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    The composition of the Spring Festival customs 400 words Ten articles


    In daily study, work, or life, everyone has tried to write composition , and people can achieve the purpose of cultural exchanges with the help of components.So, how to write?The following is 400 words of the Spring Festival customs collected by Xiaobian for everyone. Welcome to share.

    春節習俗的作文400字 篇1


    In the sound of firecrackers, the Spring Festival of the New Year's Day, it seems that people's hearts will be brewing in their hearts. This emotion contains concern to parents, the thoughts of their hometown, and greeting friends.


    On New Year's Eve, the children are the happiest. The food at the dining table is everything. It seems to be a beautiful scene, but you have never thought about 20 pairs of chopsticks, put the vegetables in your mouth, bring out the lake, eat the vegetables, and drink the other people's population water. Furthermore, when toasting, the children just complimentedly said a few words but did not have sincerity and got the blessings and red envelopes of the elders, but they took the New Year's money to compare and squander. A seemingly ordinary New Year's Eve dinner made people tears. Under the white hair of adults, she climbed out of her white hair again.春節,沒有春節,沒有親人離別那一根根觸動人們心弦的哭聲,沒有因為春節而加班至深夜的工人,沒有在春節大吃大喝的X敗現象,沒有大人們出去打牌給孩子手機讓The child has become a "slave". The Spring Festival is not that I don't love you. When you change these bad problems, it is not too late to love you.


    The bells of the twelve o'clock sounded, and those who worked in their posts were still working hard. The firecrackers were light and the cleaners were carried in the camel in the shells of the year a year.? Spring Festival, it is really difficult to love you.

    春節習俗的作文400字 篇2


    According to the old rules of my hometown, the Spring Festival has started since the winter solstice.


    Before and after the winter solstice, people put chickens, ducks, and goose into cages to reduce their activity and feed them with sufficient food every day. By the New Year, poultry people grew big and fat.


    The 23rd lunar month is the "small year".On this day, people must clean the stove cleaning and kill chickens to slaughter goose to sacrifice the "stove god".


    Around the 25th of the lunar month, people chose to clean the dust at home to clean the dust at home, and then wrapped the rice dumplings, popcorn, and prepared for the annual goods.


    New Year's Eve is even more lively.Those who go out to work will definitely come back on this day.Every household rushed to make New Year's Eve dinner, everywhere is fragrant, men, women, and children are wearing new clothes, red couplets are attached outside the door, and some people will also hang large red lanterns.In addition, everyone will put "Lishi" at the door of the room, which is a small gift made of money in a red cover.Moreover, every one is lighting overnight, watching the essential Spring Festival Gala every year, waiting for the bell to sound at midnight, which is known as the longevity.


    The first day of the New Year is the climax of the Spring Festival.On this day, people are eliminated. In the morning, we have to talk about Geely in the morning. Adults must pay the New Year to the elders and give the children the New Year's money.


    Beginning on the second day of the first month, people went to visit each other and friends, and they had to burn the previously released artillery paper together."Ren Day", "Renjie Festival" and "Seven Yuan Festival" all refers to this day -the seventh day of the first month, it is said that this day is the day when the son -in -law created people.


    As soon as the dumplings were on the market, the Spring Festival was close to the end.The fifteenth day of the first month was called the "Shangyuan Festival". That night, the lights were full of lights, guessing the song, and highlighting the word "noisy".On this day, people have to eat dumplings, indicating auspicious happiness in the new year.After this day, the Spring Festival is over.Farmers began to prepare for spring plowing, and people began a busy life ...

    春節習俗的作文400字 篇3


    Today is the 30th year. Every family comes to celebrate the New Year, but most people will choose the same way of blessing ------ send mobile phone text messages.My mother received 96 text messages in ten minutes. It was a amazing number. Mom's mobile phone was going to explode!One of the text messages I like it very much. The beginning is: "I was a little earlier yesterday; the New Year will be squeezed tomorrow; the New Year's New Year is late; now the New Year is a bit! -------"


    Today, I still went to visit relatives and New Year's Eve, so I went to my uncle's house with my parents.Of course, the 'people went there, there were only three of us, but also my uncle, aunt, aunt, and uncle, and the two sisters I missed for a long time.After eating the rich New Year's Eve dinner, the courtyard suddenly became lively, and everyone began to put fireworks.We wore our coats, and walked towards the central square with two large bags of fireworks and firecrackers ...


    "Dang, when ..." The bell at 12 o'clock just sounded, countless ritual flowers rose into the air, and spilled the earth with a flame full of light, and dazzed the glorious glory.what!Fireworks are colorful, there are all kinds of attitude, and the festival night sky is decorated into a beautiful garden!People can't restrain the excitement, laughing and singing indulgent.The endless fireworks reflect the excited smile.The "Flash Thunder" here has just exploded; "Sky Monkey" screamed to fly to the high altitude again; the "Golden Dragon Mad Dance" was chased; at this time, a firework exploded again, and the sparks were sprayed inside. The more, the moreThe higher the spray, the larger the flickering, slowly showing a tree type, and a golden spark was shook down from the "tree"."Oh ------ it's getting rich!" People looked at the "Money Tree" and cheered.


    what!How beautiful the New Year is!

    春節習俗的作文400字 篇4


    My hometown is Jinxi. This year I have lived there, which is interesting!


    Thirty -one years old, a burst of firecrackers woke me up from my sleep, and could not help reciting the "Yuanri" written by Wang Anshi: one year old in the sound of firecrackers, and the spring breeze was warm and entered Tu Su.Thousands of households have always changed the old runes.After breakfast, the whole family was busy killing chickens, killing ducks, and preparing for the New Year's Eve.The most interesting thing is that after the rooster removes hair, only three feathers are left on the cocktail.I asked grandma with curiosity: "Grandma, why leave three feathers on the cocktail?"


    Grandma said: "These three feathers symbolize a auspicious, happy, and beautiful life. Including this passion and blessings for the Spring Festival of the motherland."


    I said something, "Oh, that's it."


    Grandma also said, "Put this chicken into the basin, plus a green onion to worship the temple, make a wish, and hope that the livestock in the coming year will be more prosperous."


    In the afternoon, grandma was busy steaming the birthday cake. Dad helped to help, and kept putting on a "life" word on the glutinous rice cake. Then I knew that this was prepared for my grandfather.


    In the evening, every household dumplings. The raw materials for this kind of dumplings are not made of flour, but are made of glutinous rice flour.The dumplings must be sweet or salty, and they can be eaten in the pot. They are elastic, chewy, and endlessly eaten in their mouths.


    After eating dumplings, after a while, a firework flew into the air and exploded instantly. The explosive fireworks seemed to be a beautiful lotus petal in the air.Looking at these beautiful fireworks, I couldn't help but want to put a bunch.


    When I was in the first month, I had to drink sugar water when I worshiped my friends and relatives, so I went to ask my father: "Why do I always drink sugar and water when I go to my friends and relatives?" Dad said, "Because this can make the friendship between relatives and friends more sweet, making us make usHappy New Year. "


    This time I went back to my hometown to gain a lot, because I learned a lot of customs, which made my family feel more deeper.Only a sweet life with family can understand each other, communicate with each other, and get happiness from them.

    春節習俗的作文400字 篇5


    Putting the door god This is what every family has to do in the New Year. There is also an interesting myth and legends about the door god: legend In ancient times, a dragon king always wanted to steal the tribute of the jade emperor.However, the Dragon King still taught repeatedly, so the Jade Emperor let the two strong gods guard the door of the gods and prevent the Dragon King from making trouble again.But the two gods have to sleep like us.So the Jade Emperor thought about a good way to put the portraits of the two gods on the door. From then on, the custom of posting the door god spread from generation to generation.


    There is a custom in the north of our country, that is, eating dumplings, and the homophonic of dumplings is "Jiaozi", expressing people's desire for a lucky and richness of the new year.The southerners like to eat dumplings in the morning in the New Year, which means that we are full of full year and reunion.People also like to eat a piece of vegetables and dumplings called "amaranth".


    In the Spring Festival, we have to set off firecrackers to activate the atmosphere of joy during the Spring Festival./There is also a legend in the people in the folk: legend in the ancient times, there is a monster called "year", and it comes out to scare people every time the Spring Festival, so people think of a way to lit with a bamboo tube and throw it towards it.It made a loud noise after the bamboo tube exploded, which scared away the New Year's beast, and the custom of setting off firecrackers was passed down.


    There are many more customs in the Spring Festival, which enriches our knowledge and shorten people's distance.It is the fine tradition of the Chinese nation. Let's understand them together!

    春節習俗的作文400字 篇6


    Seeing that the Spring Festival is coming, my heart is pounding. After spending tightly, I finally ushered in the Spring Festival of 20xx.By the way, why do you have to celebrate the New Year?Let me tell you below!


    In the past, there was a big monster called "Nian". "Year" always appeared on New Year's Eve, and bullied some people.One day, the "year" came again, and many of them were attacked by the "year". Only the red curtains hanging on the door and the fire in front of the door. The very lively households were not attacked."Year" is afraid of these three things, so every New Year's Eve drove these big monsters with these three things. Over time, it passed down into customs.


    I remember that in the evening of the 30th year, we finished the reunion meal and ran to the open space downstairs with our younger brother to set off firecrackers.Among them, my favorite is the mouse gun.While flying, it also made a "squeak" sound, as if on the occasion of heaven, he wanted to call his companions to steal things together, making us laugh to death.


    After setting up the firecrackers, I watched the Spring Festival Gala with my relatives and friends. The wonderful performance made me feel very cheerful, with cross talk, sketches, and magic ... very beautiful.For example, the cross talk named "I can't bear it" is about some uncivilized things, and then the man couldn't bear it, but he reminded others in the uncivilized situation. At that time, he teased us.laugh.


    This is the Spring Festival.

    春節習俗的作文400字 篇7


    An important day of the Chinese nation during the Spring Festival is also the busiest day and the most lively day of the year.


    As the saying goes: "Twenty -three, sacrifice officials; twenty -four, sweeping the house; twenty -five, tofu; twenty -six, cutting the meat; twenty -seven, slaughtering roosters; twenty -eight, sticker flowers; twenty -ninety; twenty -nine, Steamed steamed buns; boiled in the thirty night; twisting at the beginning of the New Year. "Although it was the New Year in Puyang, we were very happy.

      “二十三 ,祭灶官”是因為傳說二十三這天是灶王爺上天匯報人間情況的日子,要買來麻糖,麻糖又甜又粘,吃了以后能粘住灶王爺的嘴,讓灶王爺只說好,不說壞。

    "Twenty -three, sacrifice officer" is because the legend 23 is the day when the king of the stove reports to the world reports the situation on the world. I want to buy hemp sugar, the hemp sugar is sweet and sticky.The king of the stove only said yes, not to say bad.


    "Twenty -four, sweeping the house" New Year is coming, and the room has not been cleaned for a few months. It is necessary to clean up quickly. Come on.

      過了二十四,大人們都忙了起來,就連我們小孩子也忙了起來,大人們在家磨豆腐、割年肉、燉肉肉,貼花花、蒸饅頭……我們小孩子就去買鞭炮、放鞭炮 。有的時候還幫幫大人在家里裝飾房子,把家收拾的漂漂亮亮整整齊齊的。

    Twenty -four, adults are busy, even our children are busy. Adults grind tofu at home, cut Chinese meat, stew meat, flowers flowers, steamed buns ... Our children go to buyFirecrackers, firecrackers.Sometimes help adults to decorate the house at home, and they are neatly neatly cleaned up.


    The 30th year of the New Year's Eve is coming, which makes people feel excited. New Year's Eve, every family is full of lights, lively and full of love. Adults bring out the New Year's Eve dinner that have been prepared.The sound of firecrackers was deafening.After dinner, the good -looking Spring Festival Gala began. On this night, the lights of each household were on, and they had not slept yet.Sound ... On the first day of the New Year, everyone got up early and after dinner, they went to the door, "噔噔 噔 噔"


    A guest came at home. As soon as I entered the door, they said, "Good new year! Good New Year!" After the year of worship, they went home ... After these days, the Spring Festival is over, and students should go to school.Once, we should also live a busy life!

    春節習俗的作文400字 篇8


    The Spring Festival is here, and the customs in each place are different.Now let me talk about the Spring Festival customs of our hometown.


    Our Spring Festival refers to the sacrifice stove from the twenty -three or twenty -fourth lunar month until the fifteenth day of the first month.


    Twenty -three lunar month, commonly known as "young years". It is said that this day is the day of "the king of the king of the stove", so it is necessary to sacrifice the god of the stove.The seventh day after the younger year is 30 years old, and dumplings should be eaten according to customs.In addition, we have to eat stove sugar on this day.


    For New Year's Eve, we have to post the couplet next to the door, and sometimes the door gods are posted.In the evening, the whole family would gather together to eat New Year's Eve dinner.After that, except for children and the elderly, we all have to stay.


    The next day, the first day of the first month, we will go to the New Year.For our peers, we have to speak the words of blessings such as "Happy New Year"; and for the elders, we should worship in turn.After the New Year's Eve, that is, our children's favorite -Faying the money.The New Year's money reflects the care of the elders' care and respect for the juniors. It is a folk activity that integrates family ethical relations.After that, you can stay and play here.


    The next few days will not be a climax. Until the Lantern Festival of the 15th of the first month, this is the last climax of the Spring Festival and the last day of the Spring Festival.On this day, we can gather together to watch the lantern party and eat the Lantern Festival.The meaning of this Lantern Festival is booming, reunion.


    This is our Spring Festival custom.

    春節習俗的作文400字 篇9


    The rural customs in the southern Fujian area are different from the city.There are many rural farmhouses, and there are many houses. In addition to the Spring Festival couplet, two sides of the door of the door should also be put on the roots of sugarcane with red paper, called "doorcane".Good realm.The table in the hall is the "spring branches" with red and yellow paper tied with red and yellow paper for the following years, long -term dishes, and hair cakes.


    Each family must stack the potato rattan branches outside the door, ignite the smoke around the fire, and the man jumped over this pile of flames according to his generation, and jumped into it: "Jump in, get rich every year; jump out, worry -free, worry -free worryThere is no carefree; jump over the east, the grain can not eat empty; skip the west, money and silver rolling. "This is called" overfire group ", which symbolizes the burning of the old age of the old age, disaster relief, and ushered in cleanliness.Daili's New Year.After the "jumping fire group", we must use a new broom to clean the hall. After the sweeping, the broom fights together, and the garbage is stacked by the door. I hope that I will come out of the broom and help the sender to get rich.


    At the same time, the remaining ash that is not extinguished by the jumping group should be collected in the charcoal furnace, which is called "Tianwang", which symbolizes more prosperous.Parents led the daughter to sit next to the stove, called "the furnace keeps the year", and it is best to stay on the night. It is said that this is a life for the parents.At this time, the elders gave the juniors to the New Year's money, called "dividing circle".With the progress of society and the accelerated pace of life, some tedious customs in the southern Fujian villages have gradually been abolished, but the customs that farmers look forward to good years are still retained.


    Especially in the cold winter of the "furnace", the whole family was talked about in a warm and baked small oven. It described the old age to look forward to the future. How warm and happy.

    春節習俗的作文400字 篇10


    In my hometown, the Spring Festival is lively.According to the customs of the hometown, the dragon dances in the Spring Festival, the wind is smooth all year round, and the grain is rich.As a result, adults dance Huanglong and Qinglong, and children dance grass dragons.This year, a few of our children came to a "Sun Wukong to lead the little monkey to the grass dragon".


    On the morning of the second day of the first month, several of our friends were divided into labor, some used straw as dragon bodies, some used colored paper dragon heads, dragon beards, some used the old calendar to stick dragon balls, and finally went to the mine lamps, a delicate grass dragonHis vividly displayed in front of him.


    On the second night of the night, the night fell, and Xiaoming said in the clothes of Sun Wukong's clothes and said, "Qi Qitian Dasheng led the monkey to dance the dragon." Several of us who played the monkeys wore yellow clothes and followed Sun Wukong behind the behind Sun Wukong.Dance grass dragons moved upstream on the street.As soon as I walked to the door of Aunt Zhang, Zhang, Zhang immediately ignited the firecrackers. With the sound of "crackling" firecrackers, Sun Wukong danced with a grass dragon dragon and tiger.Suddenly, it was teased, and Sun Wukong's dance dragon kept twisting and tumbling, like a wavy at sea.There are more and more people who watch, and after a while, the water will not be leaked."Qi Tian Dasheng's grass dragon dances is really wonderful!" The applause rang the night sky.


    Sun Wukong sang "Aunt Zhang of the Army, sent children to participate in the country, and worshiped the prize to wear red flowers.Aunt Zhang smiled into a seam.


    Suddenly, the young people danced a blue dragon. The grass dragon and the blue dragon danced on a piece of empty ping, one like a cloud of clouds, and the other was like a wave, each showing its magical power.An old man raised his thumbs up and said, "Sun Wukong's grass dragon dances with Qinglong, it is really good." Sun Wukong blinked his eyes and said happily: "Thank you for your praise.


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