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    2022-03-27 09:37


    Whether in school or in society, everyone has been in contact with composition.With the help of composition, we can improve the ability of language organization.The following is the essay collected by Bian Xiao for everyone. Grandpa is so good.The following is collected by Bian Xiao for your reference. I hope to help friends in need.


    Grandpa has you so good composition one


    When I was a kid, my mother just gave birth to me, accompanied me to one year old, and went out to work.My mother took me to my grandmother's house.Since then, I have been impressed by the town I grew up.At that time, my uncle's child, my cousin, learned to the fifth grade together, she went to Nanjing!Grandma can only lie aside while sleeping at home.Of course, Grandpa was squeezed into another bed.In my memory here, Grandpa is very knowledgeable and talkative.


    I have always regarded him as the indicator of my life.From the first grade to the sixth grade, my math scores have never been so good, which made me have no interest in this discipline.In the first day of the first day, Grandpa specially guided it and determined to improve my performance.But things have not developed as expected. Life is so miserable. My grades have not improved, but Grandpa has not given up at all.I thought to me, Grandpa treats me like this, shouldn't I work hard?If you don't work hard, you don't know if you can.Every time there are questions, Grandpa will teach me in the simplest way. I admire it very much.


    Every time I learn, I feel that there are countless formula questions in my grandfather's stomach.If he can't think of a problem, he can come up with dreaming at night.It is not easy to be a man in this state.Not only learning, but also very full hobbies.I'm really speechless.I thought to myself: "I must study hard, so that my life will not be full of regrets, and Grandpa's hard work will not be wasted.


    Grandpa is my pride and my banner. He has been urging me and encouraging me.


    My grandpa, good cow!


    Grandpa has you so good composition two


    Memory is like a warehouse that stores every point of my life.Among them, the less obvious things made me feel deeply.


    On the Eleventh National Day, a brilliant night, the family reunited again.As one of them, of course I have to celebrate.That night, the three generations were in the living room, saying and laughing.I am very happy.I haven't seen my grandparents for a few months, but that is like Sanqiu.Unfortunately, the good times didn't last long, and the doom came quietly on my head ...


    After reunion dinner, I went to the bedroom happily.The middle space suddenly felt the pain under the feet, and was bitten by the cricket!Grandpa and grandma heard the news, and quickly dragged me into the bedroom to check me carefully.After watching for a while, they breathed a sigh of relief and said to me, "It's okay." I thought my grandparents would let me go, but they often asked me not to hurt, and tried to prevent me from doing danger.The more anxious they, the more I don't feel it.Until the breakup, they did not forget to remind me.


    When I got home, I suddenly remembered this incident. I cursed myself: Grandpa and grandma cared about me so much, but I ignored it and did not fulfill the responsibility of filial piety.For a week, I still feel guilty of this incident.


    Elders love us, we have to put their care of our words first.I hope that all students can respect the elders, make the elders less sad and angry, and let them enjoy the happiness of the family in their lifetime!


    Grandpa has you so good composition three


    My grandpa is seventy years old today.But the body is still very strong, not like an old man at all.It's really healthy and very energetic.Grandpa is still planting land, so my family eats himself.


    I have been to Grandpa's field, located on a small road, and Grandpa is very convenient for fertilizer pesticides.There is also a large ditch on the opposite side. It is not afraid of water without water, and it is convenient to drain.


    My grandfather not only planted fields, but also planted pineapple and lychee on the mountain.Every summer, my brother and I can always eat a big meal.We want pineapple and litchi to mature every day.


    Grandpa loves us very much, and often gives us some pocket money to eat.Grandpa is also very concerned about rice.I remember that once the wind was scratching, the rain snarled underground.Grandpa ran to the field in the middle of the night, fearing that the rain would hurt the rice.Another time, because it didn't rain for a long time, Grandpa went to the field from 7 pm to "take care of the water", fearing that others would lead the water to other places, and the rice died without water.So he stayed there.


    Grandpa and grandma often go to the mountains to pick up some firewood, because our family takes a bath with burning firewood.My grandma is also in her sixties.She cooks first!


    Grandma is like a "big clock".She wakes up at 6 am every morning, then wakes up to work in her father and uncle, and then wakes up her mother to cook, and finally wakes us to eat.


    My dear grandparents want them to be healthy and happy forever.


    Grandpa has you so good composition four


    One day, I saw an old man in Wuxi Village.The old man had gray hair, but he was still picking up trash.A beautiful girl fell, and her grandfather helped her with her hands.She said, "Take your dirty hand." The old man took away his hand.The girl stood up and took a picture with her hands and left.My classmates and I said: "Don't look at the girl who grows beautifully, but she is really ugly in her heart. Look at Grandpa again, the appearance is not beautiful, and the heart is beautiful!"


    Several classmates and I went to chat with my grandpa to know that his family was not wealthy, and there was a sick grandma at home.This grandfather used to be a staff member of a non -ferrous metal company and took about 1500 after retirement.Give his grandma for medicine, and give him grandma.I also pick up trash.My grandfather went to pick up trash every night at 8 pm.Once, I saw my grandfather arguing with the gatekeeper at the door.The guard thinks he is unreasonable.He said, "I'll go after picking up the garbage!"


    Soon, I saw my grandfather in front of the donation box to the poor areas.He has many change in his hands.When he put the money in the donation box, his smile was so beautiful.I fully understand that Grandpa picks up trash every day to help college students and children in poor areas, so that they have a new learning environment.


    Although the girl's appearance is beautiful, her heart is not beautiful.Grandpa is not afraid of suffering. In order to have a good learning environment for college students and children, pick up trash every day.You say you want to learn Grandpa. Grandpa is not afraid of suffering, thinking about the masses.


    Grandpa has you so good composition five


    Grandpa, I want to tell you.You are someone who picks me up every day.You work hard.thank you.


    I remember one time, and the rain was pouring in the rain. I thought to myself, "It's so big that the grandfather will come late?" But you didn't come late, but came early.I think you may come too early because you are afraid that I will get rain.Before getting on the car, put on a raincoat, and then send me home with an electric car.


    Another time, it was snowing in the sky.It happened to be on Saturday, I was going to dance classes.Grandpa sent me a dance class an hour in advance.I want to know why you took me to dance class so early.Maybe it's because I am afraid that I will be late ... Grandpa, you have worked hard!I will always remember your love for me.


    Grandpa has you so good composition six


    There are no rules, no round.-The inscription


    Just like the veins of the leaves, the family rules of each family are not exactly the same, but each family has its own rules.The home rules set by grandparents can be summarized in two words: diligent practice.


    When I was a kid, my grandmother told me to practice well.At that time, I nodded, and I didn't take my heart.Time flies like a meteor, and my text is becoming more and more attractive.My grandma advised me to write well, and I could see people's minds from my words.I still don't listen, I am alone.As a result, the teacher did not see my words very clearly. After deducting a few points, I opened my distance with the previous one, and I regretted it.Grandma was criticized by grandma.She told me to practice characters diligently every day. I want to practice two articles a day and go out to play through her approval.Since then, my handwriting has become dignified.


    Diligence is also reflected in another rule: get up early, read books in the morning, and review at night.I didn't like endorsement when I was a kid, but there were texts for each exam, and there were a lot of scores.I do well every time I do, but the silent writing is terrible, always five or six points.In order to cure my laziness, Grandpa settled a rule, got up early at six o'clock, and studied hard.It's still drowsy, but I have started reading a long time ago. I finished my homework at night and read until nine o'clock.It has been darkened from slightly, and you can eat after reading the book.When I got up early, I was always sleepy and my mood was not good.When I read it late, I will be sleepy.Sometimes I fell asleep.After adhering to the reading rules for a period of time, whether it is early or late reading, the energy is particularly full of energy and the grades are stable.I have also developed a good habit of previewing and reviewing.This good habit is very helpful to me.Many subjects later achieved good results.


    Family rules are a accumulation of family culture, which also reflects the spiritual value of the family and the ardent expectations of future generations.


    So there is no deep learning of my rules.It's just two words -diligence.


    Grandpa has you so good composition seven


    Grandpa Qian loves children.The children in our building know Grandpa Qian, and also love to play with Grandpa Qian.In the 30th year, Grandpa's house was very busy. The child of a building was busy at his house, waiting for him to make money.


    "Sit down, sit down, name!" There was a hole in the white beard, and a pair of calluses forced us to the sofa.


    Grandpa Qian's name is really special.He does not call the child's real name, but only calls his nickname.


    "Long bamboo pole."


    "Little loach."




    "small bug."

    “道~ ~”這個調皮的“小饞蟲”,給了我們京劇腔,讓我們開心的笑個不停。

    "Tao ~ ~" This naughty "little ravioli" gave us Peking Opera cavity and made us laugh happily.


    At this time, Grandpa Qian's jump issued a warning: "Wang, Wang, Wang, Wang-Wang!" However, the laughter was too loud and covered the jumping roar.Usually the "Rabbit Girl" is definitely frightened.


    "Okay, okay!" Grandpa Qian patted and asked, "Little grabbing": "Why, your mouth is like" Ancient "?"


    "No, I stood up, can he compare with me? He is temporarily stopping 'water'."


    "Hahahaha!" "The combination of the idea" laughed, and suddenly "banged", "餿 餿 餿" fell to the ground.Grandpa Qian said distressedly: "My poor building." Then he pointed at the "餿 idea head" who fell on the ground and said, "Be careful I deduct your New Year's money."


    After half an hour, Grandpa Qian took out a red envelope and sent it to us.I couldn't wait to open it, but it was a bunch of white paper."Grandpa Qian, New Year! Grandpa Qian, New Year!" Everyone made a noise.While I was interested, I suddenly took out a red envelope from Grandpa Qian's bag and shouted, "Sell the red envelope!" He threw the red envelope in the air and shouted, "Long live the grandfather!


    Suddenly, there was a voice in the house, "Long live the old man's grandpa!"


    Grandpa has you so good composition eight


    Everyone's life is worthy of thanks.Some people thank them for their good teachers. Some people thank them who are helpful. Some people thank their relatives. Some people thank their classmates ... The person I want to thank the most is my grandfather.


    My grandfather died when I was eight years old, but in these eight years, every minute I spent with my grandpa, my grandpa's love and teachings made me unforgettable.


    I remember when I was five years old, I was still a ignorant child.One day in autumn, Grandpa picked up a ginkgo leaf under the ginkgo tree and gave me a small crane.This crane is golden, so beautiful!With manual petiole, it still moves!I ran to Grandpa with joy and asked, "Grandpa, how did you do it?"


    Grandpa said: "It's simple. Do you want to learn? Grandpa teaches you."


    "Okay!" I was happy to follow my grandfather to the ginkgo tree in front of the yard.Grandpa picked up some ginkgo leaves, gave me some, and taught them handle.But after learning a few times, you can't learn it.I don't learn.At this time, Grandpa said to me, "Tong Tong, no one can learn at once. You have only learned for a while, but you can't give up!" I seemed to be persuaded by my grandpa.Indeed, I finally learned.


    The success of this moment made me understand more than just joy: give up, destined to fail; persistence will definitely succeed!


    Thank you, Grandpa.You let a ignorant child understand the truth of life, and let me go through twelve spring and autumn.Grandpa, rest assured!I will keep your teachings in mind!


    Thank you Grandpa!


    Grandpa has you so good composition nine


    At 3:05 am on April 14, Grandpa left.In the past, the small house full of laughter and laughter, without Grandpa, looked so quiet and frightened.I looked around the house sadly, and my eyes fell on my grandfather's big chair, there seemed to be a grandfather's laughter.I seemed to see Grandpa sitting in a big chair and greeted me in the past.I stroked Grandpa's head happily, and Grandpa smiled happily.How I want to go back to the past, but this is impossible.All my hopes have become black.Thinking of this, I couldn't help crying again.

    我一直盯著爺爺的身體,心想:爺爺剛睡著,他會醒的。但我知道這是不可能的。但是我還是接受不了現實。爺爺應該兩天后出院。(作文迷網 www.morocco-desert-tour-marrakech.com)

    I kept staring at Grandpa's body, thinking: Grandpa just fell asleep, he would wake up.But I know this is impossible.But I still can't accept reality.Grandpa should be discharged two days later.(Composition fan network www.morocco-desert-tour-marrakech.com)


    The tent was ready, the portrait was put, and the flower ring was bought ... I know that all this cannot be changed. Everything is destined to be destined. People's life and death cannot be determined by others.People always die, but I still hope that Grandpa can live for a few more years, and a few days after a few days, Grandpa is 84th birthday.I originally planned to buy a big cake for Grandpa, but I didn't expect ...


    Grandpa, don't leave!I miss you!



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