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      The city of Qingdao lies in the east of Shandong Province. It is famous for its blue sea and beautiful beaches.

      Qingdao is a wonderful place for summer holidays. Tens of thousands of people from all parts of the country and all corners of the world come to visit the city every summer. They walk along the beaches, go swimming in the sea or do some shopping in the stores or on the markets.

      They can seethe fine views of the city. Especially attractive are the building groups of the Eastern-and-Western-style mixed houses and villas. Great changes have taken place in Qingdao in the recent years. It has played an important part in the development of the foreign trade of our country. Its port is busy. Ships and vessels from all countries come and go every day.

      It has become an international port city.


      Qingdao, a beautiful seaside city, is located in the southeast part of Shandong Province. To the east, a short distance across the Yellow Sea, lie Korea and Japan, making Qingdao an important city for international trade.

      For thirty three years, until 1949, Qingdao was a colony of Germany and Japan. As a result, buildins in Qingdao have a great deal of European architecture. This foreign architecture -a remnant of the colonial past- now beautifies this seaside city.

      The red roofs, green trees, blue sea, and azure sky form a bright and colorful picture of Qingdao. The city is sometimes known as the Switzerland of the Orient.

      Surrounded by the sea on three sides, Qingdao attracts many tourists with its charming seascape. Sights like the Eight Passes Villas, the Zhan Bridge, Wusi Square, Mt. Laoshan, will help you remember Qingdao. Just walking on the sand and listening to the surf breaking on the beach becomes enjoyable.

      Qingdao offers food with distinctive flavors--especially seafood. So take this chance to enjoy the delicious seafood of Qingdao. Also, Qingdao is the home of the famous Qingdao (Tsingtao) Beer. Have a bottle of pure Qingdao Beer right here in Qingdao!

      The Qingdao Municipal Government recognizes the importance of the tourism industry and has further plans to develop tourism in Qingdao. To enhance the tourism industry, Qingdao now sponsors the Qingdao International Beer Festival, the Qingdao International Sea Festival, Beach Culture Festival, the Sea Affection Festival, and the Summer of Qingdao Festival.

      In cooperation with the Beijing Olympic Games 2008, Qingdao will hold the Sailing Competition in the Olympic Games in 2008. This great event brings a great opportunity for this charming city to build its bright future.


      Qingdao is an important economic center and coastal open cities,is a national historical and cultural cities and scenic tourism resort.

      The southern tip of Shandong Peninsula,Qingdao is located in an area of 10,654 square kilometers,with a total population of 6.99 million.Which the urban area of 1102 square km,population 2.24 million.Has jurisdiction over City South,City North,the Quartet,Licang,Laoshan,Shenyang City,Huangdao seven areas and Jimo,Jiaozhou,Jiaonan,roughness,Lacey five county-level cities.Mild climate,a temperate monsoon climate,annual average temperature of 12.2 degrees.

      Filed Qingdao people often think of here is the bustling modern city and the world-famous summer resort.Qingdao set foot on this land,a dizzying variety of villas:pointed,round,high,low,stone ,.hillside beside the road were built.Yin Yin planting trees at the roadside,another expanse of Loudong red tiles,red and green Xiangying,Different scenery.


      The seaside resort of Qingdao extends from Tuandao in the west of Qingdao to Damaidao in the east with an overall length of 25 kilometers, including a marine area of 5 square kilometers and land area of 8.5 square kilometers.

      It is one of the first National Scenic Resorts appointed by the State Council in 1982.

      The scenery of the Zhanqiao Pier, Luxun Park, Little Qingdao Isle, Xiaoyu Hill, Badaguan, the seashore and the May Fourth Square are all beside the sea and constitute the famous scenic sights of Qingdao.

      Red roves and green trees, sapphire sea and blue sky in the scenic resort will make you feel happy and fresh.

      Zhanqiao Pier: Zhanqiao Pier, built in 1891, is the symbol of Qingdao. After several restorations, from being a simple military harbor, it is now open to tourists. The pier is 440 meters long.

      There is an octagonal pagoda of distinctive Chinese style, “Huilan Pagoda” at the end of the pier. From the top, tourists can fully view the magnificent sea.

      Along the shore is the beautiful Pier Park, which is a pleasant and quiet place for tourists to rest or enjoy the scenery of Little Qingdao Isle and its white tower.













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