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    2022-11-17 16:43

    四年級記一次游戲作文400字 篇1


    One sunny morning, Miss Pan was going to take us to play a game of two people and three feet. When it comes to playing, I'm very happy. I still play games that I haven't played before. I dance and dance, and I want to play them right away.


    After class, we lined up and rushed to the gym.


    When we got there, Mr. Pan said the rules of the game and gave us a rope. When we are ready, we start the game.


    Hou Dingshuo and I tied the rope together, and we moved forward a few steps to the runway. I was trembling and sweating. Ding Shuo also trembled and stared at Teacher Pan for fear of not paying attention. After hearing the command, we walked forward hand in hand and shouted the slogan "One Two One, One Two One". The others stamped their feet and shouted, "Hurry up! Hurry up!". It took us a minute to reach the destination, the second one. We untied the rope and immediately handed it to the group members behind. Now I am relieved and have a rest. But Ding Shuo was not idle. Instead, he untied the rope and helped put it on the feet of the team members behind him. But the team members behind ran more and more slowly. They tried to run forward. Their feet would always fight and they would stop running. They did not agree or shout slogans. I'm very disappointed. Ding Shuo and I have wasted our efforts. At last we got the last place. Oh, I lost again.


    I think we must unite to win the first place. But it also made me unforgettable.

    四年級記一次游戲作文400字 篇2


    Today, we play the game of "chicken out of shell"!


    Hey hey, the rules of the game are: the teacher gives us a newspaper and two scissors. We use scissors to cut a hole in the newspaper so that people can drill through it, but the remaining frame should not be too thin. Because there will be a competition later? It's better to see which team gets through the hole first. Watch out! It's all the people! There must be four members in the first team. You can find them yourself.


    We began to cut a big hole. At first, we took the newspaper across. However, I found that if so, we had to cross sideways. It was not only inconvenient, but also easy to break the big frame. You should know that if you break the border, you will fail.


    So, finally, we choose the vertical border.


    We also found that the frame should be very low when it is out of style when it is upright. The person holding the frame should raise the frame a little while the teammates are slowly walking. The person who mentioned the border is me. Finally, I asked the person who just passed to help me.


    In this way, we beat both teams.


    However, the good times didn't last long. A group of people who were carrying the frame tried to use it on themselves, and soon passed. They won.


    Alas, there is heaven beyond the sky. There are mountains beyond the mountains! Why, I didn't think of this!

    記一次游戲 篇3


    123 Wooden Man


    Ding Lingling had a music lesson. The classroom immediately became quiet. A few minutes later, the teacher came into the classroom. She said, "Students, today the teacher forgot to bring a music book, or else! Let's play together today. One, two, three, wooden people!" The students said in unison, "OK".


    The game started. The teacher first led us to say the password in front of us. At last, the teacher agreed that it would take a minute and a half. We put out all kinds of actions. I looked at the group of students next to us. well! Ma Wenbo made a face. He pulled his eyes down with his hands and opened his mouth; I turned my eyes to my deskmate, Wen Yi. She put her hands on her chin, which made her look like a flower. She looked so beautiful. With her sweet smile, alas! It's perfect. Nobody can compare with it. As for me, when I played this game before, I either did the resting action or sat in a daze, because these two actions lasted the longest.


    This time, I put my chin on the table and waited for a long minute and a half. Half a minute later, the teacher said, "OK, let's stop for a moment. Let's have a look, Ma Wenbo." We looked back and said, "God, he cried!" My deskmate shouted loudly, causing everyone to laugh. Some even laughed on the ground, and some even touched their stomachs.


    Boys and girls, come and play this game! It will make you happy.

    記一次游戲作文400字四年級 篇4


    Childhood games


    Wu Hanxue


    Today, the teacher and we played an interesting wooden man game. He also wrote the rules of the game on the blackboard. As wooden men, we should not talk or move. We should not laugh. Let's see who has the best concentration. Then we started the game.


    Now, in the first round, we will be the wooden people and the teacher will be the teaser. I made up my mind that I should stick to it and not be teased by the teacher. But I was teased by the teacher at the last few stages. Then I went to tease others. Then I came to a wooden classmate and made a face. The classmate couldn't help laughing. When the teacher saw the classmate smiling, he said you lost, When the teacher saw the students laughing, he thought, I must send it to the class to record the students' happiness in school every day.


    Finally, the teacher said that the game was over. Now I will count the students who stuck to the end. We immediately sat down in the seats. There were several students who stuck to the end. I thought to myself, if I stuck to it at that time, I could be registered by the teacher. The teacher said that students who did not stick to the end should not be discouraged. The teacher hoped that you would do well in the next game.


    We really enjoyed the game this time.

    記一次游戲 篇5


    Knot the rope


    Today, Miss Yang brought us two ropes. I wondered to myself: Isn't Miss Yang going to tie us up?


    After the teacher explained, I knew it was a game! It was a false alarm. The teacher told us the rules of the game. He asked us to hold both ends of the rope with both hands, not loosen it, and then tie a knot to the rope.


    The game started. Kang Yuan came first. He wound the rope around for a while, as if he were doing magic; After a while, he shook the rope behind his head, as if stretching; For a moment, I hid my head under the table, as if I was stealing noodles. Then Fan Yiwen came up, holding the two ends of the rope with both hands. She rolled the rope and looked at it. The rope was back to its original shape. She tried again twice. As usual, she was a little worried. Her face turned red, her eyes narrowed, and her mouth pursed. Seeing her lovely appearance, I couldn't help laughing. It's no use worrying. We still have to find a way.


    Next, it's the teacher's turn to reveal the answer. She crossed her hands and held them in front of her chest. Then she pulled both ends of the rope up and down, and a knot came out.


    Although we failed to succeed, it taught us that there is a way to do everything. When things go wrong, we should explore from multiple angles to find effective methods.

    記一次游戲 篇6


    The morning before yesterday, we played a game called "stride".


    This game is played like this: two people in a group, two people "stone, scissors, paper", the winner can step forward, how many steps? Ha ha, let me tell you, two steps for scissors, five steps for cloth, and ten steps for stone.


    At the beginning of the game, I took the stone first, because I thought that if I won, I could walk 10 steps. As expected, the other side gave scissors, and I won. Ha ha, I said happily, "This is my thirty-six plan. It's better to start first." The opponent was also unwilling to be outdone and said, "Hum, you are lucky this time, but next time is not certain!" I am not willing to be outdone: "Then wait and see!"


    The second round of PK started. I think the other side will not be reconciled. If they will beat me with stones, I will definitely give the cloth. "Stone, scissors, cloth", ha ha, she did give the stone, I gave the cloth, and I won again.


    The third round of PK started. This time, I dare not underestimate the enemy. I pondered the other party's concerns. She, she, might guess that I will give scissors. If I haven't given scissors, he will give stones. Then I should give cloth! I think so. Sure enough, as I expected, she really threw a stone. I won. Three consecutive victories made me reach the finish line smoothly.


    Through this game, I feel happy physically and mentally, and I am floating when I walk.

    記一次游戲作文400字四年級 篇7


    I fell in love with jumping tendons


    Li Zhuxiao


    One morning, I came to school cheerfully with my schoolbag on my back. When I walked into the classroom, I looked around and found that many students in the class were playing "jumping rubber bands", including boys and girls. I was also interested in seeing them playing hard.


    As soon as school was over in the afternoon, I went to the sports shop and bought a dark purple leather band with patterns. When I got home, I put the rubber band on the leg of the chair and started to jump up: I first spread my feet on both sides of the rubber band, then jumped into it, then stepped on one with one foot, and then jumped to prevent the rubber band from leaving the sole of the foot, and kneaded the two together. Finally, I supported one side with the back of my foot, and jumped out with both feet, and it was finished!


    I smoothly completed this series of movements, then raised the rope and repeated the movements: double feet, single foot 1, single foot 2, foot open 1, foot open 2... Finally, I jumped all the gears once!


    The next day, I confidently joined the team of jumping tendons. During the game, I found that I was still not good at jumping, but I was very happy because I had another hobby. Since then, I have played with my classmates every day, and my skills have been improving little by little.


    By the time the teacher said I could play with the top, my jumping technique was three times as good as at the beginning. In the future, I think I will have many new hobbies, but I always keep this love of jumping tendons.

    記一次游戲四年級作文300字 篇8


    Grab a chair


    Author: Xuan Xuan


    Grab a chair的游戲,可是偏偏沒有叫我。我心急如焚,羨慕的眼光在所有選手身上都掃了一遍。


    As soon as the music sounded, the tense atmosphere immediately filled the classroom. One round was seven people with six chairs. They were busy with their hands and feet when they heard the music. Some people touch the chair with their hands while walking. They are really afraid that the chair will be stolen by others; Some people pretend to be calm, but in fact they are also flustered, peeking at the chair; Others have eyes, ears and confident expressions. Our audience also kneaded a sweat for each player on the stage, wondering who didn't grab the chair between them. As a result, Xiaojun lost and went down the stage blushing.


    Then the second round began. This time, there were six people with five chairs. They learned from the experience of the first round and thought they had a good chance. Unexpectedly, the teacher changed the music from fast to slow. Among them, five people thought that the music had stopped and sat down one after another. As a result, they were eliminated. We laughed and the rest of them won the championship, not to mention how proud they were.


    The game ended soon. Although I didn't participate in it, the happy smiling faces and hearty laughter accompanied me to spend a happy afternoon.

    記一次游戲 篇9


    I remember that my father once took my sister and me to play on the playground of a university. I suggested that the three of us play eagle catching chicks. They all agreed. After the election, I was the mother of chicks, my father was the eagle, and my sister was the chick. I made up my mind to protect the chicks, whether it was going to the sword mountain or the sea of fire


    The game started. The chicken hid behind me in a panic. I opened my arms and stared at the eagle. The eagle would turn left and right. I was ready to breathe a sigh of relief, and the eagle was still unwilling to be outdone. I quickly let the chicken run. After a while, the eagle was a little tired, and I asked the chicken to come back and hold my clothes. The eagle tried every means to catch the chicken. After more than ten minutes, The eagle still didn't catch the chick. The chick was behind me. He laughed loudly. No, the chick laughed too much. He let go carelessly. Ah, the eagle was going to catch the chick. I went to hold the chick quickly so that the eagle could not catch it.


    The game is coming to an end. He and the eagle still haven't caught the chicken. The chicken and I can't laugh or cry. The chicken said that the eagle couldn't catch the chicken, so he had to eat garbage. We laughed even more.


    This game not only exercises our reaction ability, but also pleases our body and mind. What a rewarding experience!

    記一次游戲 篇10


    Two people, three feet and one


    I remember when I was in the third grade, the girls in our class played the game of "two people and three feet".


    Guan Fan and I, Jiang Hanyu and Li Ruijie, started the game. I called "one two, one two". Guan Yifan and I soon reached the top, but Jiang Hanyu and Li Ruijie still reached the top first. They had to go back to the place where they started the game to win. So they were ahead for the time being. I whispered to Guan Yifan, "Let's hurry up. We can win if we hurry up!" So we are much faster. There are many female students running slowly behind us; Guan Fan and I have never fallen. However, Li Ruijie and her husband saw that they were going to be the first. They did not have the same pace, so they fell down. Guan Yifan and I took the opportunity to catch up. They got up and rushed forward, unwilling to be outdone. The teacher told us that the four students in the top two could get delicious lollipops. The lollipops were in the shape of popsicles. They were very cute. There were two groups of girls. The "two people and three feet" I played was the second round, so the four of us got lollipops, and the other students gave us envious glances.


    Happy time is always so short, this game really made me happy for a long time.













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