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    材料作文 篇1


    In the era of rampant "Straw Law", some people are increasingly distorting their own values. In the eyes of the mediocre snobs, the value of cabbage tied to straw is equal to cabbage; If you tie a crab, its value is equal to that of a crab. However, in the eyes of people with unique self values, they are just opportunistic!


    As a result, a new type of "success study" was gradually formed on the road of deviating from the correct outlook on life.


    Straw binds cabbage and crabs, reflecting their apparent value. Its "value" is no different from the great success achieved by the uneducated second generation of officials and the second generation of rich people who have parents' reputation and assets to add their own value without any effort; It is no different from the proud achievements that the mediocre snobs have easily achieved by flattering others.


    This kind of values, "success learning" is really wrong! The reason is nothing but that they are afraid to face up to their self-worth. Once you are afraid of self-worth, you will be attached to others at all costs.


    In the Spring and Autumn Period, there was an official surnamed Dong in the State of Jin. Seeing that the Fan family was in a prominent position, he wanted to marry a girl of his family. Wouldn't he have something to depend on? His friend Uncle objected to his idea and hoped that he could make a straw at ease. He refused to listen and just became the Fan's uncle.


    The girl of the Fan family is very angry, and her mother's family is even more arrogant. Finally one day, Uncle Dong offended his wife and was hanged (called a servant) in the yard by the uncle to reflect. The embarrassment hanging from the tree is compared with the glory of the wedding ceremony, just like the loneliness after the straw is thrown and the complacency tied to the crab.


    Sometimes the city is too noisy and gorgeous. The flashing neon can not cover the emptiness of the city people's hearts, and the ethereal music smoothes the restless hearts. As long as they are not assimilated by the world's flashy words and captured by the world's hypocritical values, their self-worth will be realized.


    Therefore, we should put aside the so-called "straw law" and pay attention to it. Promote and realize their own unique self-worth. Don't cling, rely on yourself. Even an inconspicuous screw should support a solid steel bridge.

    材料作文 篇2


    Life is like falling flowers. If you are late, you can only see the withered and yellow petals everywhere. So why not? Why not change your mood and enjoy the beauty of withering branches and leaves?


    Everyone loves to look back on the past. Few people can understand the true meaning of "the past, such as yesterday's death". For me, it is better to grasp the present than to fall into the past that cannot be changed. Of course, I am not born this way, just as saints are not born saints. The innocent age, missed too much, always play mainly, supplemented by study, has created many times of regret. In the final examination of each academic year, when holding the transcript, they vowed in their hearts to use the summer vacation to study hard to make up for this deficiency, and to study the textbooks of the next academic year in advance, in order to achieve the desired goal. The summer vacation started, and the daily study plan was put off again and again. Two months of progress was piled up in the distant tomorrow, which was killing me. So muddled, the summer vacation is over, the school year is over, after three times of self-examination, I set my lofty ideals, and everything happens again.


    After learning from the painful experience, the most glittering silk thread in the myriad of thoughts pointed out a clear way for me: grasp the moment. As the saying goes, "When a flower is ready to bloom, it must be folded. Don't wait to break a branch without a flower." Yesterday, such as yesterday's death; Current things, such as life today. Mo Yan should pay attention to the past and the present; Not to mention that there is no time, Mr. Lu Xun said, "Time is like water in a sponge. As long as you are willing to squeeze, there is always time." No matter how busy he is, can he be busier than the President? When President Kennedy was waiting, he would pick up the books at hand to read without wasting a minute or a second.


    When you regret, grasp the moment! When you blame yourself for your absurdity, you should also think about "encouraging people in time. Time waits for no one." Tao Yuanming, the famous Mr. Wuliu, with his idyllic landscape as his companion, was able to write that "the prime of life does not come again", which must be a pity. However, "one day is hard to get to the next morning". It is better to grasp the moment and avoid the next failure than to regret. Qing Dynasty. Wei Yuan: "A man of lofty ideals cherishes the years, a man of virtue cherishes the days, and a sage cherishes the times." Those who are enterprising and make good use of every minute are better than saints.

    材料作文 篇3


    It was nine o'clock in the morning when I woke up. I got up from bed in a daze and went to have breakfast.


    After breakfast, I woke up completely. I realized that last night I was just having fun. I picked up my schoolbag to fight with a large bag of books before I could move a word on my homework.


    I simply counted my homework. As for English, after my hard work, I have finished writing it in school; Maths, just two pages of exercises, dozens of minutes is enough; But why do I have so many Chinese homework? Looking back carefully, I really blame myself. The teacher asked me to write three reading notes and two diaries within a week, but I forgot all about it within five days, piled up, and had to make up today. How regretful!


    I want to write some math exercises to refresh myself. There were few math problems, and they were relatively simple. They were solved quickly. So I continued to write reading notes.


    I turned the pages absentmindedly, hoping to find good sentences immediately. But things backfired. The more anxious I was, the more I couldn't find the sentences I needed. Looking at the dense Chinese characters swimming in front of me like tadpoles, I felt sleepy. As soon as I saw it was still early, I got into bed again.


    I couldn't sleep, but I felt comfortable lying down, so I didn't want to get up. But there is a lot of homework. I squinted in bed and struggled for a while, but I still thought it would be better to get up and do my homework.


    But because of lying there for a long time, I felt dizzy and light headed when I sat up. I continued to do my homework with a heavy head.


    After writing one and a half reading notes, it's time for lunch again.


    After lunch, I stayed on the sofa watching TV for a long time. After my family went to take a nap, I sneaked to the computer and played with it.


    I don't know whether it is psychological or something, but my head is getting heavier and heavier. I felt sorry for myself, so I had to do my homework in frustration.


    But my procrastination is too serious. I wrote for a while and was defeated by it again. Uncontrolled, he put down his pen, touched a magazine, and read it with interest, leaving homework behind.


    I don't want to make friends with procrastination. Who can help me!

    材料作文 篇4




    Someone once said that there are only two kinds of animals in the world that can reach the top of the pyramid, one is the eagle, the other is the snail. Please write an article on the philosophy implied in this sentence. The design is self determined, the style is self selected, and the topic is self drafted, no less than 800 words.


    Tips for examination:


    "Reaching the top of the pyramid" means success or goal realization; The eagle reached the top, thanks to its strong and agile wings; The snail can reach the top thanks to its hard work and perseverance.


    Intentional prompt:


    1. Persistent efforts can make up for congenital defects (focusing on snails)


    2. Success cannot be separated from superior strength (focusing on eagles)


    3. If you lack superior conditions, you still have the chance to succeed, as long as you are diligent and persistent; If you have outstanding talents, you still need perseverance and courage (focusing on eagles and snails)


    Reference Title:


    1. Snail spirit in entrepreneurship (focus on snails)


    2. If ordinary people want to succeed, they should take the snail road (focus on snails)


    3. Why not be a snail


    4. Strive for success with persistence (focus on snails)


    5. Success comes from persistence in life (focusing on snails)


    6. Make persistent efforts to build a successful sword (focusing on snails)


    7. Superior strength is the guarantee of success (focus on the eagle)


    3. A poisonous tree stands beside the road.


    The first kind of people saw it from a long distance and walked around quickly. They didn't want to approach it at all for fear that they might be poisoned accidentally.


    The second kind of people came to the tree and saw the tree. They immediately thought of its toxins and were eager to cut it down so that no one would be hurt.


    The third kind of people have different attitudes and are willing to think with compassion: this tree also has life, so don't destroy it easily. So put a fence around the tree to indicate that it is poisonous, so as to avoid harming passers-by.


    As for the fourth kind of people, when they see this tree, they will say: "Oh! A poisonous tree, great! This is exactly what I want!" They began to study the toxicity of trees and mixed them with other medicinal materials to make new medicines that can save people.

    材料作文 篇5


    There are countless good things in our life. It is kindness that makes our world warmer and happier! A few months ago, I have not forgotten an incident that happened at the market gate.


    It was a sunny morning. My mother and I went to Heyang Square to take a picture. When we passed the market gate, we suddenly heard bursts of sad music. I stopped and squeezed into the crowd. There was a piece of cloth on the ground, half of which had many words written on it, and the other half had a person covered by a quilt with a very old stereo beside it. I read the words on the cloth, and then I knew that something bad had happened to this family. His husband had a big car accident, his leg was broken, and the driver of the accident also ran away. He wanted to go to the hospital for surgery himself, but they had no money, and the hospital did not accept it, so he came out to ask for money!


    There were more and more people around. They all looked at the three members of the family. The three-year-old child and his mother were all dressed in rags, but few paid. At this moment, an old man came from the market. His small eyes, beard and hair were all white, and he was in good spirits. He took some baked cakes in his hands, squeezed through the crowd and came to the family. He put the pancake on the cloth gently, and then said softly, "Eat these first, and I'll come back later." Then he left.


    Twenty minutes later, the old man came back again, sweating heavily, reached into his arms, took out a small purse, opened the zipper, took out a piece of 100 yuan, handed it to the woman, and said, "Take your time with this money!" Then he left the crowd.


    The people present were all moved when they saw Grandpa's move. Some people offered ten yuan and some people offered five yuan to help the family. The child's mother was moved to tears.


    My friends, do you also feel the kindness and warmth of the big family in this scene! Yes, as long as we all have good hearts, we can feel warm.

    材料作文 篇6


    Last night, the west wind withered the green trees. I went up to the tall buildings alone and looked at the ends of the world—— notes preceding the text of a book or following the title of an article


    In the noisy world, it is full of novelty, temptation, confusion, and loss of direction in playing. Where will we go in this life, and where is the fun of our existence?


    I have been lost and hesitated. I opened my eyes wide, but could not see the front. My sad eyes were wild with wind and rain.


    Yuan Longping said, "My pleasure lies in my career.". As a word awakens the dreamer, it points out the direction for me. The meaning of our life is not to fight for our cause and enjoy it?


    I can't help remembering how full and happy Yuan Longping's life was! His goal is to keep human beings away from hunger. Although this goal is too big and far away, he is working hard step by step. I used to think that people who have such lofty ideals and sacred undertakings must look great; But what I saw on TV was a dark, thin, but very kind and lovely old man. It was such a thin body that withstood the scorching sun and bred the "Oriental Magic Rice" which was called by the world. His career made him happy.


    There is also a crazy person who loves his career - Beethoven. He has created countless immortal movements in his life. His love for music is hard for ordinary people to imagine. He has fire like hair, but in fact he has a fire like heart. Later, he suffered from ear disease, but he did not give in. Instead, he grabbed the throat of fate and listened to the music by biting the small wooden pole. His joy lies in his music career. Whenever he heard the powerful music of the "Symphony of Destiny", the music giant appeared in front of his eyes.


    I should also strive for my dream. Life is short. I don't want to regret the days that passed away, but let every minute be meaningful. I will also have my career. Maybe now I should study hard. I hope to fly with my dream in my wings.


    One day, when I go to a tall building alone and look at the horizon, the road is long and the distance is long. I struggle for my dream career, so I am happy.













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