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    About the composition of carp 400 words (3 selected articles)


    In real life or work and study, everyone is indispensable to contact the Composition . Compositions are speech activities that people express their expressions in writing.So the question is, how should I write an excellent composition?Here are 400 words about carp compiled by Xiaobian. Welcome to read and collect.


      我家養了三條小鯉魚,一條純紅的,很活潑,像個好斗的勇士,我給它取名叫做“大將軍”;一條銀白的,很文靜,像個小公主,取名叫“銀白夫人”;一條金黃的,很似可愛,像個金色的小寶寶,取 名叫“黃金寶貝”。

    My family raised three small carp, a pure red, very lively, like a good warrior, I named it "General"; a silver -white, very quiet, like a small princess, named "Silver White White," Silver White White, "Silver White WhiteMadam "; a golden, very cute, like a golden baby, named" Golden Baby ".

      小鯉魚真可愛。小鯉魚的眼睛一鼓一鼓的,好似兩顆黑寶石。吃東西的時候,嘴巴一張一張的,還在吐泡泡,好像在對我說“謝謝你!”它的鰭一擺一擺的,好像在擺動翅膀要飛起來。尾巴一搖一搖的 ,好像一把大扇子。小鯉魚的鰭有黑色的,有白色的,有紅色的,整體來看,姹紫嫣紅,色彩斑斕。

    Little carp is so cute.The eyes of the little carp are drumming, like two black gems.When I eat, my mouth is vomiting bubbles one by one, as if saying to me "Thank you!" Its fins were swinging, as if swinging wings to fly.The tail shakes, like a big fan.The fins of the little carp are black, white, red, and red. On the whole, it is bright red and colorful.

      我的小鯉魚生活在魚缸里。晚上,媽媽經常給魚缸里的過濾海綿洗一下,清除糞便。我喂魚食時,小魚們便蜂擁而上,首先“大將軍”飛快游來搶食,然后“黃金寶貝”也不甘示弱,極速上前,他們利 用身體的靈活性輕盈地翻動,不失時機地搶到魚食,但“銀白夫人”總是慢悠悠地游上去,直到待爭出“王者”時,發現“銀白夫人”已經吃飽了,最后真是“鷸蚌相爭,漁翁得利”??!

    My little carp lives in the fish tank.In the evening, the mother often washed the sponge in the fish tank to remove the feces.When I fed the fish, the little fish swarmed up. First of all, the "general" swam quickly to grab the food, and then the "golden baby" was not outdone.Get the fish food, but "Mrs. Silver White" always swims slowly. Until the "King" is to be found to find that "Mrs. Silver White" has been full, and in the end

      小鯉魚有活潑的,也有懶惰的,活潑的.,只要我用手碰一下魚缸,它馬上就跑了;懶惰的我怎么碰魚缸,它也不跑,真是懶得狠呀!有一次,我實在忍不住,對著魚缸親了一下嘴,小魚們驚慌失措的亂 游,好像遇到了什么可怕的事情,笑死我了。

    Little carp is lively, lazy, lively. As long as I touch the fish tank with my hands, it runs away immediately; how laziness I touch the fish tank, it doesn't run, it's really lazy!Once, I couldn't help it. I kissed the fish tank and kissed the fish tank. The small fish were panickedly, as if I had encountered something terrible, and laughed at me.


    Carp is a cute little animal. I like the small carp in the fish tank very much.



    When I was a kid, my father grabbed a carp.Since it was just night, Dad decided to cook the next day.

      爸爸拿了一只大桶,把魚放了進去,為了保證魚不死亡,爸爸還放進了大半桶水。早上,我起來時,發現鯉魚在不停的跳,想要跳出大桶。有好幾次都跳了起來,打在空中沒了力氣,又落回了水中。 為了防止魚跳出來,我還到出了一小半水。

    Dad took a large bucket and put the fish in. In order to ensure that the fish did not die, Dad also put most of the barrels of water.In the morning, when I got up, I found that the carp kept jumping and wanted to jump out of the big barrel.He jumped up several times, and he had no strength in the air, and fell back to the water.In order to prevent the fish from jumping out, I went out for a small half of the water.


    At noon, I went to see the fish again and found that it was trying jumping, and after a few more jumps, it was unsuccessful.It was full of energy, jumped out of the water, turned over in the air, and fell half to death, but it was still struggling, and seemed to think that it was the river in front.I picked it up and threw it back into the barrel again.

      到中午了,媽媽撈起了鯉魚,對著肚子捅了一刀。沒想到,鯉魚一改在桶里拼死掙扎的模樣,反而一動不動,但身體卻因疼痛在微微顫抖。為什么它跟其他的魚不一樣。其他的魚在桶里一動不動,而 被砍了一刀后才開始瘋狂掙扎。

    At noon, the mother picked up the carp and stabbed her stomach.Unexpectedly, the carp was struggling in the barrel, but it was motionless, but the body trembled slightly because of pain.Why is it different from other fish.The other fish were motionless in the barrel, and after being cut off, they started struggling crazy.

      話說回來,我們人不也應該學習鯉魚么?在身陷絕境的時候,不能放棄一絲求生的機會,因為說不定,在某一時刻,希望之光會降臨在你的身上。如果你身陷絕境卻不去求生,而放棄希望,能活多長 時間就活多長時間。那樣子,你永遠不會等到希望之光降臨。在快要失去生命或在干事情走上絕路時,絕不能向別人求饒,應不屈不撓,人死的有尊嚴,也比活著抬不起頭來好。

    Having said that, shouldn't we learn carp?When you are in a desperate situation, you cannot give up a chance to survive, because maybe at a certain moment, the light of hope will come to you.If you are caught in a desperate situation, you do n’t survive, and give up your hope, how long you can live, how long you can live.In that way, you will never wait for the light of hope.When you are about to lose your life or walk on the road of the officer, you must not ask for mercy from others. You should be indomitable. The dignity of people died is better than being unable to lift his head.


    People should be like this. The perseverance and hope of survival are the foundation of people.



    Last week, my father and I went fishing and caught a carp. I was very happy. I wanted to catch a few more to go home to raise, there were three semi -red and half orange, and a white carp.I take care of it carefully, and put it on the stones, just like where they live.


    A week later, there is a strong carp here, which is the "boss" here."Boss" has a fat body, black eyes, round mouth, and red scales.I like its tail and "wings" the most, because its tail is like a flexible scissors, and "wings" and tails are fanned together to be faster in the water. Its mouth can blow a string of bubbles.This is the best place.


    Once, I gave it food, and it was still ignored in the water. I was very puzzled. Why not eat food?I said to me, "Because it is full, I won't eat it." I finally knew the answer. I would eat a few foods for a week in the future. I want to catch one, but this carp can run too much.I was going to catch it with fishing nets, and it ran away with a jump. I was not discouraged and forced it to a corner. I caught it. I accidentally touched the stone.I just want to swim so fast. I must call a speed name, and it is called "lightning"."Lightning" and I slowly became friends."Lightning" broke my fish catching skills, it was very powerful.


    It has been trusting with me and a kind of trust. It knows that I am playing with it, so I have a trust in me.


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