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    2020-12-30 15:06


    Respect your own composition


    Respect your own composition,歡迎閱讀,希望大家能夠喜歡。

    In daily study, work, and life, everyone has written Composition . Writing can exercise our alone habits, let our hearts calm down, and think about their future direction.I believe that many friends are very distressed by writing. The following is the composition compiled by Xiaobian. Welcome to read. I hope everyone can like it.


    Respect your own composition1


    Growing in the grass, because of self -esteem, wild lily blooms flowers and blooms its own spring; the little eagle abandoned in the nest, because of self -esteem, flying high and flying, soaring in the endless blue sky, looking for their ideals;The snail in the bush, because of respecting himself, climbed up the vine along the vine and picked the fruit of victory.


    Bi Shumin wrote in "I am the most important person": "People must first respect themselves in order to respect others. If a person does not love himself, he cannot love others.What about the spring. "Tao Yuanming resolutely resigned from his heart because of his wishes in his heart, and he did not fold his waist for the five buckets.Because of their self -esteem, because of strongness, they completed what they thought.


    To respect yourself, you need to work hard.Dripping water can wear stones because of the accumulation of time, it proves to the world that nothing is impossible.As long as you believe that as long as you work hard, success will come.Because dripping water respects himself and adheres to his beliefs, it insults before it shames, and also a life of struggling.


    To respect yourself, you need to start from small things, treat people and things around you meticulously, and live your dignity in ordinary life.Deng Xiaoping did not sigh when he was exiled, but he treated life more optimisticly. In the huge farm, he could still hear his hearty laughter.He lived optimistically, and finally rehabilitated that year and returned to an important position of the central leadership.Respecting yourself is to face life with a positive attitude, laugh at the frustration of life, and live seriously.


    Respecting yourself can you respect others.Treating yourself with a positive attitude and treating others is happy. A big secret.To respect yourself, you can live your dignity.


    Respect your own composition2


    On Sunday morning, the family of my parents and my mother went to the Jinshui River. In the bright sun, Binhe Park was so beautiful.The tree is green, the grass is green, and the colorful flowers are blooming.The bird squeakes in the ballad of spring in the branches.


    At this time, three children came from a distance. They put down the football in their hands and opened a football game on the lawn.For a while, football flying around the lawn, shouting.After a while, the three children stepped on a large piece of grass. I know that the lawn is not allowed to enter, and it is even more important to play football on the lawn.I think I have to stop this behavior, and I stepped forward and said, "May I ask, can I play with you?"


    "Of course," a child said friendly.


    I said, "Xiao Cao also has life, they will be trapped. You see, here you are nailed to the lawn, we want to care for the lawn, let's change the place to play, okay?" The three children nodded embarrassedly.As a result, we were happy to come to the square to start the war again, and it was so happy.


    At noon, we waved farewell, on the way home, I still wanted to play football, and said to my father, "Today I did a good thing to protect the grass, you have to buy me a football." Dad laughed atHe said, "Don't talk about football first, look at yourself and become a" flower cat "." I took the little mirror that my mother gave me a look, and my face was really a "flower cat '.


    Respect your own composition3


    There is a lawn in the backyard of our school. Don't look at the size of one classroom, but it is the favorite place for students to go.


    The lawn is around a fence of less than a foot, and the guardrail is composed of a pattern welded with iron rods.There are flowers, butterflies, a deer, and a wave -shaped curve at the bottom.The guardrail is painted with white paint, which is eye -catching under the lining of the green grass.


    Dozens of pots of flowers are placed along the inside of the guardrail, and the distance between the pots and the pot is less than one meter. They are surrounded by a rectangular shape.Among these flowers, most of the rose flowers, yellow, white, pink, are very attractive; there are a string of red like flames, the fragrant wooden jasmine ...


    There are three or five elm plums in the lawn.Their leaves are like elm leaves, but flowers are like plum blossoms.Whenever February and March, the red flowers are covered with branches, attracting many bees and butterflies, and conveying the news of spring together.=


    My classmates and I like this lawn. Every time I pass by here, I can't help but stop to enjoy it.


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