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    2021-01-15 19:57


    Future robots


    Future robots1


    Future robots有很多功能他能干各種事情比如:拖地、整理房間、洗衣服、做飯、等等……不過他最主要的是他可以變形,我給你說幾件:


    For example, when you walk on the road, someone calls you to let you pass quickly, and you don't have to panic to call your robot, and your robot will arrive immediately, but I tell you that the robot insurance will not hit the frame.You can go where you are going.


    For another example, if you receive a call, there is a guest who asked for your home, but if the things in your home are messy, you can’t clean up. Don't panic to say to the robot immediately.The room was cleaned up.


    Future robots不錯吧!


    Future robots2

      在未來的30世紀我發明了一種保護兒童的機器人。你們想知道這種機器人有什么功能和用處嗎?就聽我慢慢解釋吧。 這種機器人不用電池也無需我們充電只要二氧化鈦進入機器人體內就會馬上變成電這樣既環保又可以省下很多時間。機器人不會讓你操心,只要機器人載入那位兒童數據就會一直跟著那位兒童。如果有陌生人的話機器人會馬上查看那個人在想什么在判斷是否注報警。這種機器人還可以叫我們抓緊做作業。這種機器人還有很多功能。只要一百元。我發明的機器人還不錯吧!

    In the next 30th century, I invented a robot to protect children.Do you want to know what functions and uses of this robot have?Just listen to me slowly.This kind of robot does not need a battery or we does not need to charge. As long as titanium dioxide enters the robot body, it will immediately become electricity, so it can save a lot of time.The robot will not let you worry, as long as the robot loads that children's data, it will always follow the child.If there is a stranger, the robot will immediately check what the person is thinking about whether to report to the police.This robot can also tell us to do your homework.This robot has many functions.As long as 100 yuan.The robot I invented is pretty good!


    Future robots3


    In 20xx, I am already a robotic doctor.I have developed a robot that can change everything, and people can sit in it.


    One day I took the robot in my hand. I was very unhappy in my heart. I said: The robot becomes a mobile phone; I hold my mobile phone to listen to music. I walk and listen to music. I feel better.


    Then I ordered the robot to say: Become a noble car; it will start soon. The door is an automatic door. I sat in. My robot and I quickly arrived in the company.Robots, they also praised me. Many people came to ask me to buy a multi -functional robot the next day. I am very happy and happy!


    I must study hard, every day, we must make such robots.


    Future robots4


    I think there must be such a robot in the future: wearing a nurses, a needle tube on my hand, and a vacuum cleaner -this is the ambulance robot.


    His eyes are really useful.Those who meet the illness will automatically scan and judge what diseases are, and treat them.


    His hand is really convenient.There are medicines for treating various diseases in the body, and then as the patient gets the disease, take medicine, and then put it in the needle tube in your hand to start treatment.


    Don't worry about electricity.There is a small instrument on his feet that can be used to use the absorbing waste, and then through three processes to become electricity.


    Wow!Really perfect ambulance robot!


    Future robots5


    Keke -Keke, why are there so many cigarettes?Why are children sick?Why is it so chaotic on the earth?So dirty?Is there a garbage everywhere?


    No problem, all include robots.This is an environmentally friendly robot, which is only controlled by remote control.


    Press the omnipotent button, and will collect the garbage within 10,000 meters into the red backpack, and then put the smoke within 10,000 meters into the green backpack.What if you are worried if you are full?Don't worry, the robot will turn garbage and smoke into flowers, small trees and small rivers.


    Make our world more beautiful.


    Future robots6


    Future robots腳底下有個吸塵器可以把走過的路變的干干凈凈,他可以帶著人自由飛翔,它還可以折疊它還可以變成你想要的東西比如杯子、板凳……他身上有10個按鈕,紅的按鈕是進入人的身體看病懶得按鈕上變成炒菜鍋炒菜。


    If you are unhappy, he will be happier than you. When you are happy, he will be happier than you.


    In the future, I have to work hard to study hard and study this robot when I am a scientist.


    Future robots7


    If I become a inventor in the future, then I will invented a robot.


    This robot is multi -function. First of all, it must talk and walk, so that we can communicate and communicate easily.Secondly, it can also counsel homework. If the mother has something to go out and the homework will not write, it can help me, so that I will quickly complete the homework.Once again, we can help us do things. If the classmates have something to forget at school, the robot will help her, and she can also help her mother to do housework, such as: sweeping the floor and pouring garbage, so that the mother will not be too tired.In the end it has wings, and I can take me to the place I want to play at any time.


    This is the robot I want to invent. Although this wish is not realistic now, I believe that it will be realized in the near future.


    Future robots8


    When human beings reach the future world, they will not send humans to fight, and robots are divided into many types.Attack, defensive, sneaky and spy.


    There is also a robot without a body. I ran very fast. I wrote him a name of the Sky Knight. Hey, I forgot to say that there will be robot nanny in the future.The future world should be 20xx. That's my adult, 20xx years, come on!


    Future robots9


    In the future, I am a scientist and I invented a small robot.

      小機器人的左右手是用來吸電、充電的;他的腦袋是用來把舊電變成新電的;他的尾巴是用來制造新電的。他是太陽能的,所以只要太陽照一照就可以工作一小時,只要關掉它的開關就可以停止 工作。如果沒到一小時就關掉開關的'話,就可以少照幾分鐘的太陽。

    The left and right hands of the small robot are used to suck and charge; his head is used to turn old electricity into new electricity; his tail is used to make new electricity.He is solar, so as long as the sun is shot, he can work for an hour, as long as you turn off its switch to stop working.If the switch is turned off in an hour, you can take a few minutes of the sun.


    This is my robot.


    Future robots10


    Future robots,我想改造能幫農民干活的機器人,因為可以讓干農活的人 不用那么累,如果機器人累得倒在地上,就不可以幫農民們干活了,這很麻煩,科學家認為,這很難說,但是,人們認為,可以裝上電池呀。


    This is great, farmers don't have to be so tired in the future.


    Future robots11


    In the future, robots can be seen everywhere.Not only that, these robots will also be deformed and can become "entertainment bumper cars". Of course, they cannot leave the owner on the road at will, because in people's eyes, they are just working machines and entertainment tools.But everything is not like this in my opinion.I always think that the robot is not a cold machine. They all have life. They are the most loyal friends of our human beings.

      在未來的一天周末,我正在家里看電視。當我感到百無聊賴時,我的機器人“土豆”對我萌萌地說:“主人,一會兒我們去‘碰碰樂園 ’吧 ,然后我變成碰碰車讓我們玩個痛快,好嗎?”

    In the next weekend, I am watching TV at home.When I felt boring, my robot "Tudou" said to me: "Master, we will go to‘ touch the park ’in a while, and then I become a bumper car to make us play a lot, okay?”

      “我一直把你當朋友……這樣 ……似乎有點不好吧?!”我愣了下,隨后支支吾吾地回答道。

    "I always treat you as a friend ... like this ... it seems a bit bad?!" I stunned, and then replied.


    "Okay, it's just playing, what's the big deal. Besides, you are my master, my responsibility is to make you happy, no?"Go downstairs.


    I said a word for a while, and I only followed him.


    We walked on the bustling street and walked. I felt a little tired, and the potato immediately became a car, carrying me slowly to drive forward.To turn around, we went on a bridge along the trend. At this time, I saw a large truck not far away to our side."Not good, it's going to have a car accident!" Tudou shouted and stretched out a robotic arm and pushed me to the roadside."Dangdang"!The big truck hit the potato instantly, and the potato was broken and disappeared.People stood on the bridge and pointed to the following discussions.At this point, my eyes were already full of tears.


    "No -Tudou-!" I cried heartily.


    When I got home, I took the previous photos of the potatoes and put it on the bedside.I silently stared at him, remembering the bit by bit with him before.I feel hard to sleep all night ...


    Future robots是有生命的,有感情的,我的“土豆”就是這樣。他有一顆金子般的心。我將永遠永遠地愛他。

    I believe that in the future, robots are life and emotional, and my "potatoes" are like this.He has a golden heart.I will love him forever.


    Future robots12


    Future robots能幫警察叔叔抓小偷,能幫人們找回丟失的東西。如果有小偷去偷東西,警察叔叔就會告訴機器人們,機器人們就會立刻奉陪任務有的去查監控,有的去找線索,有的去問路人......很快機器人們就找到了小偷。如果有人丟東西,機器人們就會立刻去幫助我們找丟失的東西,他們很快就會找到。


    Do you like such a robot?


    Future robots13

      大家一定知道未來有許多的機器人吧!做家務的、保安、助理。許多的機器人都只能做一件事但是有一種我研發的007152號只要一臺機器人可做很多事洗衣服、拖地、洗碗。全都不用你來做了 。同時它的外形可以縮小成一臺電腦那么大,也可以變成著各種你喜歡的顏色。它不浪費能源,太陽光或電都可以讓它工作。

    Everyone must know that there are many robots in the future!Doctoral, security, assistant.Many robots can only do one thing, but there is one kind of robot that I developed as long as one robot can do a lot of things washing, mopping, and dishes.You don't need to do it.At the same time, its shape can be reduced as a computer, and it can also become a variety of colors you like.It does not waste energy, and sunlight or electricity can make it work.


    Mind is not as good as action, come and buy one!


    Future robots14


    In 20xx, every household around the world has a robot, which can help us do a lot of things.

      我們家也有一個機器人,每天我放學回家,機器人都會把拖鞋拿出來,然后把我的鞋給拖掉。以后我媽媽都不用做飯了,你想吃什么只要對機器人說一聲,就立刻有你想要吃的食物。如果你生病了 ,不用再跑到醫院找醫生,只要給機器人說以一聲就可以了,馬上就好了,也不用吃藥、打針。爸爸和媽媽如果沒來接我回家,機器人就迅速地來接我,然后,又像閃電一樣的拉著我回家。

    There is also a robot in our family. I go home from school every day. The robot will take out the slippers and drag my shoes.In the future, my mother does not need to cook anymore. As long as you want to eat what you want to eat, you immediately have food you want to eat.If you are sick, you don't need to go to the hospital to find a doctor, just say it to the robot.If my father and mother did not come to pick me home, the robot would quickly pick me up, and then pulled me home like lightning.


    Future robots可真了不起,希望機器人能更加先進,更加厲害。

    The future robot is really amazing. I hope the robot will be more advanced and more powerful.


    Future robots15


    Future robots是一種智能機器人,它的外形像一只可愛的小恐龍。它的牙齒不尖也不鋒利,兩只后腿是站起來的,兩只手很敏捷讓我想起了我的小狗狗。它會干的事可多了,洗衣服、擦桌子、洗碗、拖地、掃地……,而且,這些家務可以同時做。

    The future robot is a smart robot, and its appearance is like a cute little dinosaur.Its teeth are not sharp or sharp, and their hind legs stand up, and my two hands are very agile reminded me of my puppy.It can do more things, washing clothes, wiping tables, washing dishes, mopping, sweeping the floor, etc., and these housework can be done at the same time.


    In this way, the mother can be liberated and can use more time to dance and fit.The robot can also remove the obstacles, and Dad doesn't have to work so hard.This robot is also a math teacher.Whenever I encounter a problem that I can't do, it will teach me.


    That's great!


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