time for dinner here. However, it is usually just my mother who asks, "What's for dinner?" The others were still working on their own things. Until the steaming food was served, everyone seemed to be on the market. In a twinkling of an eye, they all sat down at the table, except for two people each time - my cousin and I.


    Almost without exception, my sister was watching cartoons with great interest. I was either doing my homework or watching them with her. Finally, Grandma couldn't bear it. She roared, and we must be on the table in three seconds.


    If my uncle and my father are at home, they will put the bowl with their own ginseng wine, and then push the bowl with more wine to each other. After a bit of humility, my father will always drink more, and then loudly use Sichuan words to say blessings when drinking, or to talk about what is in my heart and what is in my mind after drinking. Grandpa can also drink a little wine, but not much.


    Grandma was the busiest - she had to feed her cousin after she had served all the dishes, but she had already slipped to the TV, and sometimes cried about what was bad. Grandma hurriedly returned to the table, changed into what she liked, and then went to feed her cousin


    Where's Mom? If there are bones and chicken feet in the dish, just peel them away and give them to my cousin and me to eat. My aunt also asks for them with her mouth open. My mother pretends to be angry and says, "It's all so big. You don't deserve it!"


    However, most mothers just eat a few mouthfuls, and then pick up their mobile phones. From time to time, they disclose some news or talk with their aunt about her new online shop or listen to her aunt talk about the insurance they promote.


    When my sister comes to the table to eat, Grandma has time to eat with us. She either talks about the characters in the TV series with Grandpa or complains that she has no leisure time. At this time, her mother smiled and said, "Thank you, Mom!" My aunt usually speaks in a loud voice and watches her TV plays on her mobile phone. In order to hear voices from the noise, she turns her voice on as loud as thieves.


    Everyone went to watch TV one after another, leaving me and Grandpa alone. I was eating a chilly meal that I hadn't had time to eat just now. My grandpa ate all the dishes clean, and my grandma reminded him to eat less meat


    Our family dinner, if everyone arrives, will be the happiest moment in my busy study. Although I studied by myself last night, the active atmosphere I can feel on the weekend is still intact













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