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    My future composition compilation 15 articles


    In studying, work or life, everyone always contacts composition. The composition can be divided into narrative, explanation, application, and dissertation according to the different genre.I believe that writing is a problem that makes many people headaches. The following is my future composition carefully compiled by Xiaobian. Welcome to read and collect.



    My name is Renzhuang Town Middle School.In recent years, I have undergone tremendous changes. From the past, the tattered teenagers have changed, and they have become a young man wearing a show.

      走進校門,機器人為我站崗,同學們一來,“機器人”就向他們問好“Good morning"。

    Entering the school gate, the robot stood for me. As soon as the classmates, the "robot" asked them "Good Morning".


    Go forward, jump into your eyes is a row of emerald green pine, which is germinating, symbolizing that it will be better tomorrow.Follow the spacious avenue, go straight to the playground.There are large basketball venues and various game tools on the playground.Thinking of the previous "I" was really bad.In the past, "I" did not have a wide playground, and a narrow venue had to accommodate hundreds of people, and even people were in difficulties.Under the hot sun, and the smell of smelling in the toilet, the feeling cannot be expressed.

      “我”現在的成功,都是因為經濟的發展。在共產黨的領導下,把“我”打扮的花枝招展?!拔摇毕?,在以后 “我”會更加的艷麗。

    The success of "I" is because of economic development.Under the leadership of the Communist Party, the flower branches dressed in "I" are exhibited."I" thought, "I" will be more gorgeous in the future.


    In the future, "I" will still settle my hometown on the moon!You can see me from a distance.


    Tour the school gate, along a avenue full of flowers, enter the playground that cannot see the margin.There are various game tools on the playground, all of which have never been seen before.When the children get out of class, they wanted a group of happy little angels to come out of the gate.Running to the playground was full of fun, full of laughter.Famous expensive flowers and plants are planted in the lawn next to the playground.These are scientifically cultivated.Whenever the night comes, the staff of the computer room presses the electric New, and the above plants will automatically land on rainwater. This rainwater contains rich fertilizers.Plants absorb rainwater and grow up, providing rich resources for human beings.


    The robot reported class, and a group of happy groups flew back to the classroom on the 100th floor opposite the playground.The elevator passes directly on the 100th floor.This elevator reaches a layer in a second. Every time the layer is reached, the elevator has a lighter voice: "Hello, now it has reached the ×× floor, please come to the classmates to go down the stairs."


    Entering the classroom, spacious and bright.Each student has a high -end computer that can be done at any time.The teacher is a robot. He usually does not need to prepare lessons. You can also talk about the class after class.


    "I" thought that after decades, this was not a dream, but reality."I 'eager for this day.



    In the future, I want to be a designer to design our school into a modern, multifunctional, and garden -like school.


    As soon as we enter our campus, a large color screen appears in front of your eyes. When you haven't figured out what it is, there will be a person who is handsome, beautiful, and wearing a pair of black sunglasses.He is the principal of this school. He said enthusiastically: Hello, Hao Shizhao, hello.You will also see the physical field I designed. There are football fields, basketball courts, table tennis courts, race, and colorful flowers around the campus often open in four seasons, and the cheerful little fish swims carefree.


    Entering the classroom, you will find that the tables and chairs I designed are very different from the current tables and chairs. According to your height, if you are too tall, he will put you behind. If you are too short, he willPut you in front.Moreover, there is a blackboard in the southeast and southeast of the classroom. Each lesson changes the blackboard lecture. In this case, students do not always have to change their seats.The blackboard does not need to be wiped, and it will automatically become clean.The teacher's studio is also multifunctional. The teacher is tired of his homework, and the chair will automatically extend two hands to massage the teacher.


    From now on, I must study hard and work hard for my ideals.


    Two Grade II: Hao Shizhao



    Since I was a child, I have a dream for my future, hoping to have a stage that I dream of in my heart, which can show my best side.Dad, mother and mother thought I was just a moment of hard work, but they didn't know that I had been working silently in my heart!I want to drive to the goal I hope!


    I'm about to take the exam soon. My thoughts are like a mess, cutting constantly, and chaotic.The future is very long, and people's life will inevitably bump.But in my eyes, as long as you never give up, the dream of the future will definitely be realized.


    Success came out step by step, and the future of the future was created.We need to climb, and we need to travel. If we are not careful, there will be a danger of falling.


    The future of the future is the way of everyone's longing.Everyone wants to go out of an unusual success.But success is not so easy, it requires our constant efforts, hard work, and progress.Facing difficulties; in the face of danger; facing failure; I will not be discouraged!The ancients said: "Heavenly descending the big people, he must first suffer his mind, work hard, hungry his body, and lack your body ..." This sentence has explained this truth.We can succeed in defeating setbacks and suffering.


    There are many celebrities in history, and they have chosen this brilliant path.Like the great inventor Ai Disheng, he could not succeed without working hard.Like the great musician Beethoven, if it was not climbing on the road of music, he would not compose a symphony that shocked the world.If the famous novelist Jin Yong is not climbing on the road of literature, he will not write many colorful martial arts masterpieces, which will be popular all over the world.


    On the road of life, we continue to develop and continue to work hard.This is the moment when our teenagers choose their own life.Human life is like a flood, and it is difficult to splash beautiful waves!What are we still hesitating?Strive to rush forward, classmates!


    For our future, for our life, work hard!


    yeah!My future, I am the master!



    Now I am a student who has entered high school.It has been more than three months since the first year of high school, but I have not planned a recent goal for myself, which makes me feel very depressed.The learning tasks in high school are also much heavier than the learning tasks in junior high school. Fortunately, after dividing the subject, the learning tasks have been reduced a lot, but it still cannot be slacked, because once you slack, your learning progress will fall, and you will be with you with you.Students standing on the same starting line opened the distance, even if they caught up later, they paid several times more effort than him!Why not let yourself rise from now, learn knowledge from now on so that you will not regret it.


    My future is in my own hands. My destiny is not the so -called "holding in the hands of God", not the "arrangement in the meditation" in the ancient saying, but that I have worked hard and work hard.Determine your own destiny and come to your own life.If I do n’t have a plan for my future, a goal, and a way to happiness, I will lose my good future and beautiful life in the future. As a result, I may make myself live hard."".


    Therefore, I should have a plan for my future, a sunny avenue suitable for myself, so as not to let my future myself regret it!In my future, my road has come out of myself. Although there are difficulties and frustrations on the way, sometimes it will make people frustrated and decadent!However, as long as you stick to your teeth and persist in the road you choose, you will see the hope and beauty tomorrow, and you will also draw a beautiful end to my people.


    But this "period" is not a easily "painting" of the New Year's Eve, but to get this "end" after effort to get the sweat.Get the "monster monsters" on the road.You need to "show the magical power" to eliminate it before you can reach the end of your life.Although my future is determined by myself, there is no way for you, and it is difficult to have that "end".


    My future, my road has been sailing from now on, and the way to my heart is not regretted!



    There are many things to do in their lives, playing, studying, and working, and they are busy every day, but some people really do these things happily.If people are very happy to do something, I think it is to chase their dreams.


    At the age of five or six, what I like most is to paint. Every day, I paint, draw this, draw that, and draw paintings that I can't understand.So my mother reported to me for a summer tuition class.The tuition class was very close to my house. I arrived early every time I arrived, and I painted it when I was free.I remember the teacher was very good to me, and gave me a painting book and a few pencils. She said, I am very talented.


    Later, the summer was about to end. We held a test. I got a hundred points, and I was very happy.However, I went to elementary school, and my time was much tense than before, so I never went.


    At three levels, my neighbor Xiaoting liked dancing very much. Once, she pulled me to her tuition class. I saw her skirt flipped up and down, like a beautiful butterfly, so I reported it.name.


    In the next few years, I spent my legs and practice.At that time, I thought it was also good to be a dancer.Until my elementary school graduated from junior high school, I didn't even want to come out every holiday, let alone dance.


    However, during that period, I fell in love with another thing -writing.


    I still remember that it was a summer. A female writer came to our school to give a speech. Although many students did not know her, her speech was very successful. I also received a signature book.After a period of rest, we asked her a lot of questions, and she also told us many stories when writing.She said she liked writing for a long time. She wrote a diary every day. Later, many of her writing inspiration was found from the diary.I also bought a book to write a diary to record daily chores.


    Now, I rarely pick up the colored pen and no longer wear dance shoes; but I still hold this neutral pen, record the feelings, and write a lot of life. I think I need it in my future life.It is not just a dream.



    In the Chinese class, the teacher suddenly asked me: "What is your dream?" I was blank, and I didn't know how to answer this question for a while.I once had my own dream, and I had to start from a kid.


    When I was an early childhood, I would like to be a singer in the future. I can stand on the dazzling stage and sing a moving song for everyone to applaud and applaud me.


    Time passed so fast, in a blink of an eye, I became a third -year elementary school student.I listen to the teacher in the classroom every day, watching the teacher's prestige and chic look. From then on, I had the idea of wanting to be a teacher when I grew up, and to nourish these cute children with sweet dew.Letting children absorb the nutrition of dew, and when they grow up, they will not go astray. They can have a successful career.


    In a blink of an eye, I was in the fifth grade. I read a paragraph of Grandma Bingxin. "The flowers of success, people are often admired by the current bright and bright, but at the beginning, its buds were soaked in the tears of struggle, full of sacrifice with sacrifice.Blood rain! "Yeah, as the saying goes:" One minute on the stage, ten years off the stage. "If you want to have a successful career in the future, you must study hard and work hard.


    I think: If I want to be a calligrapher when I grow up, then I should practice calligraphy hard since I was a child, and repeatedly practice according to the teacher's teaching method; if I grow up and want to be a dancer, I have to do some lower waist since I was a child.Some basic actions such as rollover, turning over, and so on to exercise the flexibility of the body; if I grow up and want to be a teacher, then I should fight in seconds from now on.Then, then, then


    Dreams are beautiful, reality is cruel. The flowers of dreams must be moisturized and baptized by the wind and rain to bloom beautifully.I think that only dreams are not enough. I should study hard now and make progress every day to prepare for future dreams and make my future shine. I firmly believe that my future is not a dream!



    "Haha, finally succeeded!" A while cheered from my home for a while ... ...


    Five months ago, because I was eager to know what my future was, the whole family worked hard to create this "time shuttle" together.


    The camera has turned back to now, I can't wait to turn on the edge, enter 20xx years, and refer to me who is looking for the future.The shuttle "bombarded" was started.There is a door in front of me ...


    "", I was transmitted to 20xx.A handsome young man came over to me. He said to me, "Are you before, right?" I immediately answered him excitedly: "You are me in 20xx?"Back to his mansion.As soon as I saw his mansion, I was surprised.I haven't seen such a big house yet!He told the current situation of "I": young and promising, becoming the top 100 in the list of Chinese rich people, everything is extremely enviable.I saw his situation and returned to the present with satisfaction.


    After returning, I almost jumped into the sky!After Dad and Mom saw me, they knew what I was like in the future.After this incident, I became extremely arrogant, proud, and complacent, and I didn't care about everything. Even my favorite learning and reading was put down.However, I don't care about it all, because my future is so beautiful.


    One day, I suddenly thought about it, and I had to see my future.I went to the future again, but this time, it was not a young and handsome guy who came to pick me up, but a broken beggar.As soon as he saw me, he rushed up and held my hand and said, "Study hard! I beg you!"


    I immediately returned to the present: the beauty of the future is the result of hard work now!



    The future is the infinite vision after mediocrity; the future is the unremitting pursuit of dreams; in the future, it is a unwilling spiritual sustenance.In the future, it is expected to be touched and drifting away.Akimid said, "Give me a fulcrum, I can pry up the entire earth." I said, "Give me a coin, I can throw my future, my way."


    Standing at a crossroads, we are always difficult to choose. Perhaps in the eyes of others, my future is a wayless way, but I have no regrets youth.My ideal is to be a kindergarten teacher. Why do I like this profession?Because I think children's teachers are the most sacred occupations in the world. They are the first lessons of young children and the second educator. They have made great contributions to human education. Of course, all of them are superficial phenomena.EssenceI just want to be a rural branch.


    I was born in the countryside and my family was ordinary.The kindergarten is just a rubble room in my impression. It has been hit by wind and rain all year round. A few tables, lack of arms and legs, a stove, dirty bugs rush around, a teacher, the number of words, all the wordsTong also.The backwardness of the countryside also drives the backwardness of education. At that time, it was limited to Chinese and mathematics. The so -called games, piano, and dance were unheard of.When you grow up, look at the outside world, and you know that children in rural areas have long been out of the track of this era. They lose on the starting line than their peers and live at the bottom of society.More volunteers.


    I believe that knowledge changes fate.When I return to my studies, I must enrich the life of rural young children, multiple forms, multiple contents, and culture.First of all, applying for fund subsidies from the country, buying some necessary equipment, such as electric steel and children to learn piano is essential. Even if there is only one piano, it has a great impact on their future.It is also suitable for children to take dance classes. My requirements are not high. I just hope that they can receive equal education. I just want to use my future to create their beautiful future.



    Why isn't my future a dream?Because I want to study hard, work hard, I don't work hard after growing up!


    I have a lot of dreams. When I was young, I had to be a painter, which was too far away.In the first grade of elementary school, I have to be a teacher. I think the teacher "rule" us so many people is too prestigious!The idea is too narrow!When I wanted to dance in the second grade, my mother reported to the dance class outside!After practicing for a long time, I don't want to learn it anymore, it's a bit half -way!In the third grade, I fell in love with the flowers and wanted to be a gardener. My dad bought a flower pot for me. I planted a stars and bought a pot of jasmine with a faint fragrance!I planted Fengxianhua myself, and the balcony became the world of flowers!Be a small gardener, not satisfied!By the third grade summer vacation, when is the fourth grade, what is my dream?

      不過,我還是相當一個科學家!科學家要懂很多知識,:比如說牛頓的蘋果砸頭,都可以總結出吸引力!愛因斯坦的相對論…… 有好多好多,看的我頭都大了!所以我決定不當科學家了!當一名別的有也挺好的!

    However, I am still a scientist!Scientists need to understand a lot of knowledge, such as Newton's apples to hit their heads, they can summarize attractiveness!Einstein's theory of relativity ... There are many and many, I have seen my head!So I decided to improper scientists!It is also good to be a other thing!


    What is it?This problem has been turning around in my mind. Until one day, I went to travel with my mother. I saw a few tour guides, and I wanted to be a tour guide again!Turning around in a beautiful tourist attraction every day, there is no need to pay tickets! It's great!Every time I am very envious of those tour guides!But the tour guide said, "We look too boring when we see these places. Every time I hear me, I want to go to talk, my head is doubled!"


    "Really?" I questioned his words.


    "Yes, right! Every time I turn around here, it looks very boring! Just like you read a very beautiful book, but you keep reading, after reading it over and over again, you have to tell itCome out! Say you dry your mouth, see you bothering! "Other tour guides echoed" Oh, so! "I said," But of course, people who love traveling like me will certainly not feel boring! "


    The tour guide also said, "Oh, no, you are coming for the first time, and you are still very interested, but come again and keep coming, see if you are interested!" I was thinking: Is this that?How happy when the tour guide!In a beautiful scenery, even if I keep talking, I will not feel boring!Alright, I want to be a guide, I won't shake whatever!


    My future is not a dream, I will work hard to be a guide!



    Everyone has a dream future.My dream is to be a traveler in the future.


    Maybe you don't know what travelers are, hey, let me know everything to tell you.


    The so -called travelers are people traveling everywhere.Of course, this is my understanding.


    Next, let me tell you about my future day!


    In a blink of an eye, I came to Antarctica.I bought a popsicle (strawberry flavor) in Antarctica.Just when I was playing with ice, I saw my good friend Sun Lin.She stood in front of a high -rise building and smiled at me. My mouth was shocked to put an egg (because the building was enough for 3900 meters high), so I ran over and asked her, "Why are you here? Who is this building?How? "She said proudly," I came three months ago. I was built in this building, how about it? "I said," It's high! "" But, don't you just see in front of you.Oh, I met a group of soil people on the way, and I played with them for three days and three nights before winning. You see, when I came, the motorcycle was caught by them. "Say.


    I looked at her motorcycle and said, "Isn't this quite new?"


    "This is what I bite my fingers."


    "Then this building ..."


    "Ao, this building is covered by my new research agent with my new research."


    "You are so cow! I want to go swimming in the Nile River! Bye!" I said as I put on flying shoe (it was grabbed from a garbage. Crazy).At this time, I heard someone calling my name, and I yelled, "Who".Then I felt that someone twisted my ears.I rolled down from the bed.


    Cough!It turned out to be dreaming!


    I hope it will be true in the future!


    My dream is okay!What about you?



    I think that the future is a high cloud, green grass.The beautiful environment has attracted more animals to settle here, and the cute little animals jump and jump, and the forest is full of vitality and laughter.Future pollution will also be greatly reduced, let us breathe fresh air ...


    In the future, houses are not made of bricks, but they are made of special environmental protection materials and can be moved at will.If you want to travel, you can reduce the house into your pocket. When you reach the destination, you only need to be a combined button, and the house will be automatically combined.In the future, the house is easy to carry and is agile. As long as an earthquake or flood occurs, it will dodge the first time and automatically rise. You can live in it without worrying ...


    I love music, my ideal is to grow up as a singer, so that our hearts are immersed in joy, relaxation and beauty.If there is no music in life, it is like a flower without color.


    When I was a kid, I liked watching TV series very much. I also wanted to be an actor. Each actor's role was different and character.In the process of acting, I realize the emotions of my role in the play, so as to be helpful or inspired.


    Now I want to be an excellent host.Give joy and happiness to everyone, and share everyone's happiness! Today I am fortunate to preside over the "Huizhou Micro Shadow Section" of the Hefei story leisure channel.


    "My future is not a dream, I am serious every minute." In short, the future is brilliant, and the future is also advanced. We must study for a better future!



    There are many car brands today, and various luxury cars are endless.Classmates, what kind of car do you like?Is it Ferrari or Bugatti, or Porsche and Lamborghini?Haha, if you are still these cars, you are out!I invented a new car and named it the future of the future.Let me introduce this new car!


    Nowadays, cars are used as fuel, so many cars in the world.Bringing the problem of global fuel shortage.And my future star can solve this problem well.It uses solar energy and wind energy to launch the engine.On a sunny day, the sun can continue to send power to the car. If it is at night or rainy days, then there is no need to worry about it. The solar energy stored during the day can continue to be used.It really does not work. Wind energy can also be used as a supplementary energy to ensure the normal driving of the car.Look, my future star is convenient and environmentally friendly.


    The operation of future stars is also particularly humane.If the owner is tired, you can directly enter the destination, and my future star can take you to the place you want to go safely and accurately.In the future, there is also a powerful auxiliary function. When you encounter a traffic jam, it can extend a small wing to fly over to save time for you, and even cross the water road. Of course, water should not be too deep!


    My future star can also understand the owner's mood, it can change the color according to the owner's anger.If the owner's mood is particularly good, it can still change to colorful!


    Unfortunately, my future star is just a dream.But I believe that as long as I study carefully, I will definitely invented this best car in the future!



    The night fell, flashed in the vast night sky., I gradually entered the dreamland ...


    I dreamed that I am a world -renowned clothing designer.Recently, several novel multi -function clothing has been designed


    The first new product is the "baby brand" children's clothing.As long as children wear such clothing, they can prevent abduction.If the child meets the traffickers, as long as the traffickers meet the children's clothes, the clothes will send a radio signal.The police can know the specific position of the child, and they will immediately drive to the capture of the criminals.


    The second new product is the functions of "healthy longevity cards" elderly clothing!As long as the elderly wear it, they can prevent various diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, aged rheumatic diseases, and heart disease; he is not afraid of dirty, and waterproof, effectively remove mud dots and oil.It can also make the elderly healthy and longevity. There are many functions like this!


    "Ding Ling Bell, Ding Ling Bell ..." The alarm clock on the bedside awakened me. I slowly opened my eyes and found that I was sleeping in the room.Oh, it turned out to be a dream!I was facing the rising sun in the East, and said silently: "That is definitely not a dream. In the near future, I will definitely let it realize!"



    After rising into junior high school, the pressure feels bigger!I feel like I am different from everyone since elementary school. I think my grades can't keep up with everyone. I have been trying to catch up, but I am tired, I give up, I gave up when I was in the sixth grade of my elementary school.I don't matter how hard I work hard, I can't catch up with those classmates with excellent grades, so I don't want to continue to work hard.


    Ascending to junior high school, I still have the same mentality as the sixth grade. After finishing junior high school, I suddenly woke up until I was in the second semester of junior high school. I found that if I live in such a dayWhat should I do in my future?Isn't your future choice?I asked to peck myself like this, so I met the nobleman in my life. He told me: "No one's life will not encounter folding and difficulties, but just depends on whether you want to solve it."It turns out that I have been escaping, and these problems have not been resolved, so I picked up the book and started to study hard. I don’t know if I still have a hurry, because we have to set foot on the battlefield for the last year and a half.It is to determine which school for the school in the future. I also desperately wanted to enter the class A of our school, but I was really not enough, but I would not give up so easily., But you will never succeed if you don't work hard.


    Her your future in your own hands, live for yourself, continue to work hard!I am looking forward to my future!



    Many question marks are made into my dream. For this dream, I desperately explore because I know that my future will no longer be a dream. I will use these question marks to weave my question mark dream colorful color to draw my dream for this dream.Active progress is because I know that my future will no longer dream. I will use these colors to weave my colorful dreams of black and cute notes to form my dream for this dream. I work hard. I know that my future will no longer be a dream.


    I will use these notes to weave my music dream what your dream must be beautiful because it is our longing. The ideal and the master Chen Anzhi of the Higher my country incentive Chen Anzhi said: "Everything in life comes from my own decision." That's the decision, so I can't be abandoned halfway.

      一天, 我坐在陽臺上,雙手托腮,沉思著。

    One day, I sat on the balcony, holding my cheeks with both hands, and pondering.


    At this time, my mother came over and asked, "Qilin, what are you going to stay?"


    I replied, "You don't understand! I am planning a better future."


    Mom asked: "What a wonderful future do you want, let me listen."


    I said: "I want to study hard, train hard, go to the United States to play blue balls in the future, and be an excellent star to win glory for the country."


    Mom asked again: "When you have a hard training, have you ever thought about giving up training."


    I raised my chest and said confidently, "No, never."


    Mom said, "Why?"


    I said: "Because my future is decided by me, since I decide, I can't be abandoned halfway. And during training, I was so hard, so serious, I still practiced twice more than others. How could it be?Give up easily! "


    Mother went on to say, "If you fail in the future, will you regret it?"


    I said, "I won't regret it. Because this decision was decided. Failure to get up again and start from scratch."


    In the end, my mother said, "Okay, your confidence is so great, Mom believes you will realize your good future."













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