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    2022-11-23 09:33


    難忘的“六一”作文 篇1


    For six years, time flies like an arrow. In this way, I will say goodbye to my classmates and teachers who live with me day and night. What I can't forget is the students of Class 6 (1), who have their own characteristics.


    30. The study committee member of our class, who is excellent in all his subjects, is the teacher's right-hand man. When the teacher has something to do temporarily, he comes to give us lessons or correct homework. In addition, he also has a hobby of playing basketball. Every day when he comes to school at noon, he can see that he is sweating and playing basketball.


    XXX has been the monitor of our class for the past five years. He is a big fat man, and he is also very good at all subjects. He is also a man of faith. I made a bet with him in the midterm exam that the person who got high and lost in the exam would clean up for the winner three times. After the exam papers were handed out, my score was higher than his. I thought he would not clean up for me. After school, he came to me and said, "I'm willing to admit defeat and I will help you clean up three times". Because of his honesty, he has a good popularity in our class.


    XXX My good friend, we are just like iron brothers. As long as we are together, we will say nothing. We all have a goal of getting into the middle of the people, and we are often full of illusions about getting into the middle of the people.


    Today is our last lesson in our primary school alma mater, and tomorrow is the entrance examination. By the end of the exam tomorrow, when we leave our alma mater, and also when we leave six (1), we will draw a perfect end to tomorrow.

    難忘的六一兒童節作文 篇2


    The long-awaited International Children's Day finally arrived. As soon as I entered the gate of the campus, I heard a burst of hearty laughter.


    This International Children's Day is hosted by An San Primary School__ At the Campus Culture and Art Festival in, I came to the classroom early and saw many students already in it. Most of them were dressed in color. Many people had two red faces, like clowns.


    When we came to the playground, we saw a huge horizontal scroll hanging above the new teaching building, saying "recite ancient Chinese literature and be a Chinese teenager". Below the banner is the flag raising platform, which is also a broad stage for us to show our talents.


    It's thundering. In the applause, the performance began. The first program was the performance of our Class 41. First, we recited the Three Character Scripture, and then sang a song of the Three Character Scripture. We saw that all the students were full of energy and joy. We opened our voices and sang hard. The performance of Class 42 is also reciting the Three Character Classics. They hold colorful fans, which are red and yellow. It's beautiful. There is also a program performed by junior students. They clap their hands while singing the Three Character Scripture. There are two teachers in front of them, one brandishing a sword and the other brandishing a fan. There is also a class named "Li Weng Duyun".


    Time passed with applause, laughter and singing. The happy Ansan Primary School Culture and Art Festival ended in the chorus!

    難忘的六一作文500字 篇3


    Our school's annual June Day activities began again.


    This June Day activity is somewhat different. First, we observed a minute of silence for the victims of the Yushu earthquake, and then we read the poems about earthquake relief. When reading aloud, we all had tears in our eyes, as if the houses collapsed during the earthquake and the touching and cruel scene emerged in front of us during the rescue. We also used the sign language we just learned to express our concern for the children in the disaster area. The song Let the World Be Filled with Love echoed in the classroom for a long time.


    The June 1 activities are always colorful. Now let's change the theme again - the recreational activities begin. The activities in our class are very interesting. We first played dry land bowling, and I only hit five bowling balls at most. Although I also won a medal, there are many "experts" in our class who are more powerful than me. I'm not familiar with dart throwing, so I'm not very interested in it. My favorite and best game is "grab the chair". This is an activity we often play, but this time the accompaniment is a little special. It is not the teacher clapping his hands, nor the students clapping the ball, but the students of our band playing the flute. With the melodious sound of the flute, we turned around the chair. As soon as the flute stops, we will sit in the nearest chair. The students who didn't get the chairs will be eliminated. One round at a time, there are fewer and fewer students left. Fortunately, I have achieved good results.


    Just when we were having a rest, the English teacher invited me and some students to Class 7. We watched the wonderful performance of Class Seven and couldn't help but exclaim. Of course, we also presented the same wonderful "gift".


    The activity is over. While we are happy, we all feel the difference of this June 1 activity. Thinking of the children who lost their homes, schools and even lives in the disaster area, I think we should really cherish the happy life in front of us.

    難忘的六一兒童節作文 篇4


    Time is fleeting. In the twinkling of an eye, I went from the ignorant kindergarten to the sixth grade, and also ushered in our last International Children's Day, which will forever become a wonderful page in my growth footprint.


    In the morning, when I came to the school, the whole school was full of people. Everyone was in high spirits. Little actors were busy making up. The school was full of colorful flags, flying in the wind. Everyone was talking and laughing. Entering the classroom, the classroom was cleaned and the table was filled with snacks and drinks bought by students. In a short time, it was time for the art performance. The parents were infected by our happy atmosphere. We sat down and raised the national flag. After singing the national anthem, we arrived at the first ceremony, the ceremony for freshmen to join the team. Our sixth graders went out with red scarves in their hands and came to the freshmen to help them wear red scarves. Teach them to salute on the solemn flag stage and then leave. Then, we started the long-awaited literary and artistic performance. Each program was carefully rehearsed by teachers and students, which was very wonderful and attracted the audience's attention. The songs are melodious and the dance moves are beautiful.


    After watching the talent show in the morning, we arrived at the garden activity in the afternoon. The teacher prepared a lot of peanuts, candy and jelly, and also prepared a lot of fun games for us. We finished happily, and our laughter came out of the classroom. There are small games such as robbing chairs, throwing bamboo sticks and so on. Each group should perform, and the most interesting one is the adaptation of the Victory Group's "Three Visits", which made the whole class laugh.


    This last "June Day" made me become a junior high school student from a child. I had a happy and interesting "June Day". I will treasure it in my heart forever!

    難忘的六一作文500字 篇5


    This year, I was in Grade One and had my first Children's Day. It was very new. I used to know that father has Father's Day and mother has Mother's Day, but I never knew that children also have Children's Day. We are all important people. Don't underestimate yourself!


    A few weeks ago, the teacher gave everyone a piece of paper to write down the names of their favorite children. Later, the statistics revealed that Lin Weiting and Xie Yongqing were elected model students! I think that's because they are always helpful and have good performance, so everyone likes them very much. I should learn from them. I hope I can accept warm applause at the award ceremony like them one day.


    This year's Children's Day gift is a book gift certificate, so my mother took me to the bookstore to choose books on holidays. As soon as I stepped into the store, I saw all kinds of books, but I selected a children's book from the dazzling shelves at a glance - what can I do without you?


    When I got home, I couldn't wait to open the book and read it with interest. The story describes that Little Fox and Big Bear are best friends, but the weather is getting colder and colder, and Big Bear has to go to hibernation. Little Fox is so lonely! No one walks and plays with him. Even if he is bullied, he can only shed tears. Fortunately, he made a new friend later. It was a little squirrel. They ran and jumped in the forest and made a big white snow bear together. They had a good time! When the spring is warm and the big bear wakes up, he will happily join them!


    I really like this story. Everyone needs friends. We should help each other and cherish our friendship. This year's Children's Day, I had a very happy time. Although there was no holiday on this day, I felt more happy to go to school and play with my friends!

    難忘的六一作文 篇6


    Tomorrow is International Children's Day! I dreamed that we were dressed in neat school uniforms, and in the accompaniment of the band, we slowly entered the playground! With the blessing of the headmaster and teachers, I feel happy!


    When I got up in the morning, I couldn't help shouting: "I'm so happy!" After having breakfast, I rushed to school with my preparations. I can't wait to see the smiles on my classmates' faces. I can see how happy I am again!


    Under the guidance of the teacher, we wore neat uniforms, with the blessing of the principal and the teacher, and with the accompaniment of the band, we slowly entered the arena! I was surprised that it was exactly the same as my dream. I can't forget that exciting scene until now!


    The competition began. The first event of the competition, the 60 meter dash, was started with the cheers of all of us. At the beginning of the competition, all the contestants rushed to the end like arrows. "Oh," we shouted, "the line is crossed. Li Yingjie is the first!" We are happy for her victory, happy for their victory, and shouting for her! The second event is 60 meters. I followed the thunderous applause and shouting of my classmates to enter the competition venue. Look at our classmates, they are cheering for me! Start. I rushed to the front first, picked up the question board, looked at it for a few times and then worked out the answer. I was the first to cross the line! I'm so excited. When I received the award, my hands were trembling... I felt so lucky!


    I will never forget this Children's Day. In every competition, I can hear thunderous applause. Every time, there is an unspeakable meaning. Every Children's Day is a happy holiday! A festival full of applause.













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