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    Today, mom and dad took me to the datang lotus park enjoy yuanxiao lantern show, colorful lights gorgeous!

    We saw the lights ablaze with lights, entering a door has a flying lantern, there are dragon lantern! Mother said: "this year is the year of the horse, so the horse is very much, don't look at these interesting, nice is yet to come!" White elephant colourful, along the way, I say: "that was a big elephant!" There is also a good big lanterns, it above the colored lights, next to the big red lanterns, there are a few small lanterns, looks very spectacular. The place where we went to see the water curtain movie, there is a column called "ziyun pavilion", we climbed to the top of ziyun pavilion looked at datang furong garden panoramic view of the beautiful scenery, beautiful! We are not ready to see the water curtain movie, because we have already seen it, we walked along the lake, opposite to the water curtain movie, there are many flying lantern, there is a dragon, I said, "isn't that what energizes, should be the dragon spirit." There are many interesting lantern, the most interesting lantern is strong baldheaded, bear and bear, they are playing football, I thought: "baldheaded should be strong and bear w brothers in football game!" Good play?

    After I watch the lantern show, the in the mind very happy, the Lantern Festival after, we also is going to accept false, is going to see my teachers and classmates, I am so happy!





    Today is the Lantern Festival, my grandfather took me to the Ocean Park, he said: "Ocean Park, there are many fish", then unable to buy a ticket and went in.

    Grandpa and I started a dolphin show that take the door, we are at the dolphin show place and my grandfather chose a place to sit down, dolphin show started in the first place is to let the dolphins jump up, and then throw a small hoop to go in the water, with the beginning of a wonderful! Uncle have a jump into the water and the dolphin show, uncle dolphins swim with the top of the head with his feet, and uncle special fast, uncle came to like skateboarding, on the back of the dolphin when uncle dolphins and put him on the top, the audience all applaud for them, show is over I went out and grandpa. Out grandpa and I saw a couple of milk to eat only fish, so I just bought a bottle for fish, once a big fish to the dropped the bottle mouth down into the water, I went to pick it up quickly.

    I also found there yellow snakes, lobster, shell, dinosaur bones, the great white whale, jellyfish, turtle, octopus, polar bear, arctic Wolf, penguins, sea snakes, grass carp,... I also see! Time the bell rang at noon I and grandpa to go, I really want to see for a while.





    after the spring festival, here comes the lantern festival. in china, people celebrate it on the lunar calendar fifteen. it symbolizes the short rest has come to an end after the spring festival; people need to get back to work with their best wishes in the brand-new year. we all celebrated this festival with plenty of food and fun. the most important and traditional food on the lantern festival is tang-yuan. with sweet and soft rice outside and peanuts or sesame inside, this little rice ball stand for the happy reunion, and the best wish for the whole families. apart from having dinner with parents and relatives, there are also lots of activities on that day. the lantern shows as well as guessing riddles are part of the lantern festival; and the most interesting part of the show is that the riddles are written on the lantern. after dinner, the whole families go to the lantern fair, to enjoy the happiness in this moment.

    in every city, there are always a main street known for its lantern fair, on that special day, the street will become as bright as daylight in the night with myriads of lanterns and streams of spectators. at this moment, the happiness in the heart is beyond all deion. by watching various lanterns, eating sweet tang yuan, and hanging out with the people we love, thinking of the bright future in front of us. it’s worth everything.

    happy lantern festival!





    Happy New Year aren't in the past, the Lantern Festival. I am excited and looking forward to it's getting dark. In the evening, early supper, my father to accompany me to go to the lantern.

    Enter a gate, I was impressed by a red lanterns. Lanterns are the four most beautiful women in ancient: Yang, wang zhaojun, sable chan and xi shi, the moving posture they make every person who watch the tut praise good. Move on, and I will think of a children's song: "one boy is a boy, two boys half a boy, three boys no water to drink." See the three boys cry sigh, I couldn't help laughing. This story also tells us a truth, do look beyond their own private interests, pushed around the result is nothing. So, whatever we do, we are of others, to put a little generous.

    Across the small stone bridge, I see a beautiful peacock in corner, saw it slowly unfold its beautiful feathers, a lot of tourists can not help a deep sigh of "wow" and "wow". To the other side of the river is two dragon boat, with a "leap" in the middle, two fish kept jumping before, and if really jumps the gantry. Go forward again, the scene is spectacular. Only nine shape with different color dragon churning the fly to the sky, a sign of the explosion of China. Our country will be prosperous day after day!

    Have seen lanterns, we went home. Walk the road, I think: next year's lantern certainly is better than this year!






    lantern festival is a china’s traditional festival. it is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar year.

    i,antern festival is one of the biggest holidays in china. several days before lantern festival, people begin to make lanterns. lanterns are made in the shape of different animals, vegetables, fruits and many, other things. while making lanterns people usually write riddles on lanterns. on the eve of lantern festival, all the lanterns are hung up.

    on lantern festival people go outside to have a look at the lanterns and guess the riddles on the lanterns. perhaps you call see some wonderful folk performances,dragon dance and yangko. everything is very interesting and everyone is very happy. our life is rich and varied.















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