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    Ant fairy tale composition 6 articles


    Ant fairy tale composition 6 articles,僅供參考,希望能夠幫助到大家。

    螞蟻童話作文 篇1


    A old tree next to the river is saying goodbye to the leaves.


    The old tree said with a leaf named Xiaoye: "Xiaoye, really reluctant to be. Other leaves shake around my head, playing, and playing, only you are the most obedient."


    Xiaoye said quickly: "This is destined, I must take risks. Maybe when spring arrives, everything recovers, and you will grow up like me on your head." Lao Shu nodded.


    Suddenly a strong wind made the branches messy.The leaf was blown into the river, and the endless river rushed the leaf to the distance.


    "Great! My water trip began!" Xiaoye said excitedly.


    At this time, such a sound came from the ant cave: "General Little Black, I ordered you to go out of the hole to find the winter food!" The Ant King said.


    "No problem! Make sure to complete the task!" A ant said.


    When General Xiao Hei was looking for food, he accidentally fell into the river. Fortunately, Xiaoye rescued him.So Xiao Hei and Xiaoye walked together.


    On the way, they met the geese.A big geese said, "Where are you going?" Xiaoye said, "I take Xiao Hei to find food."


    Finally, in a dense forest, Xiao Hei found two pieces of cakes.He quickly called the ant army to move food.


    In the end, Xiao Heiyuan completed the task, and the leaf continued to travel.

    螞蟻童話作文 篇2


    One day, the family went to eat a picnic and brought a large watermelon to cut five slices and four people.The family was full and kept a piece.


    Suddenly, I saw a large watermelon.I shouted, "Brother Hat! Brother, come over, there are good things here!" The hat brother hurried over and said, "Wow! Move it back to eat! The hat girl!" "You only ask me to move me to meHow could it be moved. "The hat girl said angrily.The hat brother said, "Then I will come first, I wo n’t be able to help me." I said, "This is almost the same."


    Then, the hat brother pushed it with his hand and couldn't push it.With the top of the ass, no.Kick with your feet, or not.The hat brother said, "Hey! Why not come to help me!" Hats three and hat four helped.


    At this time, I didn't help with the hat girl.I ran to call my companions.I said, "Hey! Follow me, I saw good things! Hurry up!" All ants rushed up to follow me.When I came, everyone said in surprise, "This is the Red Iceberg!" Everyone's saliva fell down.


    After that, the hat brother said, "Don't stun the help!"


    Then, everyone quickly acted, acting as water.Brother the hat said, "Hey! Hey! Hey! How can you eat your saliva and I sweat!" Everyone listened to the hat, and they were busy while swallowing.The hat brother said, "You are not disgusting, I can't stand it! How are you serious!"

      最后,帽子妹去找蛋殼和人的頭發帽子妹拿了這些東西。帽子哥說:“帽子妹你別玩了快來幫忙??!” “我沒玩”帽子妹說?!澳悴煌婢凸帧泵弊痈缯f。帽子妹不服就說:“我是給你們看!”大家都按帽子妹說的。帽子哥驚呆了。帽子妹得意地說:“你看你看,你服了吧?!贝蠹易鐾炅?,帽子哥生氣地說:“走!回家!”

    In the end, the hat girl went to find the egg shell and the human hair hat girl to take these things.The hat brother said, "Don't play with the hat girl, come and help!" "I didn't play" the hat girl said."You are blame if you don't play," said the hat brother.The hat girl said, "I show you!" Everyone said according to the hat girl.The hat brother was stunned.The hat girl said proudly, "Look at you, you can do it." Everyone finished, the hat brother said angrily, "Go home!"


    In the end, there are watermelon at home.What should I do with the last point?Of course, go to eat!If you are busy, you must rush to eat.Everyone eats full.Sleeping for a day.The next day, everyone asked, "What about the watermelon skin?" The hat girl replied, "Be a slide." Everyone said, "Yes! Why didn't you expect it?"

    螞蟻童話作文 篇3


    In the past, there was a very naughty little ant, because the little ant was naughty, so it was named "Noisy".


    I was alone at home, and because I was stuffy at home, I went out to play.Outside, I met another little ant, and the little ant said to him, "There is a large cave in a distant place, and there are many flavored foods hidden in the big cave."The little ant also said, "It's true, if you don't believe it, you can go and see."


    So, there was a travel bag on the trouble and was ready to walk towards Daeda, but another little ant stopped him and said loudly: "You can't go. I heard that there are many unpredictable bumps and difficulties on the road.It is very dangerous, as if it is said that there are ants beasts, giant spiders, and various insects. Anyway, there are no back there. "Know. "This little ant's little ant really had no ability to stop him, so he had to let him go.


    I started a treasure hunting journey, and I also tasted the hardships of the wind meal, and the hardships day and night.Along the way, I still remember the terrible beasts that the little ants who had a good intention, so I was always vigilant at all times. Every time I walked for a while, I observed the surroundings very carefully, but fortunateAlways courage, I didn't feel scared at all.


    After a few months, I could finally see the mountain, and the noise was a little exhausted, so I stopped, leaned on a large stone to rest, and said, "It should be a few more days before you can get.As soon as I finished speaking, there was a rustling sound sounded from the ears, and I turned around at noisy, and it was unexpected. A ants beast was approaching themselves slowly.I didn't dare to hesitate, sprinkled long legs and ran, ran to a road, giant spiders saw the noise again, hitting the noisy sides, and thought: I don't know how to get out of the danger? "But the cave is just ahead, you can't give up!


    So, with a noise, he came up with a wonderful good idea, and then he turned around, stretched out his tongue to the ants and beasts, and said loudly, "Come and catch me!"The tongue was beating, but the noisy flashed, not holding it, but hit the giant spider, and the giant spider also ran towards an ants and beasts. As a result, the two beasts hit.Taking advantage of this opportunity, I hurried into the cave and entered the eyes of the cave. There were indeed many foods with endless flavors.Hurry up and leave this dangerous place!


    A few months later, the noisy finally returned home. After seeing the troubled parents, she was worried and happy. What was happy is that the noisy was finally returning home, and she took many flavored food home.What is worried about is not to be injured in trouble. Seeing the appearance of him, he knows that the noise must be tired.Later, his parents listened to his experience and quickly applauded. Since then, the trouble has become their local hero, big celebrity.


    This is the treasure hunt of this little ant.

    螞蟻童話作文 篇4


    One summer morning, the weather was clear, and the blue sky was floating in white clouds.In the insect village, the little insects are busy, some are singing, and some 'dancing ...


    There is a curved river in the village, and the water in the river is very clear.There is a lush tree beside the river, and the trees are full of green grass.A little ant came to the river, and it wanted to go to the other bank of the river to find a good friend.However, there are no bridges or boats on the river. What should I do?When the little ant was in a hurry, a breeze was blowing, and several leaves fell on the river.The little ant thought of a good way, and he called it happily: "I have a boat, there are boats." The little ant picked up a small branch, gently stood on the leaves on the water, and checked the leaves.Cross the river.


    Little ants soon saw their good friends, and they had a good time.

    螞蟻童話作文 篇5


    A long time ago, only ants and big green worms existed.The development trend of ants was rapid, and it didn't take long for the army and weapons and equipment to have armored chariots.The big green worm gradually has the army, but the scale of operation is not large, and the generals are very small.

      一天,一只螞蟻對大青蟲說:我們都是最強勁的。因此 青蟲國決策發兵征討螞蟻國。

    One day, a ant said to the big green worm: We are all the strongest.Therefore, the Green insect country decisions sends troops to conquer the ant country.


    The Green Infrastructure Army sent a hundred soldiers to conquer, and the Ant country sent one thousand people to face the battle.The battle began, and the Ant country came out many red troops to fight the heart of 50 soldiers.It made a cannon fodder, and then hit the green worm army. Gradually, the green worm army became fragmented and could only retreat.


    The Ant Army picked up a lot of remains of the green worm army as rice and stored a lot.The green worm army was not convinced to rescue the 30 troops from the Green Worm, and the Cordyworm reinforcement was resolved with artillery with artillery in the middle of the road.


    The Ant Army killed the soldiers in the life of the green worm camp.


    The locust Kingdom sent 10,000 people to attack the Green insect country. The green worm country sent the last 300 people to face the battle. The locust army used tree skills as an arrow, with wood as an arrow, and turned the green insect army to turn.The Ant Army solved the green insect country in one breath.The Ant King has since been a global hegemon.

    螞蟻童話作文 篇6


    One day, a little ant thought of playing across the river, but the small body could not swim, which was difficult to hold it.It walked around the shore and thought about crossing the river.Suddenly, it saw a tall ginkgo tree by the river, and there were many fallen leaves under the tree.This cola is broken, because it can cross the river with the help of leaves.It rushed to the tree quickly, picked up a leaf and put it on the river, and was suddenly stunned when it was about to go up.Because it sees the river water flowing low, so it can't take it to the other side of the river!When the little ant wanted another way, a small fish swimped to it.When the little fish saw the little ant with a frown, he asked it: "Little ant, what's what is you?"


    "I thought of playing on the other side of the river, but the river blocked my way." The ant said.


    "It doesn't matter, let me help you," Xiaoyu said.


    "But you are in the water, I can't go down to the water!" The little ant explained.


    "It doesn't matter, don't you have leaves here? You stand on the leaves, and then I just hold the leaves." Xiaoyu said with a smile.


    "Okay, okay, this is really a good way." Little Ant clapped his hands happily.


    So they went to the other side of the river smoothly according to this method, and they laughed at each other.The little ant was very happy because he was going to go, and Xiao Yu was very happy because he helped others.


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