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    2022-11-23 09:41




    Today, I got out of bed and found Nezha the Devil Boy coming to our house.


    Nezha said, "See you, Shifu." I said, "I accept you as my disciple. Let's go, Zha'er. Let's go to Chentang Pass."


    When I got to Chentang Pass, I spent two hours teaching him to hide his eyes and calm his heart. He also changed himself into Mrs. Li and the toad into himself by using the blind trick. I woke up and found that Mrs. Li was coming. Zha Er was floating on the water. I immediately rescued Zha Er. After artificial respiration, I found it was wrong, bad, and poisoned. However, I took my first aid kit with me, and he was smiling.


    I thought he was doing well, so I said to him, "You can take a rest. During the rest time, I looked into the distance and found that Yacha was coming. I said to Nezha," Zha'er, let's go to clean up Yacha. "We chased him to the seaside. Yacha was about to escape when suddenly, the water was frozen by Ao Bing. Zha Er and Ao Bing fought. At this time, Yecha blew out the Shihua Bubble. Ao Bing escaped the Shihua Bubble. The Shihua Bubble was attacked by the rear and defeated Ao Bing. He became a stone statue. Nezha took the stone statue "Dong, Dong, Dong" and killed Yesha


    In a twinkling of an eye, it was time for a day and I went home. I really hope to meet Nezha next time.



    One fine morning, I was playing by the river. Suddenly a child appeared in front of me. He had a heaven and earth circle on his right arm, a pointed firearm in his left hand, and a wind fire wheel on his foot. Ah! It was Nezha. I was so happy that I couldn't wait to run to play with him.


    Let's play Fenghuolun first. At first, looking at the fire above, my legs trembled with fear! Nezha said, "I won't hurt you." I had to muster up the courage to stand up, eh? It really doesn't hurt people. I'm so happy! Step on it for a while to go forward, for a while to go back, and enjoy it!


    Then Nezha took down the Qiankun Circle, threw it into the air, and said, "Big," The Qiankun Circle suddenly doubled. Then he pointed at me, and the Qiankun Circle flew towards me. I jumped from the Fenghuo Wheel in fear. Nezha saw it, laughed, and I quickly took the Qiankun Circle.


    Ao Bing, the son of the Dragon King of Donghai, passed by here. As soon as he saw Nezha, he would fight with him. Nezha took up a sharp fire gun and fought with Ao Bing. They soon got into the water very fiercely! I cheered Nezha on. After a while, Ao Bing was defeated. I ran to Nezha and said, "You are so powerful!" Nezha smiled from ear to ear.


    What an unforgettable day! Hope and can meet Nezha again.



    A few days ago, I saw a movie "The Demon Child of Nezha Comes to Earth", which was very beautiful and touched me a lot.


    From the devil boy to the hero, Nezha, though mischievous, has gone through countless hardships to gain everyone's trust and become a hero. Seeing this scene, I really want to play with him.


    The grass nodded to me and the flowers smiled at me. I was still sleeping in bed, "Hey! Get up!" Suddenly, I heard someone calling me, and I said angrily, "Who is it? It bothers me to dream." When I opened my eyes, I saw a handsome boy, who was walking on the wheel of wind and fire, wearing a heaven and earth circle around his neck, and holding a mixed sky silk in his hand. He was very handsome. I said in surprise, "So you are Nezha!" "That's right! I want you to play with me all day." Nezha said. "Good!" I quickly nodded and agreed, very excited.


    The warm sunshine shines on the earth, the garden and my heart. In the blink of an eye, I arrived at Nezha's home. Nezha had been showing me his seventy-two transformation skills. Later, Nezha took a shuttlecock and kicked it towards me. The speed and strength were too great, and I fell to the ground directly. It hurts so much. I won't kick shuttlecock with Nezha next time. After kicking the shuttlecock, we played hide and seek again and enjoyed ourselves.


    Time passed quickly, and Nezha and I passed our day in this way. "Hahaha......" I woke up from my dream with a smile.



    At the weekend, I was watching Nezha at home. Suddenly, a strong wind blew. I opened my eyes and saw that Nezha had stepped out of the film


    Nezha took me to the Dragon Palace first. At the gate of the Dragon Palace, we were surprised to find that there was only one bare house left in the Dragon Palace. After asking, I knew that because the Dragon Palace was always dry, and the Dragon King refused to rain, it became like this. So Nezha took me to ask the Dragon King. After our strong persuasion, he persuaded the Dragon King and promised to rain regularly every year.


    In the afternoon, Nezha took me to the amusement park. There were so many people in the amusement park that we were excited. But just entering the door, he saw the "Yellow Sand Monster". Before I knew it, Nezha shouted, "Don't run," the Yellow Sand Monster! " Yellow Sand Monster "As soon as he saw that it was Nezha, he ran away without a trace, leaving only a whirlwind. Nezha chased after him with the wind fire wheel, and the monster surrendered obediently when he saw that he was powerless.


    It was dark before I knew it. Nezha was ready to go home. I looked at Nezha's back and waved reluctantly, saying "goodbye"!


    Today is really a happy day. How I wish I could continue to play with Nezha tomorrow!



    "Stinky boy, Stinky boy, it's time to get up!" A voice sounded in a trance from my ear, which seemed familiar to me, so I suddenly opened my eyes, "Oh Muga.


    Early in the morning, Nezha took me to his hometown, Chen Tangguan. "God, it's so beautiful here, just like heaven on earth!" Nezha said to me, "Son of a bitch, let me take you to my house to play!" Before I could speak, we arrived at Nezha's home with the speed of thunder and silence. At his home, I saw his father Li Jing, his eldest brother Jin Zha, and his second brother Mu Zha. I was dazzled by their magic.


    When we were happy, Ao Bing suddenly turned into a blue dragon and wanted to "govern" Tangguan Chen with a large ice layer. At this time, Nezha held the ice layer against his body to prevent the ice from falling. At this time, Ao Bing said to Nezha on the ice layer: "You were born to be a devil child, which is doomed!" Nezha was angry at this, and shouted to Ao Bing: "Fuck you, my life is not determined by the sky, it's a devil or an immortal, and I'll tell you!" Nezha's roar was an amazing scene. It stretched three heads and six arms from its back, lifted the ice layer to the sky, and blew it to pieces. Finally, Tangguan Chen recovered his peace.


    I will never forget today, but I wonder if there will be this opportunity next time



    One night, I fell asleep while lying in bed. I felt that I had come to Chengtangguan. I walked forward curiously, what a magnificent sight! As I walked deeper and deeper along the alley, I saw a child practicing martial arts in a wide yard! The right palm said "Pa!" The stone is split in two. How handsome! I looked carefully at Nezha. I opened the door and said hello to Nezha. He smiled and said, "Hello!" He said hospitably, "Would you like to visit my house?" I said excitedly, "Good! Good!" When we came to the hall, we saw Nezha's father, King Tota. He was not only tall, but also had a healthy face, bright eyes, a chin and a beard about two inches long.


    This sea viewing tower is really noisy. We got to the top. The sea is so beautiful that we can see waving kelp and jumping fish and shrimp.


    Nezha and I left the Guanhai Tower and came to the town. The word "Fu" was hanging on the doors of thousands of families. I realized that it was the Spring Festival! When I saw that I was still wearing short sleeves in summer, I suddenly felt cold. I jumped with my arms in my arms and jumped into the sea. "Ah!" I woke up with fright. It was a dream. The National Day is coming, and it's also the New Year!


    I love today's dream!



    On a sunny morning, I finished my homework early and sat on the sofa playing games. Suddenly, there was a thunder and lightning outside the window. Then, a child standing by the window in a round of wind and fire, wearing red clothes, and holding a piece of silk. I was shocked. "Little friend, don't be afraid, I am Nezha!" Hearing this sentence, I almost lost my chin: "Really? Can you play with me for a day?" "Yes, I'm bored!"


    I invited Nezha to my home and gave him many delicious and interesting treats. I turned on the TV and there were many villains in it. Nezha said, "What is that? I said," This is a TV. Every family has it! " "This rare thing still exists in the world!" Nezha said thoughtfully. We enjoyed watching TV for a long time.


    "Little friend, do you want to visit my home?" "Well, well!" I answered happily. Nezha picked me up and we flew to the sky with a bang.


    I gently stepped on the cloud with my foot. I felt as if I were a fairy. A fat figure came over. It turned out to be Taiyi Immortal. I ran to him and looked at him. He was tall and fat, and even his belly was exposed, "Xiao Yunyun, a guest is coming!" Immortal Taiyi smiled and said. Then, a Xiao Yunren jumped out of a cloud, and he poured out the immortal tea from his nose. I took a sip of it and felt cool, like flying in a dream fairyland. Immortal Taiyi took some more immortal peaches and said to me: "This peach, if you eat it, you can be as old as Tang Monk." 。 I ate a peach. It was different from the peach I usually eat, and it was very sweet.


    Nezha took me and took me to the East China Sea. At a glance, the East China Sea was fierce and the waves were flying in all directions. Nezha took out the Huntian Silk and led me into the East Palace. The soldiers in the Eastern Palace were all shrimp soldiers and fish guards. The Dragon King was firmly seated on the dragon chair. Nezha said nothing and threw away the Huntian Lingling. Many of the soldiers flew far away. I knew that Nezha was going to make trouble in the sea. I stopped him hurriedly: "Nezha, it's not good for you to do this! Besides, the guards didn't do anything to you. Please let them go!", When Nezha heard this, he sighed, put away the Huntian Ling, and said to me: "The child is right, too!


    In the evening, there was a party in Taialready's real family. Many immortals came, including the Monkey King, the invulnerable Huluwa, and the eight immortals who showed their magic. I sang and danced with them, and ate many delicious foods that I had never eaten.


    Time is always short, so I had to say goodbye to Nezha and them. Just as I was going to walk from the ladder of Guanyin to the mortal world, a familiar voice said: "Yuanyuan, Yuanyuan got up!" When I opened my hazy eyes, I found that my father was calling me. How I wish I could enter the dream again and play with Nezha for another day!






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