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    My favorite small animal composition-animal composition


    My favorite small animal composition-animal composition,希望對大家有所幫助。


    My favorite small animal composition-animal composition1


    My family has a cute puppy. Its name is Beibei. It is 3 years old this year. It was taken back from my aunt's house 3 years ago. I like it very much.


    It is very cute.When I took it back from my aunt's house, I was just full of the moon. Two big eyes, white hair, and white hair. I always like to scratch my body with my paws.I walked around in the yard all day, and after a while, you thought he had run out.


    After a few months, he was familiar with it.Every time it is waiting for me to come back at school at home. Whenever I get home, it shakes his tail and turns around at my feet, and he also pits up and lie on my body.As if you were saying, "Master, you are back."When I see it happily, I will be more happy to feed it.


    Beibei slowly grew up.Once I came to my house without it, I tried to drive him away because I was afraid that it would hurt Beibei.But Babe rushed up regardless of my obstruction. Beibei was brave, biting the big dog's neck, and the big dog yelled, and he hurried away while Beibei didn't pay attention.


    Don't look at Beibei very small, but it is brave, and it is not timid when fighting with the big dog. I admire its spirit.


    My favorite small animal composition-animal composition2


    In my memory, I have raised chickens, ducks, fish, parrots, turtles and ducks.Among these small animals, my favorite is duck, because it has a long story with me!


    One Saturday morning, my mother took me to Yuyuantan Park to play.In the square of the park, grandparents are dancing for the elderly dance. The children are chasing and playing, as well as selling toys, which is really lively.


    Looking at it from a distance, I saw an old grandma selling ducks. I ran quickly and squatted down next to my grandma, watching the ducklings' every move.My mother came over slowly and saw me staring at the ducks in the box. The mother knew that I would like it very much, so she said, "Aunt, how much is the little duck?" Grandma said, "Two two said," Two twoYuan one. "So he took out his wallet and handed the two yuan to his grandma.I immediately chose it carefully and finally found a furry duckling. I carefully put it in the plastic bag with both hands.


    The duckling gradually grew up under my careful breeding and care.But one day my mother said to me, "Our family can't support it anymore, because the duckling is already too big, so there is no place to let it go." I resolutely disagree and cry with my mother,Because I'm afraid it will freeze to death and starve to death.When my mother saw me, she gave up the idea of release, and said to me, "Child, so, my colleague has a yard, and the duckling will live happier in the yard." I consideredDuckling, but for it to grow happily, it can only be that.The next afternoon, my mother and I reluctantly sent the duckling to my mother's colleague's house.Looking at the duckling in the big yard, I was happy and sad.


    Duckling, my cute duckling, although it is not by my side now, but I often recall the good time with it.


    My favorite small animal composition-animal composition3


    My family raised a puppy called Bign, and I like it very much.


    BIGN has a pair of large eyes like sapphire, sapphire, beard long, not fat or thin, and white is white. It wore the "Cinderella" clothes I made for it every day.


    It is cute and naughty.


    Let's talk about cute first!Once I exam was not inaccurate, I returned home sadly, BIGN suddenly jumped on me, licked my face and mouth, and yelled a few times, as if the master was saying, "The masterDon't be sad, don't be discouraged, work harder next time! "Seeing BIGN's cute expression, I forgot to be sad at once.


    Let's talk about naughty!Once I took it to play the ball, I kicked one, it took one, and I wanted to go home for a long time. It refused to say, "Can you play?"Later, I took it home. It peeed in my shoes and bit my quilt. I was very angry and wanted to beat it. But BIGN hid in a corner.Can't bear to beat it.


    BIGN likes to eat dog food and bones. Every time I feed it to eat, it raises my hand, as if thanks to me!


    I like this naughty and cute BIGN!


    My favorite small animal composition-animal composition4


    After reading this topic, you must ask me: What is the animal I like?Why do I like it?What do you like?


    Let me tell you!The animal I like is a cute little rabbit, because it is small and exquisite, I like it, I like it cute.


    Do you know how I like it?I like it like this. Once, someone gave me a cute little rabbit. Its hair was all brown, with a very short limbs, only three or four centimeters long.It is a small size, do you want to know how it came from?If you want to know, let me tell you.


    This rabbit is a birthday gift I gave me my father and mother. It was bought by a small vendor in front of Holes and Dad in front of Holes and Dad. He has a lot of rabbits, brown, white, and also.With black, my parents saw it and said, "Son, today is your birthday, let's send you a little rabbit! You choose a little rabbit." I picked a brown bunny, I went along all the way, I went along all the way all the way all the way.Hold it home.


    One day, the cage was broken, and I changed it to a relatively large cage, and it jumped out easily. Fortunately, I found it in time. I quickly stepped up and closed the door.There was a look of eyes behind, and it was found that there was a door open in the back.


    It stopped like a sudden brake, and turned around quickly, rushing towards the door behind. Fortunately, Grandpa was at the door, and I shouted: "Grandpa, close the door!" Fortunately, I shoutedIn time, otherwise, it was escaped by it. Although it has been closed, it has not returned to the cage. It is still running east and west, but I am in the east and west.I took it for a long time to catch it.It can really walk around the wall!And I want to flip through the west.You can see its cleverness!


    Gradually, I was familiar with it, and he was more friendly to me. Whenever it was released, it played it. After tired, it would lean on my feet, as if I was sleeping.


    Do you think rabbits are loved?


    My favorite small animal composition-animal composition5


    My family has two twin turtles, round heads, rice -like eyes, and the sponge -like limbs and hard turtles. They look like guards in the green military uniform guarding their positions.


    Although the turtles are small, they have a large stomach.I remember once, I asked my mother a small fast two -layer meat, put it in the water, they looked at the meat, hovering around, as if I thought it was an invader, and sniffed it with my nose again, afraid that I and them grabbed them.I glanced at me. I looked at them like this, and walked away for a while, and came back to see it again. I found that the meat was small. The turtle brothers had shredded shredded in the corner of the mouth of the turtle. I thought, "You finally give me food."So I walked away for a while, and returned, and the meat became shredded again, but they refused to let go. If you sip, he doesn't see the meat.It is really amazing!


    The turtles were too naughty. I always laughed at me to take a bath.When I picked up the brush, they hid aside, and then played around in the water.They are too fast.A little turtle saw that I was about to press it, and immediately turned around, and was turned over.When another little turtle saw his brother, he wanted to save it, and he was caught by me and cleaned it.After I finished brushing, the turtle that was turned over and turned over and switched with its brother, but it couldn't escape me because I had good eyes and had to obediently.


    The turtles have a good stomach and naughty, but my brother's friendship does not forget.I once asked the little turtle to meet, and the turtle brothers narrowed their heads into the shell together, so that I couldn't get it.After a while, they were willing to stretch out their heads and splattered my face, and I turned one turtle and almost bitten by the other turtle.It ’s really difficult for brothers to help.


    The little turtle brothers are always like a child, I love them.


    My favorite small animal composition-animal composition6


    The head is yellow, like a yellow lantern, a pair of small green eyes, the black eyes are like two bright black pearls, the red mouth like a sickle, the green wings composed of countless small feathers, like a greenThe mango is like two "big knives". There are sharp claws under the body, as if it is a body -defense weapon, and a fan -shaped blue tail. This is the two beautiful parrots flying to my house.


    The parrot began to scream in the cage, and it seemed to see a strange place a little scared, and seemed hungry.I want to make friends with it, so I took out a little Xiaomi to feed it.But the parrot ignored it, hid further, and made a louder. I had to put Xiaomi into the box and put it in the cage.At this time, the parrot seemed to be hungry, and it quickly flew towards the box. The sharp claw made the parrot steadily standing on the edge of the box.It took a bite of Xiaomi and looked up, looking east, looking west, as if to enjoy the beautiful scenery while eating.Then quickly peck a bite of food, and start to look around again ...


    The difference between this parrot is to watch TV.When the parrot is placed in the living room, as soon as there is a beautiful show, it will watch TV without a word, but without the show it likes, it will yell, so that the entire house is not peaceful.


    The parrot's vigilance is very high.When we first came, we started to tremble as soon as we spoke, and when we moved, we stared at us immediately.When they walk around, they will jump up and down.


    But everything is not smooth.The parrot didn't come a few days. The aunt upstairs said that it was her. As soon as the parrot saw the aunt, she jumped to her alive, and I had to return to her reluctantly.Although I don't want to see the parrot so happy, I am very satisfied.


    I love both beautiful and cute parrots.


    My favorite small animal composition-animal composition7


    Everyone has their own small animals, small squirrels with jumping down and down, cute kittens, and many dogs with many types, and ... but my favorite is the little white rabbit "There are not many shit. "Well, many people feel weird when they hear the names here. Why? Let me tell you!


    One day, a friend jumped a little rabbit, saying that it was bought by his father. As soon as I bought it, she called me and another friend Jiajia to go to her house. I squatted down and looked at it carefully: This little white rabbit was white in the whole body, with a trace of scattered blood in my ears, and the eyes were so red that it seemed to be unfamiliar with this strange environment, so I jumped jump to jump to jump It seems like coming out. "Yeah! Look!" Jumping with his fingers, we couldn't help but look towards the place where the fingers jumped. It turned out that the rabbit pulled it to the first feces here. "No, it seems to be again again Para. "Jiajia said vigilantly, we waited for a while, and I said," No, it should not be ... "I didn't finish it yet, this rabbit pulled the second feces, let's take a look The other party, laughed. "Hey, let's not laugh, take it down to play!" Jump said. The little rabbit seemed to understand what we said, and eagerly wanted to go down to play. If we wanted to please us, I sat obediently. We nodded at it and took it down. As soon as we opened the cage door, the rabbit ran out quickly, "Yeah! You see, it pulled again!" It kept pulling the feces. However, for a while, it sat obediently there. However, the feces are like "Sky Girls Sanhua", which is full. Later, it became more and more presumptuous. We had no choice but to send it to the pet shop. During this time, we gave a nickname to the nickname. No, it should be said to be the name, called "a lot of shit". After a month, the shit came back and jumped very happy. We think that shit will continue to "do me and me", but after some observations, hey, there are less shit, so we changed its name and called "not much shit." Now, we have put it back to the forest, and once again, we went to find it and found it. I miss it very much, of course, we also miss the days when "not much shit".


    I like this cute little white rabbit, "not much shit" is also!


    My favorite small animal composition-animal composition8


    My favorite animal is our kitten "Fat Dragon". It is very small and fat, so I gave him a nice name "Fat Dragon". Its head is not big or small.The beard is long and the hair is also long.


    Every time I go home, the fat dragon ran over and hugged my legs, and yelled, as if I was saying, "Little master, I want to eat small fish, I want to eat small fish!" IAfter listening, I immediately went to get it.It can eat thirty -eight small fish every day, no wonder it can grow into a "small meat ball".


    Another time, I went to buy fruits, and the kitten fat dragon shouted "meow" again, like a thunder, as if I was saying, "I'm going out, I want to go out!" I didn’t take it out, it put my clothesI bite and bite my shoelaces.I really wanted to beat it, but when I saw its cute expression, I couldn't bear it.


    Although the fat dragon is naughty, it will catch mice to our family every time, which is the "hero" of our family.


    I like this cute and naughty "fat dragon"!


    My favorite small animal composition-animal composition9


    My dog is very domineering, and its name is also very domineering, called Lao Wo.Its name comes from the funny version of the cats and mice in Shaanxi dialects in the cartoon that everyone likes. There is a strong dog called Lao Wo.


    My dog is more than one year old this year. It has a pair of big eyes, a pair of big ears, a white hair like clouds, and a developed limb.This dog is actually not like a dog, but like a tiger, because other dogs are well -behaved, it is irritable, naughty, and greedy.


    My dog is very irritable.Once I took it to my grandma's house, and when I got out of the car, my dog saw a few dogs playing together.I saw my dog and ran over. It was just about to get closer to those dogs. The dogs screamed at my dog, as if you were fighting, brother. "I seeWhen the dogs' behavior against my dogs, I jumped like a thunder, but where I hit them, I dare to say that I can only look at them.What I didn't expect was that my dog snapped up and hit a dog directly to the ground like a crazy cow. The other dogs saw it and were scared to find my mother.


    My dog is very greedy, and I can't wait to eat my three -day meal.Everyone knows that the Bear Dog is not large and the amount of meals is small. But once my father bought a bag of dog food, I poured a bowl for the dog and let the dog eat it. In less than five minutes, my dog finished it.It found me, and pulled me to the dog food in a row, which meant that I poured it to it, but in five minutes, the bowl of just finished eating again.Come to me again, I said no, it seemed to understand my words, and went away.After a while, I was ready to go out and found that my dog torn out the dog food bag. I was eating. I don't know what to say.


    My dog is so naughty that it is difficult to describe in words.Once, I took the dog downstairs to play skateboarding. Before I played it, the dog climbed up to play.It crawled on it with a foot sliding on it. Suddenly, a "咚" sounded, the dog fell to the sky with four feet.I play?"


    I like my dog so much. It is too domineering and naughty. I really want it to accompany me for a lifetime.


    My favorite small animal composition-animal composition10


    There are many small animals I like, such as: turtles, birds, chicks, but my favorite is chicks.On Sunday, my mother bought me two chicks from the street. When I first bought it, I thought my mother took two groups of snow!I took a closer look that I knew it was two chicks.


    On the first day, the chicks were very small, and the whole body was as big as eggs. I also told my mother that this was two chicks with poor development. Mom said, "Just buy it, it's so big." Then I continued againStaring at the chicks all of them, the chicks also stared at me in turn, as if to say, "Who are you?" Then I laughed.Half a month passed, and a chick was dead. I cried sadly. I have been thinking why I die.


    After a month, the other chick grew up and could pop up my box.I changed a bigger box, but I could still burst out, and I couldn't help it.


    One day, I was watching the TV, watching it, and my feet suddenly hurt. It turned out that the chicken ran out. At this time, I felt that the chick grew up.I chased the chicks, as if playing the game of the eagle to catch the chicken, it was so fun.


    This is my favorite chick.


    My favorite small animal composition-animal composition11


    If you ask my little animals I like?Then I will tell you that the little animal I like is -puppy.Why do I like puppies?Because it is cute, smart, and loyal.


    My puppy -black girl, a cute female dog, is over three years old.It is not tall, but it is very well -proportioned. It is shiny with black hair, a pair of spoken watery eyes, and two dark yellow fake eyes, which adds a lot of prestige.


    Black girl is very cute.Whenever I opened the door and walked into the yard, it shook my tail happily around me and jumped, and I sprinkled a few times from time to time, as if welcoming me to go home.


    Black girl is very smart.Once, after dinner, we took it to the mountain to play, accidentally walked with us, and we didn't come back all night.My father and I found it on the mountain several times. We didn't find it. We were worried that it was broken and thought it could not come back.But the next evening, it ran back by itself, and the black girl was really smart!


    Black girls are also faithful.Usually it usually does not go out with us, but one after the afternoon of Saturday, my father and I go to the unit to take a bath, and it will definitely follow.In the bathroom, it will find a shoe cabinet and lie in it, waiting for us to finish the washing.


    I love my puppy, and I hope it will grow up healthy and happy with me.


    My favorite small animal composition-animal composition12


    One day of the festival, Dad took me to the Science and Technology Museum."Ant Workshop" attracted me deeply.


    I saw a dozen little ants climbing around in a unique transparent container.Listening to the staff introduced that these ants are all imported ants imported from Japan, and they are good at digging caves.I immediately liked them and begged my father to buy it.


    When I got home, I carefully observed the little ants.There are ten.They are big and small. The black body is like three small "sesame", with six legs, a pair of tentacles on their heads, and two ants meet.It's right.I can't help saying "Welcome to my house."


    After a while, the original panic ants adapted to the environment and started to start construction.Nine ants were squeezed in a corner, shaved with the four legs in front of them, and bite them with no mouth.After a while, a small hole appeared, and the miracle appeared!It turned out that the division of ants was so clear.Look!These four small ants are responsible for caveing and drilling holes.The five big responsible for carrying the "soil".Look at the biggest ant, it turned out to be the commander!From time to time, it will check the "mining situation of the tunnel, and then touch this with an angle, and touch that again. It seems to say" Yes, yes, what can you do! "The ants worked in a busy and methodical way.An hour has passed, two hours have passed ... a deep tunnel mining is dug.This is a group of cute "small elves"!


    Ant is hardworking, united, tenacious, and clever, I like it!


    My favorite small animal composition-animal composition13


    My family once had two cute little turtles.They carry an oval shell with hard and heavy shells. There are pentagonal patterns on the turtle shell, which is very interesting!There are short, flexible limbs and heads on both sides of the turtle shell. When they meet the enemy, they always shrink their limbs and head into shell, like a gut, very cute!


    I often feed them.Once, I threw a piece of meat for them.They looked around vigilantly and found that there were no "enemies". At this time, they quickly stretched their necks to bite this piece of meat almost at the same time, so they started a fierce tug -of -tug race.This game is really lively!The two sides kicked each other with their front feet.At this time, the larger turtle picked up the other turtle hard on the front foot, and his mouth was not relaxed, and he desperately pulled the meat over.It finally succeeded, and it took a lot of time, and smiled proudly.


    In the cold winter, the turtles were hibernating in the "house" I installed for them.But I was too great. I forgot the turtle's matter. When I remembered to see them, a turtle had closed eyes and dying.I was extremely sad, so I made up my mind to protect another turtle.I like my little turtle!


    My favorite small animal composition-animal composition14


    My favorite little animal is to count the cute bird of my family.The female is called "grapes" and the male bird is called "blue beans".


    The grapes are very lively and often jump up and down.It has a light purple feather, the wings and tail parts are blue and black, and the head is white.On the small face, a pair of big black eyes were inlaid, and blinking kept blinking.The golden mouth was close to the chin tightly.A pair of small paws grabbed the pole tightly.The long tail was pulled down and sometimes raised again.


    The blue beans are very quiet, but sometimes they jump up and down with the grapes.It has a light blue feather.Although the eyes are not large, they are also bright.The difference is that his tail is often pulled down and rarely raised.


    They are very regular when eating.The grapes first put the small head into the food box, groaned a few grains, and raised their heads to eat quickly.After eating full, I buried my head in my wings and wiped my mouth, and then leisurely scattered in the cage.The whole process looks very elegant.And Lan Dou has been waiting next to it, like a gentleman.When the grapes are eaten, it will go forward to eat, never compete with the "beauty".However, after he was full, he often didn't even care about his mouth, so he was in a hurry to play with the grapes.


    They are very interesting when they are playing.First, the blue beans chase grapes, and then the grapes will be chased in turn.When they are tired, they will climb to the wall of the cage while resting and playing.Sometimes they sing in turns, and the grapes are screamed for a while, and the blue beans are screaming for a while, as if singing dual.Sometimes, they stand on the pole, stand on the ground, look at each other, and cry, as if chatting.


    They are cute when they sleep.Blue beans and grapes will be close together, as if they are worried that the other party will fall.They all buried their heads in their wings, and they gurgled twice at the beginning. After a while, they fell asleep without moving.I seem to hear the fine snoring sounds!


    Bird, make a good dream!I hope you can have a baby in the coming year!


    My favorite small animal composition-animal composition15


    Speaking of "Dutch pigs", everyone must think it is a pig raised in the countryside!In fact, it was a small "pet pig", which I bought on the roadside of the stadium.


    It looks round, and there are many kinds of hair on the body.On the top of the head, there is a pale blue pattern next to the left eye, with "dark circles" in the right eye, and dark brown on the back of the back. These colors are extremely bright and eye -catching under the surrounding snow -white hairs.Its two black eyes are round, if you look at it in the distance, it is like a black pearl set off in the canvas!Its ears are thick, soft, fat, with small fleshy claws under the short limbs, and hidden olive green tails hidden behind the buttocks.so cute!At that time, I fell in love with it at a glance!


    It loves small cabbage and steamed buns.When I fed it every day, it always looked up and blinked at me, making a pity, hoping that I could give it a little more food.If you want to make a game with it, give it a little food first, go closer to it with your little fingers, and then, it runs along your little finger!Tired of playing, just stand up like the "Golden Rooster Independence", and then it is fun to turn his neck around!I like it the most when it is sleeping.Mom said: It looks exactly like sleeping, and her eyes seem to think of it!


    I like this "Dutch pig".The first thing the first thing to go home every day is to put down the schoolbag and quickly run on the second floor to see it and touch it.It seemed to be waiting for my return, and I saw me twist excitedly.I like this "Dutch pig".When I am happy, it can play with me; when I am sad, it is with me quietly; when I am angry, it seems to be crying as if it is.I'm reluctant to be angry!I like this "Dutch pig".Because -it brings a lot of fun to my life!


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